This Is Your Life Free From Strife!

The cat is here to tell you all. What will I tell at my hall? I'll tell you the life of some. You will sure love such a chum. It is just the best. They beat all the rest.

Today's the day.
The day I play.
Come what may.
Retired at my bay.

Let's take a drive.
Worth a dive.
I'll survive.
Make it out alive.

Stop in the parking lot.
See what can be caught.
Sit in my car and pick snot.
That helps me breathe a lot.

I'll sneak what I'm not allowed.
My, look at that small crowd.
These chips sure are great.
The wife will never know what I ate.

Let's move up two spots.
Pick my nose lots.
I've got such a good view.
Time for nostril number two.

Let's go for a drive.
A drive I'll survive.
It is such a merry day.
I wonder what's going on this way.

I'll come in and sit.
I'll shoot the shit.
The same shit I shot the day before.
Such crap I'll tell some more.

Repeat my life story.
Tell it in all its glory.
For I am oh so great.
No one anywhere can relate.

I'm old and wise.
I get the prize.
Everything I say is truth.
Even if I got it at the tourist booth.

Time to go home and sleep.
Tomorrow out I'll creep.
I'll do this over again.
Such a life at my den.

Is that really retired? If so, I'll stay hired. Pfffffffft to such crap. To each their own across the map. But can you imagine going to the same place with the same people talking the same crap every SINGLE day? Put me down if that ever comes to be at our bay. Are you one that likes that? Repeat the same things to death where you are at? Glad I got a writing pass so that will never ever come due for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Good Morning Hank
    Good Morning Pat

    1. I’m not retired, but I think when I am it will give me more time to work on other projects.

    2. As long as things are there
      Way better at ones lair

    3. Good evening Pat and True
      Things come on what is due!


    4. That they do
      An evening so true

  2. Some humans have the drive to drive us nuts!

  3. Everyone retired I know
    Is busier now than befoe!

  4. I agree with Snowcatcher. I have a feeling I'll be really busy when I retire. I'll soon find out!

    1. Soon being in the know
      A fine way to be at your show

  5. alas I do go to the same place every day, to hear the same crap every day - it's called work. Retired has to be better

    1. haha - that is too funny, I can relate.

    2. lol yep, sure have that
      Or did at least where we are at

  6. My life has always been the same
    Steady like a picture frame
    I can't retire, I never work
    Life just goes on, is that a quirk?

    1. On and on it goes
      So is that what keeps away the woes?
      No work and live long
      Stay all strong

  7. If I keep getting tired, does that count as re-tired?

  8. My dad is 85 and loves to tell the same stories over and over and over again. lol

  9. orlin N FSG comez home frum her place oh employ... bitchin... everee day... herz gonna ree tire.....

    then...when therz like a three day week oh end, by day two...... herz bitchin..... herz bored ~~~~


    1. haha you need to make more art
      Or send her out to Walmart

  10. I don't have a spot I hang out, except possibly the couch:) but I LOVE retirement:)

  11. Going to the same place and talking to the same people about the same stuff sounds an awful lot like my day job. lol

    1. lol and who wants that?
      Pffft bored quite flat

  12. This Is Your Life Free From Strife!
    Retirement is time again to be alive
    Check what has been missing
    Turn around do your own thing
    Life will be fun and not to take a dive


    1. Fun and do your own thing
      Sure a win at any wing

  13. Retirement is only enjoyable if you have enough money to keep yourself doing things you actually like to do.

    1. That is true
      And you realize that you have to spend it too
      Hoarding it is no good when you are dead
      Moderation needs to be said

  14. Pffft, no such thing as retiring... -

  15. Many old people are lonely, everyone is dead so they start talking and never shut up but better they keep doing what they are doing because they made it that age called old. I rather be that than Marilyn Monroe or James Dean

  16. My inlaws just retired and are loving it right now. However, we do find little projects for my father in law to do around our house since he was used to working with his hands. Keeps him busy and puts a few extra dollars in his pocket to take the mother in law to the casino with occasionally.

    1. Hopefully doesn't flush it all down the drain
      By going there and letting it rain

  17. That doesn't look like my retirement one bit! Thank goodness! I'm as busy as I ever was, and I still can't settle into a routine! LOL But then I move around a lot! LOL Can't gather any moss while I'm alive!!!

    1. haha you sure don't do that
      Rack up the airmiles where you are at

  18. This is really interesting!!Im retired from my secreatry work but I work here sure a lot lol


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