Ring Clear With New Here?


New day, new year.
Things are so clear.
Everything is new.
Are you fooling you?

New date, new day.
New is here to stay.
Same insecurities are screening.
Has new lost its meaning?

Insecurities still stuck.
What the fluck?
It's all new.
Whoops, fooled you.

Old is new.
Got a clue?
New is old.
You've been told.

Change the view.
No longer blue.
Or view the change.
Mind just rearrange?

Mutter and mumble.
Maybe throw in a grumble.
Just don't stumble.
That won't leave you humble.

Stubbed your toe.
Fluck may show.
Or would that be tell?
What the hell.

Look, it can move.
Not stuck in a groove.
So you move it aside.
Toes no longer have to hide.

Old is now new.
New to old came due.
You solved the case.
No magic embrace.

Move and lifted.
Toe stubbing no longer gifted.
You put in the work.
Now that's a new perk.


Oh, and an IWSG announcement too. The winners of the next anthology have come due.
Congrats to all at their hall.

Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime

Special Mention:


Don't you love not stubbing your toe? Sure can bring a fluckity fluck show. Can change and rearrange the insecurities away too. Some may take a bit more heavy lifting from you. But it can be done. Then back to the fun. Aren't I a wise cat? Or maybe just out to lunch where I'm at. Speaking of which I'll go chew some grass. I'm sure it is fresher than this so-called new year for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Love the verse Pat. I hope my aims won't come unstuck...lol.
    Congrats to all the winners in the Anthology comp.


  2. This is great, Pat. I'm hoping to put in more work this year for my own writing. Congrats to all the anthology winners. Hope you have a great year!

    1. Putting it in is the way to go
      At anyone's show

  3. Where on earth did 2017 go?
    I hope 2018 is a little more slow!

    1. Probably won't be
      Unless time travel comes to thee

  4. What a fun post :-) All the best for the New Year.

  5. Best of luck in this new
    (hopefully not blue)

  6. stub the toe or slip on ice
    either way, doesn't feel nice
    sit in chair and write like crazy
    yes, the plot is still hazy

    How many books will you produce this year?
    Good luck and enjoy

    1. Who knows at my sea
      Got 5 already done and waiting to come to be

  7. Nothing like placing to ease the insecurities, at least for a week! :)

    Happy 2018!

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Stubbing a toe doesn't feel good. I'd rather not do that.

    Happy New Year!

  9. The cat will be chewing some mighty frozen grass here.

  10. I stubbed my toe 2 days ago on the vacuum of all things.

    1. lol it had no suck
      But I bet there was a umm fluck

  11. Why am I always running into that darned rhyming cat?
    Oh, guess cause it lives with the feller Pat Hatt.

    Meow and ow-me and days feeling rosy,
    Maybe next week you'll be feeling Nosey!

    1. The cat takes the cake
      We occasionally let Pat partake

      That we will
      A nosey thrill

  12. I stub my toe nearly every day
    and then say lots of words that aren't
    too nice to say.

    1. They just fly on out
      Not the kind of umm fluck you want about

  13. Even the air of January smells new! I love new. Out with the old; in with the new. I may even go find me a new cat or a new hat. I could always use a new bat. Kicking up my heels and squeeing at 2018!

    1. haha new times three
      Hmmm I still smell the same air at my sea

  14. New years is a time to start anew
    for me that means a thing or two
    Resolutions were once not for me
    but now I embrace them, I have three.

    1. Three at your sea
      Hopefully all come to be
      We do when they get thought
      Usually they are caught

  15. Yep, put in the work. What do they say? Plan to work and then work the plan?

    1. Goes something like that
      Sure where it is at

  16. Oh yeah. Stubbing your toe is the greatest feeling. :P

    Happy New Year to the Cat!

  17. Well, it may be a NEW year, but I'm still OLD. :) And I still stub my darned toes, too. I break toes as often as other people break their fingernails.

    Congratulations to all of the writers selected for the next IWSG anthology! Should be another terrific book.

    1. lol ouch to that
      I'd say far more than strat

  18. A Happy New Year to you
    May all your wishes come true.
    While I'm still the same old me
    The way it's meant to be.

  19. New versus old, huh? Yeah, it's a new year, but I'm afraid we're going to be dealing with the same old shit!

  20. All I do is work and work
    but, not at things I'd like to do
    not enough hours in a day, it's true
    but, I guess money is a good perk

    1. Have to pay the bills
      Can't always get thrills

  21. New is old, but I am a perpetual optimist,
    so I'm happily embracing the new!

    1. So that means you're embracing the old too
      Do they cancel each other out for you?

  22. Insecure Writer's Support Group
    Makes me want to poop
    Congrats to those who won
    Sure having fun
    Oops, I stubbed my toe
    Oh no
    How will I type
    My usual tripe?

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

  23. Insecurities do come and go. Same old and then new and then old again.

  24. Toes and stubbing, what a deal
    Stub away as you feel
    Just don't break you'll be sorry
    Blood and guts and oh so gory

  25. I hope there's not much toe stubbing happening in 2018! Blood blisters suck!
    HNY Pat!

  26. Haven't stubbed my toe in ages. Does that mean I am about due to crack it on something soon?

  27. Hope we got the toe stubbing out of the way in 2017 and all toes are ready to go in 2018:)

  28. Good to know the toes can come out to play again.
    Wishing you and yours a happy new year.

  29. Maybe the 'new year' is what has me wanting to rearrange my house. The kitchen specifically. And I'd love to rearrange some words on a document and make it into a great story.

    1. One is far less physical to do
      We'd take that at our zoo

  30. Ring Clear With New Here?
    IWSG ushering in the new year
    The toe stubbing
    Lost its meaning
    Looking to 2018 without fear


  31. I don't think "new" has lost its meaning, but I think people should be aware they don't have to wait for the beginning of the year to start over in an area.

    1. That they should be
      Instead they wait and then do nothing at their sea

  32. Stubbing my toe
    Made many expletives flow.


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