A Make Believe Day Here At Play!

Did you know that you are as bad as small kids? Some adults even flip their lids. At least kids have an excuse for such a pass. Adults tend to have their head up their umm mass. But make believe I'm wrong and go back to playing Donkey Kong.

Today is my day.
Come what may.
It I will do.
It will be in view.

I'm just the best.
I can pass every test.
I am the best.
At least with the ego test.

A repeat rhyme.
That is a crime.
I have an issue.
I may need a tissue.

It was me.
I rhymed free.
I rhymed repeat.
That leaves me in defeat.

There's a block in the way.
A brain block at play.
Damn this brain of mine.
It won't make things align.

That cat hair got me.
It flew around free.
It went up my nose.
Now I can't strike a pose.

I stepped on a crack.
It brought pain in my back.
The pain isn't there yet,
But it will come, a safe bet.

I heard a goose squawk.
Now I can't talk.
It put a hex on me.
Oh no, I can't really see.

I can see but can't.
I stepped on an ant.
The ant is to blame.
I failed my initial claim.

It wasn't on me.
I'm the best you see.
That repeat rhyme,
Struck me down in my prime.

Get what went on there? All BS with more to spare. I made up make believe problems at my sea. Know any humans who go on such a spree? We surely do and it amounts to more than two. Could do it, but magic cat fur screwed you. Yeah, and I'm an elephant at our zoo. Such adults can make believe as well as any young lad or lass but they are called nothing but lazy by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I miss having a cat
    I miss it so much
    Litter and flying fur?
    Don't miss it as such

    1. The scooping comes
      But a bit better than wiping kids' bums

  2. Do you believe in make-believe
    Or think it's a pebble up the sleeve
    Will make-believe vanish like a burst of a bubble
    As you sit there sulking like yesterday's trouble

    1. Sulking will leave it wider
      Weaving the web of a spider

  3. What happens if you step on a goose?

    1. That would spoil the fun
      You have to find out and step on one

  4. Some humans can never get enough me time!

  5. Back to the bottom, I'd be better at this #1 game if I wasn't passed out at 6am almost every morning

  6. I've stepped on many cracks, but my back is still intact. Knock on wood. ;)

    1. lol was it wood?
      Could be fake stuff at your hood

  7. I experienced some of that crap just this week.
    The ability to take responsibility in some is just so weak.

    1. Yep, they blah blah blah it away
      They can go take a long walk off a short pier into the bay

  8. If we're going to blame cat hair,
    I've got plenty to share:)

    1. With 12 cats here
      We can make all run in fear

  9. It's far easier to make up excuses for our failings than it is to actually admit to ourselves and others that we have any flaws to begin with!

    1. Yep, the easy route is the way
      Then one can fake smile throughout the day

  10. Okay. I confess. I did it. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. Or, if I do, I won't confess the second time around.

    1. haha just get better and don't get caught
      Then you won't have to confess a lot

  11. orlin N cassie; we made bee leeve onze we act shoo a lee liked bass terd turkee ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥♥ waz de werst dam day oh R livez !!!!!

    1. Need you eat some?
      Watch as the fgs stuck her hand up its bum?

  12. oh well... I confess Im weak :)
    BTW I love elephants!

    1. The elephant lover
      Don't be an elephant shover lol

  13. There are always all kinds of excuses. Lots of them.Have a great week Pat.

    1. Many are out there to use
      Some sure can amuse

  14. A Make Believe Day Here At Play!
    Many adults indulge in their say
    A lot of crap
    Out of the trap
    Just not to be bothered if you may


  15. Make believe is ok by me
    As long as reality is what I truly see.

  16. Make believe is from whence stories come
    What would I write without a crumb
    Of stuff that flourishes in my head
    Or happens in dreams while I'm in my bed?

    1. Makes many a story go
      Without, world would be slow

  17. Just go to Facebook and you'll easily spot people who have all kinds of make believe problems. They are sooo draining and I only have to see them online. I can't imagine having to interact with those kinds of people on a daily basis.

    1. Daily would make you want to shoot yourself in the head
      Or at least leave you wishing they were dead lol

  18. I believe in having fun just as little kids do!


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