The Name Lights A Flame!

Did you know your name can get fame? It can go on for ages and in many history pages. Unless you aren't PC or they can't PC your history. Then you may be screwed. But let's ignore their attitude.

What's in a name?
What's in a claim?
May be this or that.
May be plenty of scat.

What's in both?
Now there's the growth.
Both as one.
Get a fame run.

Occams razor.
As grand as the laser.
Lasted centuries with its fame.
Don't you wish such a claim?

Murphy's Law.
Has a big flaw.
But hey, he got fame.
All thanks to his name.

Without Murphy it's just law.
That has a bigger flaw.
It never would have caught on.
Same with others across time's lawn.

Rhyming Ass.
Now there's a pass.
Or maybe it's a fail.
A donkey may hit that trail.

Manzi's Truth.
Quite the booth.
Betsy's Words.
For the birds.

Betty's Insight.
Came to light.
Adam's Facts.
Bring about acts.

The Ninja Wannabe's Security.
That has some purity.
Mary's Mice.
Isn't that nice?

Blue's Shoe!
Who knew?
Theresa's Scare.
User beware.

Pat Hatt's Nuts.
Loved by umm mutts?
Yeah, that would backfire.
Hey, cashews do expire.

Go to the name.
Go to the claim.
Mix and match.
Come out as a batch.

Those popped on in as I gave it a spin. Do you have a name claim? Heard the many that brought some fame? Always laws or theories or such. Some sure think too much. But then some don't think at all. They just follow the bouncing ball. I think I'll leave the name claim to Cass. I already claim to be a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 


  1. Well, it's one for the money
    Two for the show
    Three to get ready
    Now go, cat, go
    But don't you
    Step on my blue suede shoe

    1. Blue, where you've been all these while?
      Congrats!, you came back in style!


    2. Well, look Blue is #1
      before the morning sun
      Singing a song, that’s how it’s done

    3. Blue back with a tune
      Did money come to your dune?
      Has that where you been hiding?
      Of lying low while the wallet went widing
      Widening for grammar nazis though
      Didn't rhyme you know

    4. Money and bills, too,
      So, Scooby Doo, none left in my shoe
      Just a bit
      Making me spit.

      Howdy Hank, been away
      Working overtime at my bay

    5. Bills sure suck
      They take many a buck

  2. Replies
    1. Well, looks who's there
      Didn't mean to scare!
      Hello Hank
      The Poetry Tank :)

    2. Scared up Hank
      Took it to the bank

  3. Replies
    1. Haha T today is for number three
      Oh me, oh my, how can that be?

    2. What do you know, 3-way tie
      Never happened in quite a while


    3. T for three
      With a three way spree

  4. Pat Hatt's Nuts, you say?
    Sounds scary at the kitty bay

    1. Same scary thought
      In my mind he wrought!

    2. Haha, well at least he didn’t show and tell ...

    3. haha no show and tell was had
      I ate them all at my pad
      What? You went gutter?
      Geez, spit and sputter

  5. Don't think there is much to a name myself. But I have been called the 'Crazy Cat Lady' since there are so many cats that live here. I can't help it if they like the menu here. Have a great day Pat.

    1. Yeah, if they like it go with it indeed
      As the kitties enjoy your feed

  6. Got called every kind of name
    While growing up, so lame
    Now my monikers have no shame
    Like Snowflake Lady... all part of the game

    1. Part that works
      I find many just give me smirks

  7. Now where the heck did security come from?
    Glad I wasn't in the running for first comment. Bit of a rush today.

    1. haha who knows what pops in
      As it just came out at our bin
      Yeah, a bit up top
      Sure adding to the crop

  8. Those were good Pat but we do hope Murphy minds his own business!

  9. the name that pops up the most is Anonymous. Quite prolific

  10. My online name was given to me
    by someone I alway used to see
    over at my blogging bay
    Elsie was better for them to say
    and so it came to pass
    much better than your rhyming ass! :)

    Have a beachy week!

    1. haha rhyming ass works
      But that isn't the perks
      For Old Granny One Eye is best
      Beats all the rest

    2. I'll take the Granny but not the old
      but it's all good, I still sat on toilet made of gold!

    3. haha so you say
      I'm still not believing it at our bay

  11. Would Bijoux's Jewels be redundant?

  12. Blue's back and they fight for Number one
    They like their status, it shows a ton
    I'm often up at the winning hour
    At my hive, it's 4 AM for the power
    It's fun to watch, I do not enter
    But have won by default at my center
    Like the Olympics, games do begin
    But to sit and watch just ain't no sin

    1. haha sit and watch
      Hopefully no scotch
      Boy, you are an early one
      Is that how you add years by the ton? lol

    2. Scotch used to be my favorite booze
      Twas the very expensive stuff I choose
      Just the smell can calm your fears
      Toss those bottles of German beers
      For you I'll share my favorite drink
      It keeps me going, now I think
      Fermented lemonade's the winner
      Even helps to make one thinner
      That's not my reason, never fat
      The genes are thin, just like the cat
      Fermentation's a gift for the gut
      Make it a habit, get in the rut

    3. Sounds like a fine way to be
      Give the gut lots of glee
      Thinner I'm fine with though
      For like you, no problem at our show

  13. I'm trying to wake up my with my first cup of coffee, so I'm drawing a blank. All that's coming to mind in the Shoemaker-Levy Comet. I knew David Levy at Acadia. Got one: Archimedes' screw!

    1. You drew a blank and then that
      Hmmm getting some where you're at? lol

  14. All of our names will last forever nowadays, or at least as long as there's an internet. That's not always a good thing, though, depending on why our names are online on the first place!

    By the way, Blogger seems to have fixed that glitch that makes us wait forever when trying to post a comment!

    1. Yeah, we'll all be on there until the internet crashes
      Or aliens blow us up with some laser bashes
      They nixed their crap
      Much better for a comment lap

  15. orlin N cassie...ever wunder what law murphy did he listen ta hiz own self ore knot....

  16. I think my name is Rawkn
    But that's denial talkin
    cuz it's really just plain Robyn
    a more sane, boring word
    and one that's for the birds.

    1. Well little rhyming ass doesn't really stick
      Little asshole though has come out some slick haha

  17. I tried to claim fame to Harriet Beecher Stowe.
    But Stowe was her husband's name so it doesn't count, you know.

  18. Its all in the name ! Give me a magic cat !

  19. Who needs laws or razors?

    Not anarchy Gandalf, that's for sure!

  20. The Name Lights A Flame!
    Being around awaiting fame
    No name claim
    Rather so lame
    Not bothered if to be blamed


  21. My middle name is Arlene, named after my Grandma. My kids like to tell me it's an old ladies name. Now that's quite scary.

    1. haha Old Lady Halloween Nazi now
      Grow some warts and then on Halloween you can really wow

  22. Yes Pat My name is the same as a singer in the US. No relation I guess..



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