It Has Been Said Even If In Your Head!

Humans must have lots of voices in their head like me. For they sure go to it with glee. Or maybe they just prove they are full of crap. But hey, could be the voices in the head of each lass or chap.

Thoughts are spinning.
I'm sure winning.
At least I will.
I'll fit the bill.

They say...
Come what may.
Who are they?
What the hey.

They are me.
Shhhh may be we.
But they are here.
They just aren't clear.

They said so.
They created this flow.
It wasn't me.
They went on a spree.

They's right.
They aren't in sight.
But they say it.
They aren't full of shit.

I'm right...I mean they.
It is what they say.
Don't put it on me.
They are on a spree.

Oh, don't say that.
You are full of strat.
I am the whelmed one.
For they say it isn't fun.

They say it is done.
They say under the gun.
They say what is spun.
They said it, Hon.

They said that.
Not the cat.
I cringed a bit.
They did it.

They say it is time.
Time to end this rhyme.
They say you will retort.
They filed their report.

Are you one of those? Do you strike a "they say" pose? If you can't win do you go with they say? Even when you never heard a they say at your bay? Just be lazy and go with the they. You can win an argument that way. They may be magical fairies in your mind, but they may get you out of a bind. They say I just passed some gas. They sure say so much about my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Can you see?
      It's lucky me
      Late by 9 mins
      Still made it!
      What do you know
      it's 5 in a row!


    2. Adam says Hank's # 1
      Just lucky no one waiting
      Easier to jump the gun
      Others may still be sleeping!


    3. Taking a nap
      Can't fill the gap

  2. I'll do if I want but what will they say
    I don't know them from a big load of hay
    They say what they say, you don't have to listen
    Like rain on a leaf, it just likes to glisten

    1. Glisten and melt
      With poop you pelt
      Let them stay full of it
      And by it we mean shit

  3. It Has Been Said Even If In Your Head!
    And you are not there just to play dead
    What of a 'they say' pose
    Perhaps just one of those
    Strike a 'they say' stance to have it made


    1. Have it made
      And a path to the loony bin laid

  4. Who is THEY
    At your THEY SAY bay...
    Could it be US
    Catching a bus?
    Could it be WE
    In the place to be?
    I'm so confused
    Just mentally abused
    I might need a pill
    Beats getting the bill HA!
    Anyway, they say a lot
    At the Kitty Cat spot.

    1. They love bills
      Brings some thrills
      Paying they
      What the hey
      They are a banker
      Or some other wanker
      Or maybe we
      In the place to be
      Or not be
      Beats little old me

  5. I like that idea, 'they say'. What a good way to get out of anything.Who cares who 'they' are. Have a great day Pat.

  6. That's someone who needs some good mental drugs.

  7. Sometimes they sure play loudly during the night!

  8. keep the "they" at bay
    howl at the moon
    ignore what they say
    or you'll sound like a loon

    1. A loon with loonies?
      Maybe a bunch of toonies

  9. My mind is spinning right now
    It will for a while, but I vow
    It will get better as time passes by.
    And I know I need a good cry.

  10. So very true. "They say" Who are these people who say with authority?

    1. Yeah, the they just gets said
      They never gets put to bed

  11. Maybe, it's a good thing they are saying something because at the moment I'm drawing a total blank:)

  12. Whatever 'they' say can't be true, there's never any statistics whatsoever to back 'them' up. :)

    1. Nope, not one bit
      Maybe some other made up shit

  13. I think we need to do some research on who "they" really are. I'm getting a little tired of their know-it-all attitudes.

    1. Yeah, they sure suck
      Need to bury them in the muck

  14. I think "they" refers to a bunch of old men who tried to pass on their knowledge by making up all those old sayings.

    1. That could be true
      Each with their head up their wazoo

  15. You'd be surprised what goes on in my head Pat.


  16. One of the great mysteries of life ~ Who exactly is "they" so busily saying?
    I say, "To hell with them!"

    1. haha but then who are them?
      Does that make you spit phlegm?


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