Post Is Done...What Fun?

This post is now done. I'll go for a run. Yep, done like dinner. Isn't that a winner? Unless dinner isn't done, but today we'll ignore that one. Did you comment yet? Need to be done before it is even set.

Done now.
Raise an eyebrow.
Why? I'm done.
Done with a run.

No run is shown.
Not on computer or phone.
But I'm suddenly done.
Not under the gun.

Under beats straight on.
Isn't that a con?
Beats going under the knife.
Better off staying under the wife.

Or husband too.
Equal opportunity at our zoo.
Did I use that right?
Bah, I was done before it took flight.

That's right all.
Done at my hall.
Done without a single word.
That isn't absurd.

I stopped before I started.
Oops, I farted.
I just had to share.
After all, I'm done at my lair.

I can't stop if I never start.
But I'll take it to heart.
For without a start I did stop.
Isn't that a brain flop?

Stop before I start.
Like clothes at Wal-Mart.
They stop and start away.
Butt cracks on display.

This post is done.
Time I run.
Time I ate.
A common trait.

Wow, I'm still going.
What's with this showing?
I stopped before I started.
Did that saying just get parted?

Did you stop before you read? Did I hurt your head? How can you stop if you never started? The idea was never fully carted. You never even began the task. Wow, you humans must have taken one too many hits from the flask. But this post is now done and whoops, I started to make it stop its run. The cat proved wrong yet another pass. It is so fun to do for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Dang, am I really first? At least I started!

    1. First on this one
      As it was accidentally spun lol

    2. I guess everyone slept late today
      tucked in their beds dreaming away

    3. Why is the time in the future? haha

    4. hahaha oh so fun
      All wrong under your sun
      Look at the date once more
      Knew it would screw many up at their shore

    5. Haha back in time we did go
      At your rhyming show

  2. Some technical error?
    Still good fine weather


  3. Red light green light, stop and start
    Keep the eye steady and toss the dart
    Hit the mark and it will stop
    If you don't start it's all a flop

  4. God for Brian to be first. See he got done early. Have a great day Pat.

  5. Dang, that wasn't me, how did that happen? I appears I was done before I even knew I started!

  6. I just started by day, so I am not done
    on this day who knows what will spun

    1. By was spun
      When my should have been given a run
      At least that we know
      As the day continues to flow haha

    2. haha - another oops...I blame it on the cold weather. It snowed yet again, I am ready for spring to begin.

    3. Sure, blame the snow
      We also got the crummy white show

  7. I've read the post, so I am officially done;)

  8. Good to take a run after making a post
    otherwise your body will turn into toast!!

  9. Too many hits from the flask
    can make you stop too soon
    Too many hits from the flask
    can cause other problems too. ;)

    P.S. We went to a safe home for cats and adopted a 10-year old whose owners abandoned it when they moved (omg, who does that?!). A single cat has to have company, right? Got a new tree too. Just in case the fella doesn't want to share with the new lady. She comes in tomorrow so the rescue owner can check out our house. She's making sure we're cat-home-appropriate, I suppose, lol. I think it's safe to say, I'm now a crazy cat lady...with a crazy for cats kid. Woot!

    1. That it may
      At any bay
      So run away
      Or toss the flask in the bay

      haha look at your go
      Awesome at your show
      worse things to be than a crazy cat lady
      Sure they won't find you shady
      And yeah, idiots who leave them like that
      Deserve to be run over flat

  10. Dinner is the end of the day and breakfast is the start but sometimes it’s fun to have breakfast at the end and dinner at the start but who has pot roast at 7am? Hell I have no idea if I started or ended I am lost for sure

    1. haha this way and that
      All thanks to the cat
      Would be weird to eat that much in the morning though
      And cook up a show

  11. I feel like I’m never done with anything. Round and round we go, where and when we stop, nobody knows.

    1. Yep, always comes back
      Another whatever at one's shack

  12. Done for this day or was it yesterday. It just passed midnight here so I'm not for the day or night.

    1. Maybe you can mix and match
      Go for the whole batch

  13. Our little hotel's internet was done in yesterday. We had bad thunderstorms, torrential rain, and flooding. The electricity went out, which took out our internet. The power came back on quickly, but we didn't get internet until late this morning. That's what I get for grousing about having to get in the water ~ LOL Now my comment is done!

    1. lol you get tons of water far and wide
      Better off to wade in at low tide


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