Take Note With What I Wrote!

Would that be written? Grammar Nazi's may not be smitten. Of that you can take note. Does that get your vote? If you voted I guess that will be noted. Notice yet? You will, I bet.

Take a note.
Like a goat.
A goat on a boat.
That I wrote.

Take a mental note.
Self-promotion of a goat.
A goat in a boat.
A double take note.

But your note was taken.
Hmm, am I mistaken?
You lost nothing at all.
So wasn't taken at your hall.

Taken with no taking.
That gets some head shaking.
Or maybe took and shook.
Hit the right note or get the hook.

More of a cane.
A hook would bring pain.
Although put ears at rest.
Maybe a hook is best.

That was a side note.
Does the middle get no vote?
A note on the side?
Do sides take more pride?

I'll leave from upon high.
The notes won't fly.
Or maybe they flew.
Out on a high note from you.

Or maybe not.
Note has a plot.
Can finish or end.
Notes can amend.

In pencil not pen.
No backspace at ones den.
Leave fits too.
What is a note to do?

Maybe leave, finish and end.
The order may be around the bend.
But I'll still do one of the three.
Hopefully that is noted by thee.

Did you take note? Find any goats on your boat? Can you carry a note in a bucket? Or do you just say fluck it? Can a note be on a side? Notes sure come and go with the tide. This was just something that I noted. So the post today was floated. It floated out like my gas. I thought I'd note that from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 


  1. Take Note With What I Wrote!
    Not to be saddled with a big load
    Always try to be brief
    So as not to end in grief
    To miss remembering great episodes


  2. Take note with a goat!
    Yes, that's the best I can do with a rhyme.

    1. With a goat by your side
      The rhyming wave you can ride

  3. I'll one up Alex. Tote the note on a goat!

    1. A challenge with three
      Showing up the ninja wannabe

  4. Take note of a speaker's eyes
    It shows if they are dim or are wise
    Take note of the preacher man's sermon
    Is it sincere or apparently vermin
    Take note of a wind from the North
    Never know just what it will bring forth
    Take note of your banker's pin stripes
    In the end he will make you say "yipes."
    Take note of a lunch that is free
    No such thing from the thirties for thee
    Take note that I've said my say
    A brand-new day and I'm on my way

    1. Notes sure taken
      With the one's you're makin'
      Take note that they were taken down
      And we always avoid banker town

  5. Please note, grammar are a good thing MOL!

  6. I always vote.
    Of that, take note.
    I need no goat
    For it won't float
    When in a moat.
    That's all she wrote.

    1. Was it a she?
      Or noted by he?
      A noted note
      But can it float?

  7. orlin N cassie

    ♫ ( we iz knot sure what note that iz; itz ALT 14 on de
    key bord tho !! ♫♫


    1. It won't show for us
      I guess it's a note that can cuss

  8. I hate to gloat
    I'm totes good at the note
    I take notes about my notes
    It's like my favorite sport
    Getting things done? That's when I fall short.
    But I'm always short, so it's okay.
    I'll keep noting (in shorthand) at my bay.

    1. So you come up short
      When following your report?
      Maybe take note
      Then you won't draw the short boat

  9. Is that a cat's note?/That It wrote?/Or maybe it thought it could gloat?/But without water and moat. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  10. A note for a goat.
    It gets my vote.
    A note for a cat.
    What do you think about that?

  11. Notes I take every day
    At work, while I crochet,
    And while I play
    Memories fade away
    But in writing notes are here to stay

    1. Notes stay
      Within the fray
      Works goes
      Out the windows

  12. I take note all the time because I’m seriously forgetful!

    1. Do you remember where the notes are?
      Hopefully you don't hide them far

  13. My mother in law is famous for her notes. She puts post it notes on EVERYTHING! When someone does something bad at her house we say "oooh, you're gonna get a note!"

    1. lmao does she keep track of who gets the most?
      Could let one boast

  14. I always find mistakes AFTER I have printed my post.
    Yours always seem free.
    Loved the verse albeit late in reading.


    1. Free for the most part
      But some fill the cart


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