A Structured Life Free From Strife!

Follow the flow here at my show. You will be happy and never sappy. That is just the way. Do you get what I'm trying to say? I bet you do as it has been ingrained in you.

One, two, three.
Another rhyme is here.
It has come to be.
So you stop and peer.

It is just the way.
The way you like.
You come to play.
Never taking a hike.

Just a little thing.
A little thing you do.
A fine thing to spring.
But is that all for you?

TV says how to dress.
So that you do.
Trends they confess.
Have to go with the new.

Works sets rules.
Those you have to follow.
They were made by fools,
And are many a time hollow.

But can't buck the trend.
It has been put in place.
Your employment will end,
If you don't embrace.

Have to eat a certain way.
You can't not be an eater.
That just doesn't play.
Not to snowmen or trick or treater.

Have to amass and believe.
Believe in a certain after life.
It helps you grieve,
And keeps away strife.

Have to vote a certain way.
Forget using your head.
No matter what they say,
Go with what's been led.

These are your boundaries.
Don't step beyond.
They were made up in ancient foundries.
So don't create ripples in the pond.

Don't you love the structure of your life? Wasn't even given to you by someone who matters like husband or wife. Nope, given to you by rules put in place and you automatically just embrace. Don't question or make a suggestion. That will be ever so bad. The structure police may end up mad. Just follow away as each day does pass. Trust, not really, my non-structured little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Look who's back
      After a long time at our shack

    2. Missing: Hank

      If found please call one of us.

    3. Must be on the road
      Or in sleep mode

  2. You are so right Pat, we don't like it when things become unstructured!

  3. Our work rules were made by fools but there in no way structured.

    1. haha had some that were made by fools
      More sense in a dog that drools

  4. indeed, I am very structured, so much depends on time
    one false move and a day can be blown
    it becomes an unstructured rhyme

    no reason

    1. Just rhyme with no reason
      A fine unstructured season

  5. Go with the flow
    Like a bend in the bow
    Set the whole story straight
    Then try to relate

  6. Never was one
    To follow the rules
    Tried when I could
    But most were for fools!

  7. orlin N cassie

    thiz iz why it payz ta bee a cat; due what ya want; when ya want; how ya want; N ta hell what any one sayz; coz we due knot listen any way !!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Nope, ignoring all
      As we trot with our tail up down the hall

  8. What others say,
    I don't obey.
    I stray, cuz
    I'm not gonna play that way.

    1. Good to go your own way
      And let them drown in the bay

  9. Lots of structure even if we don't want it.

    1. Yep, its out there
      Whether or not we are aware

  10. Growing older takes away much structure and allows me to speak my mind.

    1. Age lets you get away with it
      As you can always say you're too old for this umm spit

  11. I don’t believe in after life but I like to imagine there is, if that makes sense :-) It does help you grieve.

  12. Yeah, there are lots of rules set down for us, but it's easier to play along with most of them. Most of them. Once in a while I find something actually worth rebelling against. It's a matter of choosing your battles.

    1. Yeah, pretend and play along
      Then go against the one that is super dumb and/or wrong

  13. Makes life easy though it can be boring! Here's to days closer to spring!

  14. Yes, it's true we're expected to follow certain rules and a path of life. As my life is changing and becoming more unstructured, the structure, work, and rules of life and choices are changing.

    1. Changing keeps one on their toes
      Even through any woes

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  16. Butterflies are free to fly
    Yet straight to the flame they fry
    Freedom is good, no doubt
    But rules are what it’s all about

  17. Rules were made to be bent and broken.
    Sometimes we follow just as a token.

  18. Nothing wrong with breaking a rule or two.
    I’ve certainly broken a few.

  19. I'm always breaking the rule Pat,
    But always make sure I get back on track.


  20. Rules, Schmules...Break them I will
    I channel Yoda here, I better take a pill:)

    1. haha fine way to be
      If you had his dough at his sea

  21. My life definitely has a general structure. :)

  22. I wish I could live a more structured life, but it isn't in my DNA. I just noticed that you have a new book "Disconnective." Probably you announced it and I missed it because I'm behind again ~ no consistency or structure for me! Argh! But I really enjoyed "The Connective", so I look forward to reading the next book. I'll be ordering it shortly before I head home, so it will be there when I get home. Way to go, Pat!

    1. haha you are sure out and about
      This way and that like a multi water spout
      Yep, a few days back
      Hope you enjoy at your shack


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