The Squawk Of The Talk!

Humans sure like to yap. Their lips surely flap. But that you know, as you are one at your show. Unless tabbies or other cats who come on by. Then you've seen their lips fly. But what's the point? Easy at our joint.

Get to the point.
A saying that is said.
One many rarely anoint.
Maybe that saying should drop dead.

For away you go.
A flap and yap.
The same kinda flow.
Both filling the gap.

You trust it as far as you can throw it?
Wow, look at you.
Wordy by more than a bit.
Only don't trust it needed to come due.

Happy as a pig in shit.
Do pigs really like that?
Wordy once again took a hit.
They're happy is all that needed to chew the fat.

Run like hell.
While not wordy.
Can hell run swell?
Just say "run" flip the rest the birdie.

If he had brains he'd be dangerous.
And what if you couldn't squawk?
Would you be strangerous?
He's dumb works as away you walk.

Couldn't find their way out of a paper bag?
Damn, that would sure suck.
Is saying they are dumb a drag?
Maybe it's a polite way to pass the buck?

The straw the break's the camel's back.
Do camel's carry straw by the sack?
Can one straw cause such an attack?
Does saying "that's it" simply lack?

I want to have a word with you.
Let's talk is so yesterday.
When need to be wordy too.
Especially when getting in our say.

I've ended up in worse places than this.
And I bet it was sooo bad.
It could be worse brings no bliss.
Start getting wordy a tad.

Ever notice that? Did you catch on to the cat? On and on you go when few words are needed at one's show. Does colorful make it better to hear? Fluckity fluck it in one's ear? Will that make them do more? Sure beats me at my shore. What? I've used them also in mass? Bah, it was just so you'd feel comfortable reading my long winded little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Some silly things indeed are said
    Many mouths likely are brain dead

  2. I guess I can be wordy some days
    It depends on what I have to say...

  3. Ray always says, "They like to hear the B-Bs rattle in their heads."

  4. Oh yea, that lip flappin' can sure be annoying!

  5. Flap your lips and jiggle your booty
    Then you're known as high-ka-flooty
    Listen to the applause when you stop
    It's for the silence and the cop

    1. lol and then you go in the slammer
      After down comes the hammer
      a whole other kind of rock
      May be in for some jailhouse shock

  6. Be funny to see a camel loaded down with drinking straws. LOL

    1. lol that it would
      Handing them out at every hood

  7. These people make me shut down and go into sleep mode.

    1. So they are good for a nap?
      Guess they have a purpose to the flap

  8. Yes- some people do say little in many words!

  9. We all use them, most never make sense, but guilty as the rest! :)

  10. Some people can sure yappity yap. I’ve never been like that. Unless you count a long blog post. lol

    1. lol that takes time to do
      And you can give all a view

  11. Some guy said some thing about "brevity" once upon a time. Methinks he nailed it.

  12. I know a few that love to go on and on about the same subject and same the same thing 100 different ways.

    1. And after time 3
      I want to toss them in the sea

  13. "I'd like to have a word with you after class," hahaha I say that daily. I'm not changing it. :)

    1. haha daily you say?
      Geez, the kiddos must be scared of you at your bay

  14. Stupid sayings live forever
    Like birds of a fleather
    but opposites attract
    That one can be backed.
    I keep it short. That's just me.
    I'm only 4'8", you see.

    1. The long and short of it
      Can come up short for a bit

  15. Some folks sure are wordy.
    I have always wondered where 'the straw that broke the camel's back' came from.

    1. Maybe a camel found a straw in the desert and it was made of alien lead
      Then it broke its back in some sand bed

  16. The Squawk Of The Talk!
    Contending for a walk
    Is saying much
    Things are such
    Intending little just to mock


  17. Guilty of using every one of those phrases am I.
    Sometimes I can flap my lips with the best of them, but usually I am quiet.
    Have a good one! Gotta run
    and make dinner before hula fun!

    1. haha hula fun at your sea
      Could spout out a phrase or three

  18. Reminds me of using "ass" to describe things. He's a fat ass (He's just fat) He's a dumb ass (He's just dumb) He's a grown ass man. (He's a grown man). Somehow adding ass in there makes it much more interesting though.

    1. haha yeah, adding that extra bit
      Has a certain ring to it

  19. My ex used to say to me, “Readers Digest Birgit”. I would take a while to tell a story and still do but I hate that statement. As for cliches...I love them especially my dad’s versions. His 2 favourite were..Useless as a dog’s hind leg and Useless as a boar’s tits.

    1. They are sure fun to say
      Pound sand works at our bay

  20. It would seem to be worse

    if one uttered a curse,

    rather than make unique speech.

    To create one's own words gather's intellectual property.

    1. And then one can sue
      Make money that sticks like glue


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