An Off With No On Can Sure Dawn!

This post is so cool. So cool that you will drool. The drool may even freeze. May get stuck that way if you sneeze. Hold on, cool is hot? We are so cool then with our hot to trot.

A grand post.
Loved at each coast.
It let's me boast.
Humans I roast.

Not literally though.
That's a no no.
Cannibals aren't in right now.
Maybe next year they'll wow.

Back to great.
So great none can relate.
How do I know?
Because I'm not low.

Nope, I'm off the charts.
Me and my farts.
I'm off so swell.
Let's raise some Hell.

Really confused?
Now I'm amused.
I raised what you can't,
And went off something I was never on at my plant.

Even made me wordy.
Could flip me the birdie.
But that would be mean.
Not really, at my scene.

Because I'm off the charts.
In all your hearts.
Off what charts though?
Do charts even show?

Can I go off what's not there?
Does this mean I have a glitchy lair?
Does it go off your screen?
Bah, who cares, as off the charts is serene.

Even if I never got on.
Off sure did dawn.
Nope, not a con.
For I'm off with no on.

Are the charts small?
Damn it all.
Just go with it with me.
I'm off the charts at my sea.

Can you still see this post? Hmm guess I'm not off any charts at my coast. Maybe they let me back on for today. Are you off the charts at your bay? Which charts would they be? Are you as chart happy as me? At least they aren't pointy like being off the hook. That could stab you at your nook. Charts could give you a paper cut I suppose. Or the screen of death may strike a pose. Bah, enough with my question pass, for I'm an off the charts little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Taking a frigging shower and my alarm goes off hahaaaaa

    You win, Hank

    1. haha Blue said he'd be back
      He lied at his shack
      At least 2 mins so
      Go Hank go

    2. I didn't lie
      But it did make me cry
      Butt-naked saying NUMBER ONE
      SUCH FUN
      But still too late
      And my name ain't Kate

    3. Haha blue's bare ass
      Couldn't make the pass

    4. So it is
      Doing the blue butt biz

    5. Only this time
      Not all the time!
      There's Alex and True
      So also you, Blue!


    6. Three to sneak in
      For the win

  2. Third! Which isn't bad for a Saturday.
    Off the charts - this one goes to eleven.

  3. Draw funny lines on a chart
    Up or down it's a la carte
    Off the chart, you're schizoid bound
    At Pleasant Acres you'll be found

    1. There for the long haul too
      Without a little clue

  4. You always chart a fun course Pat!

  5. Some people are obsessed with charts.

  6. turn the chart upside down
    that will get you a frown

    happy saturday

  7. Funny how "off the charts" can mean something really good, or really bad.

  8. If your farts are off the charts I would recommend gas-X lol

    1. Pat is allergic to that
      But may work for the cat

  9. Off the charts treading
    Unchartered waters...,

    What about a pie chart
    Would that make you throw darts

    1. That it may
      If tons of data needing to go into it came to play

  10. I've been off the charts a few times ~ usually when it comes to feeling rather than thinking. Just wanted you to know that when Terry dragged me to the beach yesterday, that water was cold!!! Once I got in, it was okay, but it takes me longer every year ~ LOL I really wasn't rubbing in the fact that I was going to the beach ~ Sometimes I just don't want to get wet! Have a good one!

    1. haha sure you weren't rubbing it in
      As we sit here with snow at our bin

  11. An Off With No On Can Sure Dawn!
    Sought to act foolish like a clown
    Got off the Charts
    With false starts
    Can still make all of them frown


  12. I am never off the charts
    no competition in my parts!

  13. That post was off the charts!!

    I have a long weekend. That's off the charts too, woowoo!

    1. haha that it is
      None here as off to the work biz

  14. Charts become better in 3D

    Set up VR goggles to see

    all the data from all the angles

    live in the chart, let the real world dangle. :)

    good poem, Patt!

  15. Someone at work made charts for me
    I went off the charts, I do decree,
    And ripped those charts in front of her.
    Then, I smiled and I almost did purr.

    1. lol look at you go
      A chart hater at your show

  16. My farts would blow yours out of the water. Mine are more off the charts than yours. I challenge you to a fart to settle the score!

    1. lol a challenge we can accept indeed
      Here at our feed


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