A Present That's Quick Doesn't Click!

Pat tried to get off cheap this year. He gave a moving present to my rhyming rear. I guess since I am nine he doesn't want me to get fat. Pfffft if there is a chance of that.

There we were,
Resting our fur.
Yep, Cassie's there too.
 Hey, I'll show you.

 See? There she is.
Doing the napping biz.
She won't wake.
I'll give her a shake.

What did I get today?
Tell me, okay?
I won't tell Pat.
Don't look grumpy at the cat.

Is it in there with you?
Nah, that can't be true.
It has to be big.
 Maybe a new cat tower rig.

What is this?
A gate doesn't cause bliss.
Are you trying to keep me in?
 That will never work at any bin.

Cassie says she sees it.
 She sees every bit.
She wants to show me.
I think she wants it for she.

Whoops, she has an itch.
Those can be a bitch.
But can't you do that later?
My present may fall into a crater.

Oh, so it's out there.
Must be big if your aware.
Will it come through the window.
 Better not be a crow.

What? It's up there?
 That small little thing is my present affair?
Do you expect me to go catch and eat it?
Pffft I'm too old for that shit.

I'll go back to napping.
 Pat better start clapping.
He better get me a gift.
Or I'll get him some swift.

Did you see my gift? Does it make your spirits lift? Hint, it is right on top. Pat really tried to get off cheap but it was a flop. I'm sure I'll get something better out of him or he'll lose a limb. That squirrel is still going strong. A year later he plays along. The dogs like to chase him in mass. He doesn't fight back like my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Was the gift a laser pointer?
    Damn squirrels...

    1. We have a few of those
      Damn squirrel sure strikes a pose

  2. Orlin likes his birthday toys
    A special cat for special joys
    Nine years old, life's just begun
    Cat's live long years by the ton

    1. Hopefully so
      As away we go
      My grandmother's is going on 19
      Although his days are looking numbered at her scene

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks indeed
      Even if he doesn't know the difference at our feed

  4. I never trust squirrels around gifts!

  5. Our cats actually have a toy box. No kidding. An actual cardboard box filled with their toys. They're good about picking them out, but they NEVER put them away.

    Their favorite toys, thought are cardboard boxes, bags and wadded up balls of paper. Just like kids. Buy 'em an expensive toy, and they play with the box.

    1. haha a toy box is the way to be
      Yep, seems to always be the way with what they want to play with from sea to sea

  6. love this gift!! and pictures are fun!!
    Cats love toys!! (and dogs too)

    1. That they do
      Each love to destroy them too

    2. oh yes is true. But one of my dogs never destroy them! (I Love Cassie)

    3. Guess they like each one
      With them around they run

  7. I'm thinking you will get a gift - hair ball

  8. The cat tower is the gift right? It seems she loves it and made her home especially when she didn’t want to eat the treat. When cats get picky, you now have the cat..not 9wn but have.

    1. cat towers are always a win
      Used quite a bit at our bin

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks indeed
      Hope a fine one was had at your feed

  10. The gift, I can't guess
    so I don't pass the test
    Bet you leave gifts for Pat
    that don't smell the best.

  11. I love watching my kitties play. :)

    1. Fun to watch indeed
      As they run about each feed

  12. Love those pix.
    Nine already?
    Where does time go???

  13. Presents are amazing. I'm sure they'll enjoy the toys no matter.

  14. A Present That's Quick Doesn't Click!
    Just as well so not to have it fixed
    Have a happy birthday Orlin
    Long life not yet a has-been
    Keeping company with fairly good mix


    1. Not yet up there
      As he still tears through our lair

  15. We'll you better do better next year for the double digit birthday. You might get a few claws to the face if you don't come home with a big cake and bigger box of catnip.

    1. haha we shall see
      What the double digit comes to be

  16. So I'm guessing that Orlin is now ten
    since you're far ahead at your den!
    A live squirrel is nifty!
    It sure is thrifty!

    1. Nope, he's nine.
      But ten's post has been done for the feline


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