Draw A Line So All Align!

The cat does it every day. I guess I can be an artist at my bay. Who knew I was so artistic at my sea? All it takes is going to have a pee. Hey, I draw a line when I bury it. I may make double when I shit.

Draw a line.
All is fine.
It you shall not pass.
Not even for bad gas.

Draw it in the sand.
Isn't that grand?
A line that fades,
As the tide wades.

A wise move for you.
With the line you can screw.
May get sand between your toes,
But an excuse to stoop to new lows.

My line is still there.
I am still aware.
But I had to re-draw it.
Life gave me too much shit.

So I made my line.
All is now fine.
In comes the tide,
Line takes a new ride.

I am lined up again.
Never fear at my den.
That's as far as I go.
I won't change for a foe.

The foe I dared.
My line is spared.
They crossed it.
They deserve a hit.

I never drew a thing?
Don't give me that ring.
I drew a line in the sand.
Even if no beaches at hand.

I drew it and it's true.
Pass it, I dare you.
It only moves when I say so.
You pass it and you are a foe.

You deserve flack and more.
Crossed it at my shore.
A fictional thing in my head.
But they caused me dread.

Do you make imaginary lines in imaginary sand? Do you go all Terminator when they are passed in your land? How exactly can you draw a line with no sand or paper? You humans sure make up many a weird caper. Using sand so you can change it at your will. That sure must keep you chill. Draw your fictional line in cement or something like that. Then you may be less full of scat. Not much more in mass. But a little less to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Two in a row
      Look at you go
      Out of nowhere
      Back at our lair

  2. I do make imaginary lines in the sand,
    When I venture to the beach.
    Each line represents a problem,
    That I want "Out Of Reach".

    Enjoyed the verse Pat.
    Have a good Wednesday.

    1. Just watch where you line
      Could have been used by a feline

  3. I don't draw lines
    But circles instead
    Protected from all sides
    From those whom I dread

    1. A circle to keep them away
      That is a fine way to be at your bay

  4. Replies
    1. Not a fan of the giant box?
      Could go in wearing socks

  5. We always draw many lines in the sand throughout the day!

  6. My lines are all very blurry I'm afraid.

  7. I long for the day
    The beach sand can be my bay
    Then lines will go and sway
    Like waves of ocean play

  8. I couldn't draw a straight line, even with a ruler, if my life depended on it, but I like a zig zag or two just for the fun of it! Although where I am I've plenty of sand, and see plenty of lines drawn in it daily!

    1. Lines out front for all
      In the giant litterbox they stand tall

  9. I agree with the comment above - can't draw a straight line, nor a round circle. Always a bit "off" in my world.

    1. A round circle would be harder to do
      If perfect came due

  10. Great post my friend! - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  11. I would compare "drawing lines" (in a figurative sense) as giving -- or reacting to -- ultimatums. I have almost never given them, and I definitely do not respond well to getting them.

    1. We pffft when given them most times
      And just make fun with rhymes

  12. If I screw in the sand
    it's not just toes that get up in my land.
    Itchy and Scratchy is all that comes to pass
    drawing lines? I'm too busy getting sand out of my ass

    1. haha it goes everywhere
      So much better inside at one's lair

  13. I draw lines and imagine them as a goal that I have to cross.


  14. orlin N cassie...cranberreez guyz, we waz hopin ta see sum oh yur...itz all in de mindz eye art gal o ree werk.... heer....☺☺♥♥

    1. haha Pat is too ocd
      He won't take pics at our sea

  15. I never thought about the line in the sand being moveable. Actually, I like that idea;)

    1. Move it can indeed
      Depends who made it at their feed

  16. I guess the line in the sand can be moved. :) I don't usually draw lines in the sand- but I do like to draw.

    1. The cat can't draw
      So we avoid any drawing law

  17. My two oldest boys shared a room briefly went through a period where imaginary lines were drawn to separate their toys in the toyroom (rolling my eyes). :)

    1. lol have to keep what is theirs on their own side
      Then toys you don't have to hide

  18. I had friends that did like what Rosey's kids did, but they drew lines around the room with duct tape. It was an ugly eyesore and all hell broke loose if one crossed onto the other's side of the room.

    1. lmao that would be funny to see
      When hell broke loose one would flee

  19. Mmm, these days I do not draw lines in the sand but I often drew lines on cement when I was young.
    Yep, we used to play a game called Hop Scotch where we jumped across the lines and had a lot of fun.

  20. A line I drew out in the air
    Don't cross this line, it won't be fair

  21. Draw A Line So All Align!
    To be dubbed one of a kind
    Review to make it easy
    Way to check accuracy
    Fake news mislead the blind


    1. That fake news can do
      As they pretend its true

  22. I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.

    1. Sand sure is a pain in the ass
      As there it can even pass

  23. I draw my lines in pencil so I can, ya know, erase them and start over again. Some days, I want some permanent ink though.

    1. Sometimes pencil is best
      can move to make them the best

  24. WE don't have any sand here so we have to do imaginary lines which is more fun anyway. Have a great evening.

  25. Ultimatums rarely work in my household, not for me, not for my husband! LOL

    1. lol compromise is the way
      There at your bay


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