Yeah Right With A Fright!

The cat knows you humans exaggerate a bit. We've given that a hit. You know it too, no matter how much one tries to believe it isn't true. But the cat will prove it more with this one of lore.

No matter what.
Come meteors or King Tut.
Wait, that's not right.
Still no matter what at your site.

No matter the thing.
No matter fall or spring.
Still not right.
Could cause spite.

Oh, here we are.
Not meteor or car.
Nope, even more swell.
Come high water or hell.

Whoops, the reverse.
Betsy may curse.
But even invasion of the killer otter,
She'll stop come hell or high water.

Killer clowns on the lose.
Golden egg serial killer goose.
Plague to everyone, everywhere.
Every single person loses their hair.

No matter what comes due,
It we will get through.
Or I'll get there.
Or some other promise to spare.

Water that sucks up the earth.
Yeah, my words sure hold worth.
Hell comes and burns everything down.
But yep, I'll get to your town.

Riiiight says the cat.
And I'm a big rat.
Maybe I'm a dog too.
Shhh don't share at your zoo.

For if you do,
Come hell or high water I'll get you.
When really if either came,
I'd flat out forget that claim.

But shhhh don't tell.
That may offend hell.
May render the saying moot.
Can't have it go down the garbage chute.

Ever think about how dumb it really is with the hell or high water biz? I've used it a time or ten. Would it really apply at any den? Probably not, as either would leave you suffering from umm rot. That or hiding away until either got you at your bay. But hey, at least Killer Otters you can stop. Maybe come killer otter or clowns should be taught. At least then you'd stand a chance with such a pass. Anyway, come hell or high water, not really, I'll remain a little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I haven't thought of that saying in years. My family used to say it. I don't think my thoughts ever went to dissecting it. I was young when they used it, and they had tons of sayings I just heard and didn't contemplate. ;)

    1. I guess the cat will make all contemplate
      Or he is just nuts with no mate lol

  2. Hell and high water just might bring killer otters. Or a SyFy original movie - Ottercane.

    1. Would make sequels by the ton
      The money would run

  3. Good one! I'm not a big fan of water, high or low, only in a bowl!

  4. Can you really stop Pennywise?
    That clown has the scariest eyes!
    We know he'll be back again
    when the girl is a lady and the boys are men.
    But do they really put an end to him
    or will Hollywood choose to add a spin?
    Come hell or highwater
    Pennywise will never get my granddaughter!

    Have a beachy week!

    1. That scary clown
      Will go and drown
      Right in the sea
      Yeah right, says we
      The cash cow shall come
      Hollywood will beat the sequel,redo,remake,rewhatever drum

  5. Let the waters come, oh hell
    Clear and crystal as a bell
    Interlopers and the squatter
    Move heaven or hell and the water

    1. Move the water down the lane
      We don't want to get flushed down hell's drain

  6. right now hell is February in TX and the flood waters are rising. Drought a week or so ago, then 5-6 inches in an hour.

    1. Damn, can't make up its mind
      Too much of just one kind

  7. Does high water refer to the flood? Because THE flood has already come and gone and won't happen again. Which really makes that saying meaningless.

    1. Yeah, makes it dumb
      No matter what, and then some

  8. killer otters?! Cmon! You are making my favorite animal a killer! No just no!

  9. I think humans are just prone to exaggeration
    Which is a function of imagination.
    We have a story and then blow it up--
    Everything is a tempest in a tea cup.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Blow and blow
      Must be why blowhard was given a go

  10. Exaggerating is more fun than saying what it really is.

  11. Neither hell nor high water not losing my hair sounds like good options:)

  12. I love it when I exaggerate
    But just at times
    LOve the lines as always
    Be it night or days!

  13. orlin n cassie.....we iz wundered now just how that sayin came ta bee ~~~~~~~ we knead ta snoop round de internetz !! ☺☺♥♥

    1. The internet shall tell
      At least to raise a little hell

  14. I've used hell or high water a few times too.

  15. Yeah Right With A Fright!
    Careful not to take flight
    What's on offer
    Hell or high water
    Darn it, get out of sight


  16. Stop the rain showers and bring on the spring flowers!

  17. High waters have hit our town. We were slammed with snow last week, then a heat wave came through with some rain and melted it all. Now, half the city is under water. I'm sure they are in hell with that high water right about now.

    1. Sounds like they are indeed
      Water sure can ruin any feed

  18. Had a flood at my former job
    Then a fire the business did rob
    The boss made hats for all
    “Hell or high water”, we’ll never fall

  19. I have used that term as well.
    I think it's just swell.
    Sometimes I might frown
    but come hell or high water, nothing will bring me down!

    1. haha so you say
      We'll see if hell comes one day

  20. I've used "come hell or high water" more than a few times in my life. I only worry about it literally when I'm on the Big Island of Hawaii, because there are potentially lava flows and tsunamis. I haven't been there since 1988 though. Enjoy your weekend, Pat!

    1. haha that would not be fun to be apart of
      As lava flows from above


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