What Is That Thing At Our Wing?

The cat usually doesn't join on in but this one even I gave a spin. I stared at it for a good long while. The others did in single file. I may have whacked a few as we all got a good view.

I tried Cass.
She's a mean lass.
She said I was dumb.
Such a rude chum.

So I followed him.
He's quite dim.
But maybe he'd know.
More came in tow.

A whole three.
You don't see me?
I was off to the side.
Camera didn't go that wide.

There it is.
Is there a quiz.
What is that?
A giant rat?

Feed me.
Quiet thee!
Senile cats can so annoy.
 Pat won't let me chase that boy.

The creature is here.
Should I run in fear?
 It looks harmless enough,
Doesn't have an ounce of fluff.

Won't look my way.
How rude, I say. 
Show me that face.
I don't have mace.

Is it taking a crap?
 What a rude chap.
Or maybe just stuck.
That other guy better not duck.

There is it's face.
Is it supposed to be in this place?
What the heck is it?
Good that it didn't take a shit.

Give me food.
 A one track attitude.
Or would that be mind?
Either way, no sharing from my behind.

Do you know what that creature is? Should I put up a quiz? Bigfoot? Rat? Dog? Maybe it can have its own blog. What was that? It got it's fluff shaved where we are at? Pfffft don't believe what Pat tells you. It has to be an alien at our zoo. I just got an eye roll from Cass. But I'm sure you believe my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Some awesome pictures accompanying a wonderful verse Pat.
    Yes put a quiz on to find out what that thing is, good idea.


    1. The cat would sure like to know
      But he still treated him as a foe

  2. Replies
    1. The cat treats him like one
      As by him he does run

  3. What is that thing at our wing
    A shaved creature a poor thing
    Photogenic though
    Moving real slow
    With magical great photos resulting


    1. Sure allowing shots to be had
      As he may be miffed and not glad

  4. poor cat! I think he finally will be fine! and maybe the cats all would be happy !

    1. He becomes happy as can be
      After the brushing spree

  5. Yeah, that cat is a bit scary looking...😂😂😂

    1. haha makes all look
      Sure think he's an alien at our nook

  6. I was stoic before and so very tired.
    Still tired but now sad and oddly wired
    Up. I see you rescued a cute pussy cat.
    His hair will grow back.
    This made me smile so I thank you
    I had to take a look and this made me feel less blue.

    1. Sure got the mats out of his hair
      Hopefully the blue slowly fades at your lair

  7. Oh you’ve got such a cute alien! Was his fur matted? If so, he must be feeling much better. I bet he’s gonna be gorgeous when fur grows back :-)

    1. Yeah, it gets matted and he gets buzzed up
      Feels much better and runs around like a frisky pup

  8. Looked like it was taking a dump
    Beats having a hump
    But might smell a bit more
    Cleaning up is quie a chore
    Mongo's dino droppings can be cruel
    Not making me drool
    Just saying I can relate
    As he goes, "Wait! Wait!"
    Wait I won't at my place
    Running away like it's a race
    Great post from coast to coast
    Don't mean to boast!

    1. haha watch where you step
      As he poops with pep
      This one sure does that too
      Dirty little turd drops them wherever at his zoo
      A great post too
      Yippeeeide doo

    2. Yippeeeide doo
      Don't poo in my shoe

  9. Poor shaved kitty ~ That can be traumatic. I had to have my Scottie shaved once, and he wouldn't come out from under the bed for days unless he absolutely had to. He was proud of his kilt and felt lost without it, so I'm sure the cat feels quite lost without its fur. I don't need to guess how Cassie's feeling, though. One look at her ears in the first photo says it all. LOL I always enjoy the kitty photos, Pat!

    1. He sure does get embarrassed a bit
      But he gets used to it
      Don't think he likes the others sniffing him though
      As they give him a wtf is that blow

  10. Replies
    1. Has no money though
      So not poor at our show lol

  11. Let me think -
    she's pink
    Must be a girl
    With a little curl
    A goat or sheep, or mutant kitty?
    At least, she seems to think she's pretty.

  12. Cass seems to rule.
    Hope she doesn't stay cruel
    let the alien be an ally
    then be a spy

  13. Ah, poor kitty had to be shaved as the others stare. Even cats notice when something looks odd. He looks so vulnerable. Cassie really does have a WTH look.

    1. haha get the hell away from me
      She can be rather grumpy at our sea

  14. Who's the leader of the pack
    There are cats, back to back
    Send em out to find some grub
    Maybe salmon in a tub

    1. They are far too lazy for that
      Need it from a can for each cat

  15. Poor kitty probably was embarrassed and didn't want to make eye contact. Hopefully the fur grows back quickly. It's too cold to be running around bald like that.

    1. It grows back within a few weeks to normal status for him
      He does look rather grim


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