Seven's On Track Today At My Shack!

So today marks the day that I started rhyming away. Even if it was very lame with the generation one rhymes that came. Evolved and showed and here we sit with an over 2600 rhyme load. So seven has come due. What does seven mean to you?

To us, it's easy.
Seven is pleasy.
Another year a going,
With the rhyming showing.

We're all above ground.
At least, hopefully when this is found.
Being a year ahead, you never know.
We could be helping the grass grow.

Or Pat used as kitty litter.
Hey, he wouldn't be bitter.
Scooping him may be rough.
Anyway, seven sure doesn't think it is full of fluff.

Seven is the number of perfection.
Should this be our final rhyme detection?
Who can get better than perfection?
Bah, we'll beat that with a selection.

Seven also comes with security, safety and rest.
Boy, seven sure doesn't want to be a pest.
Who makes this crap up?
Bet it was a butt licking pup.

Seven is also bad luck to say.
Whoops, done in at my bay.
At least when playing roulette.
Luck pffffft and pffft again from this pet.

Seven colors of the rainbow.
I guess only seven can glow.
Maybe six feels left out.
For seven is what its about.

If you break a mirror,
Seven becomes clearer.
Or becomes far more dumb.
You got seven years bad luck, yeah right, chum.

It is good luck too,
If you rub backsides in view.
7 of them reside is Vegas somewhere.
I guess statues have luck to spare.

And just to make you think,
Bring that brain to the brink.
The opposite side of dice,
Always equal seven when added, how nice.

The last I have no idea if it is true. Could be just as false as luck at any human zoo. Do you know any other seven stuff? Have you made it to seven years of blogging off the cuff? I guess now the cat goes on to season eight. Who knows what shall show at each date. But we shall surely see what comes to pass as I keep on being a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Seven to me means last Sunday I wrote my 700th poem on this blog,
    Congrats on all your poems Pat quite an achievement.

  2. Congratulations seven's good
    At least it's as I understood
    Lucky seven lucky Lindy
    Wear long sleeves when it's windy

  3. Congratulations on seven years!
    Strange things are afoot at the 7-11. No wait, that's Circle-K. Sorry, can't think of any other sevens.

    1. No more sevens come to mind?
      A few movies I'm sure one can find

  4. Seven eggs hatched at my parents’ home
    Six siblings and I have grown
    Congrats on seven years at your blog
    May it never be a slog

    1. Seven you say
      That's many at play
      If a slog comes due
      It will be adios at our zoo

  5. Congrats on magic number 7. Are you getting the itch? Oh, wait! That's with marriage.

    1. No itches on me
      That is good that I'm disease free?

  6. Happy Blogoversary Pat and here's to seven more under your Hatt!

    1. At least one more shall come due
      As we are ahead at our zoo

  7. I am late today
    What can I say
    Stayed in bed
    Rested my head!

    Congratulations on seven years!

    That is a lucky number for me, I once saw a shooting star pass through the seven stars that form the Big Dipper.

    And of course 7 colors of the rainbow a reminder of a divine promise to earthlings.

    Here’s to 7 times 2 :)

    1. Going all math at our sea
      And rainbow's over a tree
      All while resting your head
      We'll see if 7 more years can be said

    2. A lamp fell on my head
      Causing me dread...

    3. haha a bright idea did spawn?
      Anything dawn?

  8. congrats on seven and all things mystical. Don't crack a mirror today

  9. Congrats on 7 years.

    Schoolhouse Rock - I was born under a lucky star, number 7.

  10. I hit 7 back in Nov. 7 years is a long time, much longer than the average 7 months of a blogger

    1. If that is even the average these days
      By 3 months they get the "I have nothing to say" glaze

  11. Have you done a post every day since you began, or did the "every day" thing develop later?

    My own ten-year anniversaries for my current blog and my older blog happen this year. I did, however, start my first blog a few years earlier, on a site called Diaryland, but I didn't really get serious until I started on Blogger.

    1. Never even heard of Diaryland
      Nope, it was in September of that year that I started every day in my land

  12. Congratulations, Pat!
    Glad to know you're still above ground and not pushing up daisies a year after writing this post. Yes, all the opposite sides of dice do add up to seven. I just got a die and checked ~ All the years I've handled dice, and I don't remember ever noticing this.

    Seven always reminds me of the story of Jacob, Rachel, and Leah in the Old Testament. Jacob served their father for seven years in order to marry Rachel, the younger of two daughters whom he loved. After seven years was up, their father tricked Jacob and married him to Leah. But Jacob loved Rachel and worked an additional seven years to marry Rachel too. My first marriage lasted seven years before we separated and then divorced at ten years. I always think of that marriage as the seven years I had to serve in order to find Terry and the true best love of my life.

    Have a good one, my friend!

    1. Good to know that the dice are true
      Wow, that story can sure relate to you
      Makes it grand all the more
      Found the best love at your shore

  13. orlin N cassie; conga ratz on seven yeerz...N heerz ta another 77....hope dad buyz ya both 7 poundz oh fresh catch two day ta sell a brate ... YAY !!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. haha not sure he has the dough for that
      Damn, after 77 more, we'll be super old at our blog mat

  14. Seven years and you're still here! Woot!! Congrats and keep up the great work, my friend.


  15. Well congrats and happy blogoversary.

  16. 7 is a lucky number! Congrats on your success. Here's looking to at least 7 more :)

  17. Happy blogoversary! My niece’s name (Japanese) contains a letter meaning seven :-)

    1. Seven really gets around
      Never knew in a name it would be found

  18. Seven's On Track Today At My Shack!
    Rightly so it is good not to slack
    It's Seven's heaven
    Remembering 7-Eleven
    A good provider for the time lags



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