Be A Chef For The Ref!

The cat rolls his eyes a lot. I'm sure you knew about such a plot. We heard one whining the other day. They sure liked to have their say. Of course whiners always do. That is why they are whiners through and through.

Here we go.
Time for the game.
They'll eat crow.
It won't be lame.

My team is best.
Even if not mine.
But we've done that test,
Just trust the feline.

And they're off.
Away they go.
Time to scoff.
They are our foe.

They are so bad.
Even with the same skill.
They make me mad,
Bury them in a landfill.

No different than our team,
Just colors of shirts.
But that's all a dream,
Cheering for them hurts.

But that all should know.
Each and every one.
One more is a foe,
For they screw up a ton.

Such a bad call.
Kill the ref.
He should work in the mall.
Get chopped up for a chef.

Are they blind?
Are they dumb?
He's lost his mind.
Fire that bum.

That was a great call.
That was the best.
The other team should fall.
After all, they are the guest.

Boooo! Such a bad call.
Are you that stupid?
Go be a Santa in the mall.
You aren't good enough to be Cupid.

Ever notice that? How only calls against "your" or "their" teams fall flat? If it is against the other guy than it is okay. Pffft humans are pathetic we say. The ref can't see it all and will make the final call. All the yelling crap hurts the cat's head. That is probably why we'd probably stay at home in bed. Let's yell at a guy doing his job and give him sass. Yeah, that is sooooo productive says my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Unduly crowded these days
      Lucky one can get the space
      To be # 1
      It is fun
      But one is caught in a race


    2. A race against time
      To be #1 prime

  2. When my youngest son played pro. soccer I was always shouting to the ref.
    Great read Pat.
    Happy Sunday,


  3. Can do no wrong if it's to your liking
    Bad-mouth your heroes and take a hiking

  4. I'm objective enough I see the bad calls against the opposing team. I just don't mind them.

  5. Be A Chef For The Ref!
    Get him cooked for a test
    For being unfair
    Without due care
    Or be told to take a rest


  6. I am sure there will see some bad calls today, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! I’d like to see the Eagles win , but there won’ t be any whining if they lose.

  7. I don't watch many sports- just tennis. So- I miss out on all the drama with the calls. :)

    1. Drama there sure can be
      As they let the bad ones fly free

  8. Eagles fans have nothing to lose except their pride again. Hope there are not tons of penalties. That gets so boring. I'm ready for Justin Timberlake, Pink, and then This is Us after the game!

    1. Sounds like more than the game
      Sure has your name

  9. The yelling sends our cats running!

  10. Any game my son's team's definitely the ref's fault. ;) :) Kidding. :)

    1. lol yep, all the ref's doing
      Go and start the booing

  11. Every year for longer than I can remember, my friend and I get together and watch the Super Bowl's commercials (which haven't been so great for the last couple of years). I suppose I want the Patriots to win, because they're my "local" team, but when you come right down to it, I don't really care. Whenever I do watch sports, which is rare, I'm not likely to blame referees for calls I don't like.

    1. Not caring sure is a fine way
      Then can just enjoy the, these days, mediocre commercial display

  12. they'll be a lot of pointed fingers tonight regardless

  13. We notice the bad calls the refs make, but when it’s inour favor, it’s okay ;)

  14. A few years back, the Canadian Olympic hockey team was getting penalties galore while the U.S. team got hardly any at all. The Canadians won Gold and the U.S. channel instantly turned to something else. Sore losers even though they still got silver.

    1. haha they have to win
      Otherwise they just throw it in

  15. I heard a few "Kill the refs" on Sunday! It's always fun to watch rabid fans watching the Super Bowl, especially when the game is close.


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