The Time Has Come Beat The Drum!

Your death is here because time gave you a peer. Yeah, a human construct said it was your time and so you buy into such a useless chime. But when it is your time, it is your time. Excuse me while I go listen to something worthwhile from a mime.

Time is time.
Some stupid chime.
Always given,
By those a livin'.

You'll find one.
If not a ton.
They love that saying.
Laziness sure displaying.

Drink and smoke.
Grab a toke.
Drive while drunk.
For its all bunk.

If you die, you die.
That is your cry.
If you live, you live.
All will forgive.

For it's the when.
The when of some magic pen.
That is your expiry date.
It is already fate.

Push yourself.
Climb that shelf.
Jump from a 50 story high rise.
No need to be wise.

No need to eat right.
No need to sleep at night.
No need to exercise away.
Just listen to what I say.

When it is your time, it's your time.
That is my life's chime.
You never know when time is up.
So just live life and fill your cup.

Fill it with booze.
How can you lose?
That liver damage was supposed to be.
You flat on the pavement was the end for thee.

That heart attack was meant for you.
That whatever other preventable thing was meant to come due.
For you have no more stairs to climb,
When it is your time, it is your time.

Pfffft to that saying says the cat. Yeah, we never truly know where we are at. But you can prevent a lot of it by not doing stupid shit. An excuse is all it is for many being lazy asses, but that is the way of the masses. Do you think when it is your time, it is your time is the way to be? Big difference between not fearing and being an idiot at ones sea. I think I'll go back to the mime or the singing bass. They have much better things to say to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. It might me Wise to live healthier until that time! Hey, you might prolong your time, one never knows...

    2. That one won't know indeed
      Beats being stupid at one's feed

    3. when it is our time it is our time to be #1

    4. That it could be
      Or maybe from sleep you flee

  2. I try to live for each day Pat.
    Enjoyed your verse as always.


  3. Perhaps it won’t change my time line
    But I plan to to live healthy and enjoy the sunshine!

    1. Good way to be
      Keeps it longer, maybe, for thee

  4. God knows when it will happen but it's our choices that make it happen.

    1. Yep, our choices bring it forth
      Weather going far south or north

  5. Yes, stay away from those people!

  6. everything in moderation, and then something will still get you

    1. That it will
      But hopefully won't be forever ill

  7. Nothing stupid? The humans are in big trouble!

  8. Yep. People are stupid. But cats aren't. They'd never do anything stupid.

    1. lol at least and get caught
      They'd blame the dog for the lot

  9. Doing bad things...okay?
    That sounds like such jive.
    Still, you know what they say.
    No one gets out alive.

    1. Can one get in alive?
      Does in beat out to survive?

  10. I agree. There are many things that we can do to prolong our life. I don't buy the whole "when it's your time it's your time" bit.

    1. Yep, that is just crap
      Spouted by many a lazy chap

  11. Right on, Pat! I'm all for preventative care and making the most of life I can!
    Hope all is well where you're spending your life span!

    1. The best way to be indeed
      If by well you count getting stuck in a cow pasture and also in a ditch at my feed lol

    2. Now that paints a picture! I know it's been windy and rainy in your neck of the woods.

    3. lol that it does indeed
      So hate needing to work to eat at our feed lol

  12. Only God knows when our time will come.
    But we can live healthy lives and enjoy every one.

  13. My time is your time, ever hear that song
    Together we'll be healthy, like Old King Kong
    We'll swing from high buildings like monkeys on a string
    And live on grapes and carrots and any green thing

    1. Green things could be bad
      If you ate only grass at your pad

  14. All the ways to hurry a person's demise reminded me of the movie Ground Hog Day:)

    1. haha he sure tried them all
      As did all the rip offs at their hall

  15. The Time Has Come Beat The Drum!
    One at a time to be duly welcomed
    If it is your time
    A chosen one in line]
    Accept it as fate none to be undone


  16. We never know when our time is up. Enjoying life and doing our best is important! :)

    1. That it surely is
      Although not sure one can enjoy the 9-5 biz


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