A System Full Even Of Bull!

Today we will add. We will add to our pad. That much you know. But we are also adding to the grand show. What show is that? One where we are all a stat. The stat of you and me and all that comes to be.

A system in place,
Captures your face.
Many times a day,
Can sure hit replay.

Data from this.
Is such bliss.
Data from that.
Even a rhyming cat.

All plug and play.
Everything on display.
Knowledge of all,
Can be given a call.

You did this today.
You went this way.
The system knows.
For somewhere it shows.

You think this.
Not even a miss.
For your searching shows it.
The system captures every bit.

Can tell where you're from.
The size of your bum.
Who came before you.
Whether or not you give a clue.

The tax man is there.
No need to beware.
They'll get you in the end.
The system will not amend.

The system records it.
Out your records it will spit.
Your highlight reel of sorts.
Even one without an interest in sports.

Your every move captured.
Until the Earth is raptured.
Then Dark Ages may apply.
The system still may not die. 

The system knows.
The wind still blows.
The system still records.
All data in hoards.

Aren't you glad for the system? Can take facts no matter how you twist em. Can stick it in and spit them out. Whether true or not. We just added to the system's plot. Are you ready to add too? Easy, just leave a comment at my zoo. The system captures it all. The system shall never stall. Do you enjoy being captured every which way? Maybe you won't if in the woods you spend the day. The system can enjoy the gas that comes out of my system adding little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Going off the grid is almost impossible these days.

    1. Unless back in the woods
      Or maybe deep in some hoods

  2. Bugs me to no end
    Feds know my every trend
    Into oblivion them I’d like to send

  3. Oh yea, the system knows each and every move, kind of scary!

  4. A System Full Even Of Bull!
    Makes them think it is cool
    Works every time
    Never you mind
    Makes it to be convenient tool


    1. All convenience at play
      At the end of the day

  5. Replies
    1. Skynet will seek you out
      And find out what the hiding is about

  6. The system's name is Amazon. It knows everything...

  7. Facts and stats don't lie until they land in the hands of a capable deceiver. These days those deceivers are often referred to as journalists.

    Tossing It Out

  8. The system's Big Brother.
    I'd trade it for another.
    How about little innocent sis?
    That might bring a bit of bliss
    or at least stop the madness
    and that would mean gladness.

    1. Could work
      Or cousin Eddy may be a perk
      Already did that show?

  9. orlin N cassie....george orwell's.... 1984.....nother reezon we R glad.... we iz catz !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Sure the perfect fit
      As they monitor our shit

  10. Yup, the system, Big Brother is watching. Such a pain. Nothing we can do. Pat you have a great day.

  11. And of course, data can be added to your various files and profiles that are meant for someone else with the same or a similar name, and you'll have a hell of a time trying to straighten things out! Kinda like my "David Duke" and "David Dukes" example in my recent post. Also, it reminds me of when actor John Hurt died recently, and I read a couple of articles saying that actor William Hurt had died.

    1. Yep, a little twist of fact can become fact to many
      When really the facts aren't any

  12. Any data on how to win some cash?
    Beats watching Star Wars 8: The Last Trash

    1. haha - if you compile that data, I hope you share

    2. Can win with a ummm
      Beats my rhyming bum

  13. We are all part of some system
    tracking our existence...:(

  14. With social media, we are truly in the system. With all the available DNA tests, everything about us is now known.

    1. Known in some database everywhere
      As people go without a care

  15. The system watches every thing we say and do.
    It really irritates me, how about you?

    1. Can sure irritate
      But I'll give them some confusion if they take the bait

  16. I'm sure my Amazon Alexa is part of the system. Girl be turning on at random times. She's definitely a spy!

    1. Getting all you secrets and sending them back
      Then they make you have a shopping attack

  17. Great verse Pat. I enjoy going on "The System". meets up with people from all over.


  18. One of the funniest movies on how to disappear
    Is "BLAST FROM THE PAST" could make one feel secure
    Just climb into a bunker with everything you need
    Live a life of solitude and quiet, yes indeed

    1. Would be interesting to come out years later
      Then earth would probably be one big crater


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