A Dumb Way Without A Smart Foray!

We have given it a go with the dumbed down show. But it is far more rampant than books or that. For it seems everywhere everyone wants scat. Or have brains of it. In other words, full of shit.

Dumbed down.
Wear that crown.
All you seek.
Appeal to the meek.

Appeal to the mighty.
Those in a nighty.
Appeal to all.
Follow the bouncing ball.

Don't get too hard.
Play the same card.
Actually dumb it down more.
Too much info is a chore.

Get it out now.
Don't raise many an eyebrow.
Just go for dumb.
That will leave all a merry chum.

Can't be a reverse.
May make some curse.
Like those with limited vocabulary,
As their cousins they marry.

Smarten up is a foul.
People will growl.
Can't have them wise.
Down, not highs.

A higher IQ.
Some work coming due.
A reason to learn.
A brand new turn.

Nope, none of that.
Keep pumping out scat.
Keep the head dull.
Shrink the brain in every skull.

Smarten up by dumbing down.
Now that deserves a crown.
All will smarten up to the dumb.
Follow the merry bread crumb.

Kept under the dumb.
Under a big thumb.
Keep all a lazy bum.
Smarten up? Pffft go chew some gum.

How many times have you herd smarten up compared to dumb down? I bet the latter gets the crown. Can't confuse the poor masses with widening asses. No, you have to keep it simple. Any extra brain strain may cause them to get a pimple. Pffft lazy people and lazy creators join as one and the same old laziness is spun. Maybe I'll just remake, redo and repeat this rhyming sass. Then I could sell 1,000,000 books from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good morning True
      Not been seeing you
      Putting in a bid
      For a #1 hit
      Crowded by those new


    2. Crowded you are
      At our sand bar

  2. Everyone is way too smart, everyone goes to college
    We all know it's the place to go to get a lot of knowledge
    Then one gets a fantastic job and lives on easy street
    Life is perfect, one has the smarts, it's really oh so neat

    1. Oh yeah, oh so great
      To it no other thing can relate

  3. Smarten up and do it my way. That's what they say.

  4. Dumbing down is one thing but some humans take it to the extreme!

  5. Dumbing down means no one stretches and grows - they just keep getting dumber.

  6. Some can’t even look at a picture book.
    That is dumbing down at their nook.
    They don’t want to listen or see
    They just talk crap with ignorant glee.

    1. That they surely do
      Be nice to take their lips and apply super glue

  7. indeed. I thought you already sold a million books?!! Anyway, dumbing down makes for lazier and lazier folks.

    1. haha maybe 0.0001% there
      Lazier they are at every lair

  8. There you go you can write:

    101 ways to dumb down for dummies ...haha
    Dummy down for clowns
    Find your creative dummy


    1. haha dumb the dumb more
      The further dumbing encore

  9. Dumbing down is a pet peeve
    Amazing how many wear it on their sleeve

  10. Dumb way without smart foray
    We see a dumb down every day
    Just smarten up
    A choice start
    Just do our own thing our way


  11. Nowadays we're all expected to cater to the people who seem to enjoy being ignorant, the so-called "lowest common denominator", which once prompted me to observe "Never before has the lowest common denominator been so low, or so common."

    1. And it keeps getting more common and lower too
      Soon Idiocracy will truly come due

  12. orlin N cassie; we wood knot mind if they dumbed down on home ree pair manualz....we haz been tryin ta figure out how ta get in two de pantree for yeerz now ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. haha that would be a win
      If only there were an easy way in

  13. My kitties are naturally smart. They don’t have to smarten up or damn down! :-)

  14. Many college graduates can barely write cohesively. Some have to take remedial math to qualify for jobs. Some graduates are stunned when they don't receive any praise for their work. Many will have to find work stocking shelves at some store.

    1. Yep, sad state of affairs indeed
      As they just get pushed through at their feed

  15. I want to get smart enough to be #1

  16. Dumb down, dumb up, some people just take the lazy way out.
    It's much easier to go with the flow, about that there is no doubt.

    1. Easier it is to do
      And why it is done by many in view

  17. I can't visit your blog without my toddler screaming for me to scroll up so she can look at your banners.. ha! - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  18. I have to dumb down with some of the people I play on Word With Friends. I throw a lot of games just so they can win here and there.

    1. haha haven't played that in a while
      Letting people win? Pffft not my style

  19. Always a good read here Pat.


  20. Most people pander
    To the lowest common denominator
    Those who are blobs
    Start the defibrillator

    1. That they do
      Can go pander at some other zoo

  21. A lot of people need to smarten up. Not necessarily IQ, but common sense. So many have lost that, it seems.

  22. Smarten up and be like me
    In the place to be
    Or so they think
    Let them sink


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