A Mandatory You Comes Due!

Did you know that after you read a single word it is mandatory to have your voice heard? Yeah, you just haaaave to leave a comment. If not, hate will sure be sent. Mandatory stuff. You can't get enough.

When you work,
Pays a perk.
You do what they say,
Or be on your way.

Within reason that is.
Try to avoid the illegal biz.
But when you gotta eat,
Ethics aren't a treat.

Hey, just saying.
But they're paying.
So follow the rules.
No anti-mandatory fools.

But on your own.
A mandatory tone?
Some say it's true.
Is that anything new?

Mandatory to check email.
Check it without fail.
10 times a day that is.
There may be a pop quiz.

Mandatory to mow the lawn.
On the same day at dawn.
Rain, snow, sleet or hail.
Damn, they stole that from the mail.

Mandatory to not be rude.
Go ahead and eat that food.
Even if allergic or you hate it.
Eat it and pretend you give a shit.

Mandatory to get married.
Alone you can't be buried.
So go out and mingle.
Have to get rid of that single.

Mandatory to feed the cat.
Yeah, can't let that fall flat.
For if you make a cat suffer woes,
They'll go and eat your toes.

Mandatory has come and gone.
Finding itself to be a con.
If in the end it seems to stick,
Kick the mandatory umm dick.

Are you all about the mandatory rules? Damn, some are sure made up by fools. Are you a mandatory email checker? Ready to eat that allergy causing sandwich double decker? Say that three times fast. It is mandatory to join the cast. Or umm maybe not. Don't you love the mandatory plot? Now I'll go pass some gas. It's a mandatory function of my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Nothing is really mandatory
    In my life as it is now
    Health crap screws it up
    Trying not to have a cow

    1. Health crap sure does suck
      Can make you wade through the muck

  2. A Mandatory You Comes Due!
    Not to take up or to view
    Take a choice
    Then rejoice
    Mandatory is no more true


  3. Mandatory drives me wild
    Always did from when a child
    I now look mandates in the face
    I turn my back, it gives me space

    1. Moon them too?
      Wouldn't put it past you lol

    2. Just found this. Hahaha..You really meke me laugh

    3. haha that is good
      And you didn't deny it in your hood

  4. The only mandatory thing I do is work
    thank goodness my boss isn't a jerk
    maybe one day I won't have to anymore
    than I can write and go to beach and not be poor!


    1. haha good luck with that
      Remember to share with the cat

  5. Don't feed the cat and there will be hell to pay.
    I did get married but skipped the mandatory rule about having kids.

    1. Yep, the cat will have my toes eaten up
      Sure save money and time skipping the kids hiccup

  6. Mandatory I get paid
    So house payment gets made

  7. Mandatory we get respect? Or does that have to be earned? lol Nice.

    1. Earned could be the way
      At the end of the day

  8. I think brushing teeth should be mandatory. It is in my world.

    1. Rotten teeth are nasty as can be
      So we agree

  9. We really don't have an appreciation for mandatory rules here!

  10. I've never cared for the rules--
    Guess that's why I didn't like school.
    But I am a duty bound sort--
    Not much of one to upset the cart.

    I'm mostly a mandatory guy.
    I don't want to look bad in your eye.
    I avoid stirring the pot,
    But I don't mind smoking it.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. haha so because you got high
      You became an easy going guy
      Doing the mandatory stuff
      After each puff

  11. I don't mind mandatory rules as much as the whole "Opt-out" culture. "We're just going to assume that you don't mind our doing this horrible thing we're going to do to you on a regular basis, unless you go out of your way to let us know that you don't want us to do it!!!" Thanks a lot, you idiots!

    1. Yeah, the opt out crap is stupid as can be
      And they don't make it easy for you to opt out at your sea

  12. I often dispute mandatory shit
    The people in charge don't like that one bit.
    I often then don't do what they claim is mandatory
    and i don't feel, one bit, sorry.

  13. You can mandate I eat that steak but this vegan will say no way.

    1. No way can stay
      And be on your way at your bay

  14. It's definitely mandatory to feed the cats at my house:)

  15. It's mandatory to feed my dog or he sits and whines and lets me know it's time. It's almost like he can tell time.

  16. orlin N cassie...we haz lotz oh roolz thatz man da torree; de FSG doez knot all wayz follow em but they iz ther non de lezz....☺☺♥♥

    1. Need to teach her better
      maybe write her a letter

  17. When you're your own boss
    There's really no loss
    It's required to sleep in
    and that's when the fun begins.

    1. Ah, but is it all sleeping?
      Could things be going umm deeping?

  18. Not all fun when its all mandatory! No sandwish double decker for me please.

  19. Every time I wash my van,
    It's mandatory the rain comes down.

    1. And does it anyway
      So skip the washing we say

  20. That's why I cringe when we get invited to dinners. I always feel like it's mandatory to eat when the host has cooked, even if I hate it.

    1. haha I got over that long ago
      Now I don't eat or don't go

  21. Health and weather (both not good)
    Is in my life right now.
    But never mind these issues,
    Spring is around the corner....WOW.


    1. Hopefully both get on the up and up
      And no more a hiccup

  22. I don't do well with mandatory, especially after a lifetime of having to do things for work that were mandatory. Although I think I will make it mandatory for Terry to take me out for a mai tai after I leave the Apple Store.

    1. haha but will he agree?
      Could go Pffffft to thee


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