A Quality Post From Your Host!

Your host would be me. I'm sure that never confused thee. But the cat figured he would say so. I want you to stay whelmed at my show. At least for now as this post may wow. It could become overwhelming for you. Believe it to be true.

A quality post,
Here at my coast.
Something of worth,
May take birth.

The easy way too.
No shoving for you.
Or for a few.
Or shoving at you.

Top quality there?
Bah, don't sit and stare.
It's only the second verse.
No need to curse.

But it wasn't on top?
No top of the crop.
That sure is a flop.
Second was its stop.

So can it still work?
Still a quality perk?
Hey, I'm asking you.
I need quality testers at my zoo.

Like top quality dog food.
No dogs gave it attitude?
Do humans test it?
What makes it a top quality hit?

Wait, it's on the bottom shelf.
Isn't that bottom quality itself?
It is on the bottom of the pile.
It has been there a while.

Second or bottom,
Or third like autumn,
Can it still be on top?
Damn, this is a flop.

Quality is confusing.
What if you are perusing?
It is the 100th product down,
But has the top quality crown.

Top of the pile.
Not turning that dial.
But quality is there?
Hmm of both maybe beware.

Ever think of that? Top quality yet at the bottom where it is at. Shouldn't top be on top? That is a big flop. Doesn't make you think top quality is there. Maybe just good quality by a hair. Or would that be hare? Quality is sure there to spare. Or sparingly there. Is your brain hurting yet at your lair? The cat likes to make that come to pass. A quality always coming from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Your post is always top quality,
    That is plain to see.
    Whether the first or last to be read.
    It's always enjoyed by me.


  2. A Quality Post From Your Host!
    After having written the most
    Top of the crop
    Not to let drop
    Nor to reduce to a lower dose


  3. Tops on bottoms sounds pretty confusing and very human-like!

  4. All I know is no one wants to be at the bottom of the pile. That's where you get crushed.

    1. It would be the end indeed
      Especially if large people at one's feed

  5. Saving the best for last
    Rushing thru the rest fast

  6. If you're on top you'll have to spin
    Chase your tail like Rin Tin Tin
    Like Mr. Rogers, put on your sweater
    Dress for success, you'll do better

    1. Even if a weird one?
      Like a Christmas thing that I find fun?

  7. Who does test cat and dog food to see if it's high quality? Or tastes good?

    1. Sure don't want to know
      Probably no one though

  8. Yes, my brain is hurting thinking about this.
    To buy quality cat food I try to read the label.
    But the print is so tiny, I am not able.
    So what's a girl to do?
    I wish I knew.

    1. They make it tiny as can be
      Hoping you won't see

  9. I always wondered that about pet food? How do they know it’s quality? Do more dogs or cat prefer it? Hey, humans eat junk is doesn’t mean it’s quality.

    1. Junk by the ton
      With the crap they run
      And yeah, beats me with the pets
      Maybe they take bets?

  10. I think a lot of people buy pet food the way I do, which is to pick flavors that sound like something I'd want eat. As far as quality, I buy the cheaper stuff, but if Orson obviously doesn't like it at all, I won't buy that brand or variety again.

    1. Yeah, that is what a lot do
      Probably what the makers are banking on too

  11. I let the cat and dog be the quality testers. If they eat it, it must be okay.

    1. But dogs eat poop?
      That may throw one for a loop

  12. Here, we always talk about restaurant quality, when measuring how well we like a recipe I've made.

  13. orlin N cassie...ya noe....we haz all wayz wundered that two....

    cat N dog food...any pet food for that matter...

    tastez grate, new & improoved....

    wear R theeze talkin cats N dawgs that ...SAID SEW !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. They sure never show them to us
      When they go with their new and improved fuss

  14. A quality post
    From coast to coast
    (Don't mean to boast)
    Don't give up the ghost
    Or a toas on the road
    Or a bird on a turd
    Or a turd on a bird
    Make need a shower
    Every hour
    Smelly and clean
    You know what I mean?
    A top quality post, you say?
    One every day?
    In the place to be
    At the Kitty Cat sea?
    Could this be true?
    Well, Scooby Doo!

    1. Fake or true
      True or clue
      A remake too
      Yep, Clue coming due
      Know what I mean?
      A shitty scene
      The bird got it right
      Shit and take flight

  15. All that talk about quality - give me a break!
    If I need a microscope to find it,
    I don't want it.
    It's a fake.

  16. Top quality dog food. Be careful ‘cause it can be very subjective statement by the manufacturer!

  17. That's why I always read the ingredient list. They boast about quality, but their ingredient list says otherwise.

  18. In grocery stores the place the crap within reach. The stuff that’s good for you is either at the very bottom or the very top. This is marketing 101, sad but true. Oatmeal, the basic, I once had to kneel on the floor to get to it and the molasses was at the very top....I had to find a tall man to get me that.

    1. They want you to buy the crap by the ton
      So up down and around the store you have to run

  19. This is why I always read labels (for both cat and human food). :)

  20. Sometimes you are great at making my head ache! LOL


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