The Lawn Gnome From Home!

They are just the best. They pass every test. They may be as swell as the rest. But they are still the best. So hear me speak. They deserve a peek. Why is that? Just follow the cat.

All are swell.
All have a story to tell.
But they are better.
They are a trend setter.

Yeah, be a sheep.
Go and beep.
Follow what you're told.
That never gets old.

Where was I?
Oh yeah, trend setting guy.
Or maybe girl.
Both give it a whirl.

They are the best.
Beat all the rest.
Even with the same skill.
They fit a better bill.

Others may be better.
But they haven't the letter.
The letters at the end.
That is something none can amend.

Some may lie.
Some may try.
But no matter how spry,
The truth shall fly.

Better than best.
A home town guest.
Never comes back.
But the best of the pack.

They are from your town.
So they get the best crown.
They are from your city.
That has to impress even an old bitty.

Why is that?
Haven't followed the cat?
They are from your place.
They are from where home you embrace.

So that makes them great.
All because you can relate.
You may have never ever met.
But they are the best bet.

Pffffft says the cat. Woweee they are from where you are at. You never met or even saw them in most cases and yet they give smiley faces. All because they lived in your town. Wow, they sure deserve a crown. Are you one of those? Do you strike a pose? Oh I lived where some famous nut came from. That makes me so great and then some. The cat will go back to rolling in the grass. Makes much more sense to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning Alex!

      Ninja is #1
      I am #2
      it is True

    2. Attacking on a Thursday
      Late and pretending it is Friday at your bay?

    3. Work delayed due to snow, so I was home at the time!

    4. The beauty of a ninja attack is the surprise factor!

    5. Snow day ?
      Who would have gnome? Haha

      Ok bad joke... I still think it’s funny though..

    6. The snow let's you win
      It I had to go out in
      Ugg to that
      Says Pat and cat

      gnomes may not find it funny
      Could get leprechauns to charge you money

  2. I know of some notable people from where I live, but never met them. Although I did go to college with and knew several pro football players.

  3. Better to meet in real life
    Than be from the same strife
    That said, may I brag?
    Meeting Sean Connery is in the bag!

  4. We have a few
    whose fame have come due
    but than their fame fell
    so people tell them, "Go to hell"
    It's not always great to be number one
    sometimes they don't have all the fun.

    Have a beachy week!

    1. And they fall and fall
      No longer do they have it all
      When people think they know
      The famous can sure fall low

  5. Do you hang on the coat tails of othes
    Or do you have your druthers
    Make your own name the star
    Fans will come from afar

    1. Fans like the kind that blow?
      we wouldn't want peepers at the window

  6. What the heck - never met him in person, but John Oates of Hall and Oates fame came from my home town. Local boy did darn well. I first heard them in our school cafeteria.

    1. Everyone gets their start somewhere
      From cafeteria to county fair

  7. I went to school with someone who went to the 1984 Olympics. Gus was his name - I think! LOL I did know him though.

    1. haha sure goes to show
      That you don't care to know

  8. The Dad has met quite a few celebs over the years and says many of them were super nice and deserve to be called best. Some of the others, not so much.

    1. Meeting and knowing is a better way
      Some sure have a big head over ego and pay

  9. Me and LeBron are homies. Just sayin!

  10. Trendsetters, go-getters
    think they're hot stuff
    But if you're from my town
    Pfft, you better bluff
    You ain't had it rough
    and you're doped up fluff
    So I've said enough.

    1. haha rather see them in the buff?
      You may attract some new psycho hot stuff

  11. Replies
    1. Good way to be
      Then you won't try and sell some famous person's pee

  12. I'm too literal. I thought that you were going to be writing about gnomes which decorate lots of lawns and gardens. I hate gnomes! Instead you were exposing a curious fact about human nature.

    When I was twenty-three I moved from Westport on White Bay, Newfoundland to Garden Grove, California. I am embarrassed to admit that wherever I traveled, it ticked me to say I was from California. I felt like I was sparkled with fairy dust and it trailed behind me ~ perhaps because I lived down the street from Disneyland and saw Tinkerbell many times. I soon learned that people in California were no better or different from people at home, and lovely as California was, it had plenty of warts. Famous people and places can be inspiring, but I draw strength, courage, and heart from all the amazing, regular people around me.

    If we do move to Arizona, our realtor knows where I can get a t-rex for my yard ~ LOL

    1. lol no gnomes today
      So away your hate can stay
      The t-rex can eat them all
      Sure that would make them have a ball

      It is human nature for some reason
      But no better no matter who or the season
      Whoopdi friggin doo if they are from there
      Doesn't make you or the town any better if any are aware
      Can find good things all about
      Like a dude going into a cow field and pulling you out lol

  13. Dean Norris (the brother in law cop from Breaking Bad) has his picture up in our high school. He was valedictorian. Had a lot of hair back then lol. Oh, and one of the Star Wars characters was from here too. I don't get the hoo hah over it since they never come back to where they are from and show some love once they get all famous.

    1. Some of his interviews make him seem like a douchbag
      But who know if that is really a correct name tag
      Surely not we
      And yep, they never even come back to their hometown to take a pee

  14. Can't think of any celebs I've met round here!

  15. orlin N cassie.....wear we live therz noe claim ta fame eggs cept in dai$y's own mind.....her self


    1. She's just her number one fan
      Beats any famous man

  16. Not me, I could care less about celebrities and famous people.

    1. You could care less?
      Damn, look at you confess lol

  17. LeBron is my homie. Just saying!

  18. If there's anyone famous from my hometown.
    I'm thinking and thinking but just come up with a frown.

    1. And all is still the same
      Showing no need for a name

  19. Garden gnomes are certainly a sight to behold in many gardens Pat.


  20. I dont have celebrities here ...haha


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