Time To Get Tight At My Site!

So things like to get tight. Did you know of such a flight? Even things that can't. Those things may go on a rant. Or maybe it will just be me. I will speak for them to thee.

Slave for pay.
Bills away.
Food and this.
One can't miss.

After all that.
Chew no fat.
Money becomes tight.
Is that right?

My change don't change.
Doesn't even rearrange.
Still the same form.
Stays the norm.

Until it goes.
Creating new lows.
It never grows,
Like Pinocchio's nose.

But still the same.
Some kind of game?
One I can't see?
Sure beats me.

You're tightly wound.
Wow, that's profound.
Can I spin you like a top?
Or would that be a flop?

Tightly wound you,
Has tight money too.
So you're a tightwad?
Should I applaud?

This rhyme is tight.
Is that right?
Maybe I should fly a kite.
At least I can hold the string tight.

Or just eat the string.
That's a bad fling.
Then my crap may be tight.
Can't have that at my site.

For money is tight.
No vet bills in sight.
I've wound this up tight.
So good night.

Are you tightly wound? Hopefully it doesn't put you in the ground. Can you figure out how money is tight? Do 1s and 0s think that all right? They may fight with you. Skynet may come after you. Hey, they are all in a system somewhere. Unless you like the mattress at your lair. Then I suppose it could be tight against the floor. Can money be smushed at any shore? Damn, I have questions in mass. I guess I better waddle away my tight little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I think I'm fairly relaxed. Not tight with money either. If I see something I want, I buy it.

    1. Hopefully no huge houses by the ton
      That would sure make money run

  2. Lol, I crack up every time I hear someone use the word 'tight' in place of 'cool.' What's next? Shiny?

    1. I've even heard some say that is so chill
      In place of cool and other fill

  3. I am not tight
    if the price is right...
    I don’t want to over spend
    Aligning with the Stars I recommend
    I want to live in peace until the end
    Like a willow my spirit bends
    tis just love, to the world I send..,
    now, I have work to attend
    have a good day my friend

    1. Aligning the stars
      Shooting for mars
      But not buying the ticket
      Good way to lick it

  4. I must admit, I'm tightly wound and if you let me go, I will spin a bit. :)

    1. Just don't spin into a ditch
      That would sure be a umm hitch

  5. I don't think we've ever had any tight money, ours is green!

    1. Green isn't even a color here
      All rainbow is near

  6. My stitches are tight
    Let thru no light
    ‘Til 1 day arthritis I fight

    1. Arthritis shall come to us all
      Ugg to it we can only say at our hall

  7. Money has always been tight here. My folks had it worse.

    1. Tight it always has hear
      Running away, I fear

  8. No vet bills in sight? Come to my shore we can take care of that. Grin.
    Have a day filled with fun verbiage.

  9. I can get wound up even with good times. A teensy pessimism sneaks in and I have the save for the rainy torrential day. Ray's yin to my yang keeps us in balance

    1. Good to have a balancing act
      Can keep all intact

  10. When my daughter was a teenager she came home with a new slang phrase, "That's tight." Meaning that's great or that's awesome. smh

    1. Sure heard it a time or two
      Shook my head as well at my zoo

  11. My daughter is learning to be a tightwad. She has to pay $100 to access her math homework at college, something she's quite pissed about. So, now she's busting her butt to do the full semester of homework in her free 2 week trial so she doesn't have to pay the fee lol

    1. I don't blame her for wanting to do that
      Sounds like another cash grab at a college mat

  12. I don't think I'm uptight
    that would cause much fright.
    I am tight with money
    but my hubby spent which is not funny.
    See, our pipes burst in our bathroom
    this made my husband fume.
    At least we still have another bathroom
    so all is not doom and gloom.
    because I like to look at his tight ass
    yup, my mind went there, I know-no class:)

    1. haha screw the class
      Fine by our rhyming ass
      Ugg to the bathroom woes
      At least you can cool your toes

  13. orlin N cassie; sure we due knot werk but still N all de food servizz gurlz sew tite with cash with everee eggz cuze under de sun....all we want iz R fare share....N her askz ....what R we gonna spend it on.....sit down we say; we gotta loooooooooooong list !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha she better read that list
      And make sure that one isn't missed

  14. There certainly are a lot of words which we use in ways that don't really make sense if you stop to analyze said usage, aren't there?

    1. Yep, there are sure a ton
      And the cat can and has give many a run
      Just used two there
      Nothing weighed anything and no one ran at my lair

  15. My money is tight especially at tax time.
    Then my money is theirs' and no longer mine.

    1. Gotta, not really, love the IRS
      They take more, not less

  16. Put a babe in swaddled clothes
    They are tight, oh heaven knows
    But it's calming to their fears
    There's no need for any tears

  17. Funny
    I don't need money
    I live on fresh air
    Without a care
    I shall live in the woods
    Without any goods

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

    1. haha good luck with that
      The mountain man thing will be skipped by the cat

  18. Better tight than loose, I say.
    Have self respect. Don't give it away.
    Oh wait, you're talking about money?

    1. haha both can work
      Can't give either up to a jerk

  19. If I have enough cash I'll buy what I want,
    But won't go into debt or miss food etc/


  20. Time to get tight at my site
    Hardly a choice play it right
    Question of money
    Growing on trees
    Lots of savings play it tight


    1. Questions sure abound
      When that of money is found

  21. Hey, Pat, where you're at! I hope all is well with you! Yes, I'm tightly wound and high strung. I'd much rather be a laid back and go-with-the-flow person. Not happening in this lifetime! We've saved and been careful with our money over our lives, but we've never been tightwads, thank goodness. My grandmother always warned me to beware of misers, and I heeded her advice.

    1. Good advice to heed indeed
      Not a tightwad at our feed
      But have to know what should take form
      Then being broke forever isn't the norm


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