A Bonus Post At My Coast!

Are you all tired out from 24 in one day? Never fear, a bonus post is about to play. This is a bonus post for all of you. Nah, a new post daily isn't always in view.

It's Bonus Time.
We'll stick with rhyme.
But Bonus is still had.
So let's get to it at our pad.

You are there.
You sure care.
So here's a bonus for you.
You get 25% of what you view.

25% of these words you can read.
My, aren't I nice at my feed?
You do it every day?
Whoops, 1% is where it must stay.

That guy never reads.
Maybe just search engine deeds.
Those nuts are so great.
75% is their rate.

Never heard of me?
Sit on you butt at your sea?
Isn't Mommy's basement grand?
100% is what you get at your land.

Sit back and relax.
This bonus comes with no tax.
It is all for you.
Oh, you'll get some too.

1% for most.
So give a toast.
Won't cover much.
Don't reach out and touch.

Use your words.
Don't tweet like birds.
With 1% given to you,
Words sure are few.

You used them up?
That is a hiccup.
Next year we'll go higher.
1.5% won't make them expire.

Enjoy your bonus.
Sorry for the slowness.
It's all for you.
A big 1% for those who actually view.

Don't you love the bonus I gave? That 1% bonus must make you rant and rave. Not in a good way? Damn, but that's how humans get bonus pay. Those who sit on their ass and do nothing at all get the biggest bonus at their hall. Don't you love how that goes? Are you suffering from bonus woes? I'll be sure to throw in some bonus gas. Now you have to love the bonus from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. On top
      As the 24 in a day stop

    2. A Bonus Post at my Coast
      How many % would it boast
      Many words to read
      It'll be quite a feat
      To take on friends & foes

    3. He would have been the true #1 if he somehow got all 24 won and done

    4. Many on the go
      With words that flow

    5. Wouldn't have gotten much sleep
      If he did that at his keep

  2. A bonus is always good. Thanks so much. Hope you have a good good day Pat.

  3. We always like a bonus too. We read all 24 but were too pooped to comment, I don't know how you do it!

    1. haha just keep on keeping on
      And stay ahead to avoid any exhaustion at dawn

  4. Lol, I overheard a cashier at my grocery store tell a coworker she'd rather have a bonus than the free lunch they were getting that day.

    1. Money beats food
      Especially if the food is rude

  5. A bonus encore to the 24 display,
    I read them all even made # 1
    Come into view, yes it’s true

    Today is your day, now you can enjoy it at your bay!

    Happy Birthday Pat!!!!

    1. Enjoy we will
      Fits the bill
      With 25 or so
      Given a go

  6. The bonus deal
    is always a steal
    but who's stealing from whom?
    Buyers lose, sellers lie - I always assume.

    1. The right assumption
      As they screw you with little gumption

  7. Replies
    1. That it can be
      Depending on what it is at one's sea

  8. I guess it comes down to what the bonus is. :)

  9. A bonus amount
    can make you stout
    I never up size
    if it's too good to be true
    come away feeling blue

  10. I sure love bonus with no tax!

  11. Thanks for the bonus post,
    You certainly make a fine host.
    Twenty post in one day.
    Congratulations is all I can say.


  12. I worked for a company who gave me a whopping 19¢ raise one year. I told them they could shove that 19¢ up their rear. They didn't value their best workers one bit, so I laughed and laughed when the company went to shit.

    1. haha that would make me laugh too
      19 cents sure shows how much they value


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