About Time You Do At Your Zoo!

The cat has to roll his eyes once more as humans use this one at their shore. What they really mean is poor pitiful me. No one is paying attention and I'm getting no glee. But I suppose that is wordy, so they flip that the birdie.

I've come to see.
See little old thee.
How lucky are you?
I know it is true.

What was that?
You're talking to the cat?
I guess he needs attention.
Did you hear what I mention?

I had this and that.
Why still talking to the cat?
Did you hear what I said?
Are you going to bed?

I guess I'll leave.
What's on you're sleeve?
That is a lot of cat hair.
How do you stand it at your lair?

I couldn't do that.
Still talking to the cat?
I guess it's that time.
I'll repeat my leaving chime.

Look at this door.
It is something of lore.
It fits perfectly in.
That sure is a win.

Well I guess I'll go.
I'm leaving, you know.
I'm still standing here.
But I'm leaving, I fear.

Did you ever stand so long?
One's legs need to be strong.
Standing like this is rough.
You need to have the right stuff.

It's about time I head home.
I am done with my roam.
I'm leaving you here.
Wow, is that new gear?

That looks nice.
What was the price?
I'd like to hear it,
As I'm leaving in a bit.

Ever get one of those? They say they are leaving as they strike a pose? Just trying to get attention as they won't take the hint. You'd rather sit by yourself and pick off lint. But oh no, a leaving they will go. A leaving with no leaving coming due. And they say it 50 times over too. They must have breathed in some more funky gas than what comes from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good Afternoon Hank
      Back on top
      Not a flop ...haha

    2. Good evening True
      Either Hank or you
      Already used to it
      Enjoying every bit


    3. Enjoying away
      Sure is the way

    4. Tomorrow I'll be back
      The name is Blue, not Mack... :D

  2. I guess we need to be going...someday! Yep, I know the trick.

  3. We used to have a neighbor who would come to visit. He would do anything for you except leave and go home!

    1. haha lock the door
      And make him stay out forevermore

  4. Replies
    1. That they are
      Just want to run them over with your car

  5. I admit, Ray's family can never seem to leave. We have a good visit and have covered all topics. Then they keep hanging. I'm done folks - bye, bye

  6. So long, farewell, auf wiedorschen good-bye
    It's time-- to leave--escape's the reason why
    In the car the motor's running
    I find that is very stunning
    Then hike high across the Alps, singing songs to lift our spirits to the sky

    1. Hiking that high
      One may die
      Or get cold
      Things not bold
      Then they'll whine
      Never leaving shall align

  7. When it comes to family
    it takes time for us to flee
    we say, "We're leaving soon!"
    Then they say, "Did you hear about Aunt June?"
    So then we stay for ten minutes more
    then announce we're headed for the door.
    Making sure everyone is hugged and kissed
    before we know it, TWD is already missed.

    Have a beachy week!

    1. Got to get in the germy slobber
      Before you can be a turning umm knobber
      Then Rick and the crew
      Can't grace your view

  8. Ha. They just keep talking while our mind wanders.

  9. I hate when people overextend their stay. They make you want to yell out, 'hey!' Truth is though, they're usually nice, so you internalize and fume while they talk/give advice.

    1. Yeah, they usually are nice about it
      When you just want to kick them out the door with one hit

  10. I have a neighbor like that. I have no problem telling someone I have to go though.

    1. I'm out the door
      No over staying at our shore

  11. Pirates of Penzance had that same problem when the police were leaving to capture the pirates, but then didn't. They kept singing about it. The modern major general voiced the same as you have.

    1. I guess they wanted a tune
      Never knew that at my sand dune

  12. I've often had the opposite happen. As soon as I've said my goodbyes and I'm literally putting my hand on the doorknob, the person I've been visiting for a while suddenly has several different things he or she needs to tell me. This is in spite of the fact that we've usually had little to talk about before then.

    1. As far as people not leaving, I do recall some guests visiting on Christmas Eve one year, when I was really young. It was very late. They were saying goodbye at the door, and took forever to leave. I was upstairs, already in bed, and I was crying because I was afraid that if they stayed too long, Santa Claus would bypass our house and I wouldn't get any presents that year.

    2. That is sad that you were crying, hopefully, Santa left you some presents ;)

    3. Funny thing, Santa did show up that night after all!

    4. lol at least Santa showed
      And hopefully with a fine load
      Yeah, some like to call you back
      The reverse too can cause flack

  13. I'm a horrible housewarming kinda person.

  14. Oh goodness I read this and at first thought this was you announcing youre leaving! Glad to hear that's not the case! I am back and look forward to catching up with you again!

    1. The cat is good until 2019
      So he'll still be on scene

  15. We have family members who like to overstay their welcome. They'll keep telling their kids "10 more minutes and we're leaving." An hour later I'm wondering what happened to leaving in 10 minutes? Go away already!

    1. Maybe they can't count
      Or need to say a new amount

  16. I know some of those people you get them to the door and no wait, they have to tell you more.(rolling eyes)

    1. They need a swift kick
      Or to be hit with a brick

  17. I have clients who do this
    its anything but bliss.
    I think up ways to say good bye
    but they don't get it,...sigh...

    1. Nope, get it they never do
      They sit and yap to you

  18. It's almost as bad as some people about saying goodbye on the phone.

    1. Yeah, say it fifty times
      Okay, go play with mimes

  19. orlin N cassie...thanx full lee we due knot get vizitorz sew we knead knot worree bout em leavin !!!!!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. Good way to be
      Visitors can suck at many a sea

  20. This doesn't happen so much anymore.
    Lives are too busy at my shore.

    I loved it in Newfoundland.
    Neighbors visiting was so grand.

    From "I just stopped to bide a wee" to "Well, it's time to go along."
    I miss those times, so long gone.

    1. You miss the newfies far and wide?
      If we lived there we'd have to hide

  21. Yesterday a homeless person stopped me
    To ask if I had any money
    But started talking about his whole life story
    How I wished each goodbye could be his glory

  22. Although late reading it was great Pat.


  23. Late reading but great all the same Pat.


  24. About Time You Do At Your Zoo!
    Time for leaving is hard to do
    To exceed one's custom
    Something easily done
    One must be polite to leave too!



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