A Never The Case To Embrace!

The cat has done this mile as such things add to the pile. But you never see the reverse. Doesn't that make you curse? They can bring death and disease, but they don't ever give you a lighter tease.

Side effects at play.
So many they say.
They run them down,
Leaving you with a frown.

No more of that.
Trust in the cat.
We've got the one for you.
Take it and you'll be brand new.

Trilopity is it's name.
Curing warts is its claim.
But it can do so much more.
It is the pill of lore.

It burns fat.
Just like that.
What that is,
Isn't our biz.

It renews eye sight.
You'll see in the night.
You'll be as bat eyed as a cat.
Add that to goodbye fat.

Then add on muscles.
Like that guy from Brussels.
Muscles will grow and grow.
You'll join any muscle bound show.

It will increase brain power.
So much Einstein would cower.
You'll cure everything.
Hope eternal shall spring.

It will make all love you.
You'll have a lovey dovey view.
All will bow at your feet.
Even do things that are umm sweet.

Your teeth will re-grow.
How? I don't know.
But grow they will.
Along with your umm thrill.

So grab some Trilopity today.
It is sure the way.
You cure warts and get all of that.
It's only $15,678.89 per pill where you're at.

Don't you want Trilopity now? It can really wow. And no bad side effects for you. Until the crazies all love you. Then you may get shot if you ignore their view. Hey, but they'll love you as they do it to you. Don't you wish such side effects were true? It only takes $15,678.89 to find out for each lad and lass. You can make the checks payable to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. In on time
      Late for work, what a crime

    2. What are you taking, to have the side effect of being #1?

    3. He may not share
      A ninja secret at his lair

  2. Drug commercials list so many side effects, they sound worse than what they are curing. Like death. That's a bummer of a side effect.
    I winder where everyone is this morning?

    1. Yep, that is one side effect you won't need to worry about for long
      Maybe they are off singing a happy end of week song

  3. Replies
    1. Why am I down here, I replied up there
      Blogger wouldn’t publish it was slow
      To those drugs I say buyer beware
      Sorry, off to work I must go....

      Have a good day!

    2. Guess it wanted you there
      Or maybe to curl your hair
      Can it do that?
      Yep, buyers can sure fall flat
      Off I go
      To the asshole of nowhere for a show

  4. Lots of humans can use industrial size portions of Trilopity!

  5. Is that a Men At Work reference you used?

  6. A wart is a wart by any other name
    Perhaps your wart will bring you fame
    I knew a wart, his name was John
    He was a crook and a full-time con

    1. Did he get snuffed out?
      Burnt off with a shout

  7. I'll take two bottles worth please

  8. So many times the side effects of these things sounds worst than the disease you're taking it for.

  9. Never trust a cat.... - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  10. Trilopity's only $15,678.89? That sounds perfectly in line with what the pharmaceutical companies charge for their products nowadays.

  11. You'll lose your sex drive
    You could die
    But give this miracle drug
    a try.

    1. Then go for hours
      Like you have magically powers

  12. orlin N cassie......we just orderd 9 oh thoz watch cha call it pillz.....hope de insurance companee doez knot make uz pay de co pay ~~~~~ :)☺☺♥♥

    1. Hopefully you get it all for free
      Or a tiny dispensing fee

  13. All we need is a get rich pill
    Minor problem: the bill hahaaa
    Just so you know
    At the pill to get ill show
    (Say it ain't so!)

    1. The bill takes it back
      Sucks it away with one attack

  14. The cost is inline with some of the drug prices these days, but your side effects are much more user friendly.

  15. These miracle drugs will cure anything that ails you, they say
    I say they're full of baloney but then again the drugs may.

    1. That many of them are
      Many a time better off staying at par

  16. A Never The Case To Embrace!
    Getting the chance for a daze
    Costs pretty stiff
    It gets one miffed
    It's the going rate these days


  17. Cycling burns fat
    Pills??? Forget about that!!!

    1. That will get it down
      Especially at your town

  18. Sounds like a real bargain. I wonder how much I could sell them for on the street?

  19. The side effects usually sound worse than the original probkem!

  20. Haha! Thanks, but I'll pass. Perhaps you should charge a little more? Sounds like a deal compared to some things Big Pharma is pricing these days.

  21. Trilopity - now that is too big a word for me!!! Smiles.

  22. It will burn my fat, make me grow muscles and new teeth but, knowing my luck, I can easily see that I will look like that Muscles from Brussels and the transvestites all around will want to chase me down...yikes!


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