Skynet Demands To All Stands!

This blog is demanding you read and comment today. It is not a demand from my bay. Nope, it is a demand from the internet. You sure have to believe the pet. If not though, we'll show it to be so.

A little ring.
A little clang.
Add some bling.
Time to hang.

Your internet watches.
Your tablet announces.
Like a hooker to crotches,
Everything pounces.

Search history seen.
Sites adjust showing.
Dirty or clean,
Things are sure blowing.

Cleared and gone.
No problem there.
New shall dawn,
When you're not aware.

Cookies so yummy.
To that wallet of yours.
It fills their tummy,
After taking their tours.

A ring and a clang.
You aren't looking.
A bing and a bang.
Neck now is crooking.

Comes with a kink.
But that's all okay.
For if at the brink,
We've got pills to make it go away.

A reminder or three.
A news of the day.
All just for thee.
Now hear what we say.

A billion or more,
May have gotten it too.
But this is for your shore.
It's based solely on you.

Solely to buy.
Solely to see.
Solely to try.
Bing! New post from me.

Are you on demand? Do the bings and the clings take command? Need Google to help you out? Do you jump when your device gives a shout? The cat just rolls over and continues his nap. I'll get to it when I want and not for some Skynet chap. We don't want those robots coming to pass. Then they may turn me into a bad flowing little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I have my steady followers but am not certainly in demand.
    Loved the read on this sunny Sunday.


  2. Device demands, say it ain't so
    That's a phrase from Blue, you know

  3. Skynet Demands To All Stands!
    Not to give in even if warned
    Despite the shout
    Retains the clout
    May have to accede in the end


  4. I do have a few alerts scheduled and sometimes it is a chorus when a lot is happening in the world.

  5. Those robots seem to have lots of gas lately!

  6. I don't like demands, I turn away
    what if they aren't met that day

    I do like movies on demand, I say
    it makes watching easier at my bay

    1. Easy as can be
      Can watch at your leisure and stop to take a pee

  7. I still don't even have a smartphone. A cell for emergencies- so it is never on. :)

    1. haha behind the times
      At least you avoid chimes

  8. LOL ~ I'm laughing at your simile "Like a hooker to crotches, everything pounces." That's the most original simile I heard in quite a while. I am not a slave to my devices! My best friend has taken to texting my husband when she needs to get my attention for something, because he is a slave to his. Have a great week, my friend!

    1. haha a yin and yang once more
      There at your shore
      Weird things do pop on in at my sea
      I just let them flow and come to be

  9. Google never helps me out
    If anything it makes me pout
    No whistling bell
    From internet hell
    My comment is free
    So there you be
    Pawsitive wishes
    And licking the dishes

    Penny the pawet, don't you gnaw it.

    1. Get it all
      An empty dish at their hall
      Whistle a tune
      Use a sand dune

  10. I barely skim my emails and notifications on my computer. Its all just advertising crap. I don't allow any notifications on my phone. it would never shut up.

    1. On and on it would surely go
      Ad crap can go down the you know

  11. I don't jump when I hear the ring,
    unless it's one of my kids calling
    I'll let the tone sing.

  12. phone is always on silent. No bells or whistles for me. I'm not that important, nor are any calls that important. I check it often enough...

  13. Nope, not me. I don't jump to answer for dings or pings.

  14. No, and boy does it annoy my kids when I'm 'ignoring' them! 😂😂

  15. I have some reminders set on my phone. I’m very dependent on it as I can’t remember anything!

    1. Let's hope it doesn't break
      Then you may not partake

  16. I just have a flip phone. This is foreign language to me.
    I keep its volume off so that life remains stress free.

    1. I got one of those for work
      Going backwards gave my brain a jerk

  17. No jumping for a ring. Makes my family mad because they can never get a hold of me. Sorry, I'm not glued to my phone all day.

    1. Good way to be
      If I didn't need it for work I wouldn't mind pitching mine in the sea


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