Pay Me Back At My Shack?

So you are going to pay me if I make fun of thee? Damn, I should be rich then by now. Are you messing with me somehow? Did you store my riches away? I don't want to save them for any rainy day.

I made fun.
It has been done.
Fun for fun,
Given a run.

Got it back.
Caused no flack.
A jibber and jabber.
No want to stab her.

Or stab him.
Nothing that grim.
No eye for an eye.
No fun being a blind guy.

But there's no pay.
Not a penny any day.
This surely does lack.
Where's the pay in payback?

Taken by a banker?
Damn that fat wanker.
Hey, they give loans.
No need to even use phones.

Then you pay it back.
But "it" adds into the pack.
Where's the true pay?
Under my litter tray?

Is it filed under action?
Is that supposed to bring satisfaction?
So I have no money to flaunt?
Just cheery memories that may haunt?

Who wants that?
Payback is scat.
Like what the dog left.
Give me a bag with heft.

Under or above the table.
Whatever you are able.
Payback won't come due.
You'll get no pay from my zoo.

Why would I pay your back?
Does your back hold the money sack?
Are your brains in your back?
Bah, I'll go back to causing flack.

Are you one to get payback? Ever think about how no pay comes from such an attack? Unless you rob the guy that robbed you. Then there is pay in the payback that came due. The cat clearly overthought this one. I'll get payback on Pat for this run. He'll never see it coming to pass. I am such a sneaky little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 4 in a row
      But still no dough!


    2. Still nothing to show
      With the dough in a row

  2. A good poem to start the day Pat. Enjoyed the read.


  3. Jack, Jack time for attack
    Stay or run, it's pay back
    What does it take to even the score
    It's all a fraud, close the door

  4. I never expect payback that way I'm not disappointed.

    1. Good way to be
      Unless it is bad kind coming after thee

  5. What about payback with interest? There's never interest either.

    1. Very true
      I guess they need to take a few banking courses at their zoo

  6. Payback is due with back pay of course!

  7. Why not pay it forward
    no looking backwards
    what is done is done
    depending on what was spun

    1. That it can be
      But forward may trip thee lol

    2. Well, you know what they say watch out for karma in that I believe...

  8. I thought payback was a bitch? LOL

  9. Pay Me Back At My Shack?
    Payback often highly stacked
    Was it freely given
    Something not earned
    Indulged in by many without tact!


  10. Payback is a losing proposition.
    Revenge may be sweet, but the taste soon turns bitter.
    The flavor of forgiveness improves with time.

    1. Bitter you say?
      Hmm hopefully no indigestion comes one's way

  11. Revenge, serve it hot or cold/it never gets old. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  12. I am all for revenge. Payback tastes so sweet.

  13. payback can be hell. Then again, it's a process that might never end, and that's not a good thing.

    1. Very true
      can go on and on and on at ones zoo

  14. Making fun of one
    can be so much fun.
    Unless it's a big guy.
    Then? Black eye.

    1. Then you may want to run
      Could pull out a gun

  15. I see this at my work zoo
    Rarely are they paid back and that's nothing new
    best to think it as a gift
    then one does not feel so bereft


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