A Right To Left Kinda Theft!

The cat lies about each day that I don't need to say. But I will still say it, as you humans go about the 9-5 bit. Although some can be a pain as they go the wrong yet right lane.

Here we go.
New job to do.
Look at that show,
An eye rhyme for you.

Double the rhyme.
Such a fun way.
New stairs to climb.
I'll have to try that display.

Back on task.
What was it?
No need to ask.
Out it I'll spit.

Rules set in place.
That they are.
Rules to embrace.
Don't leave the door ajar.

That is wise.
That is right.
I tell no lies.
I won't even bite.

Follow my instructions to the letter.
Don't waiver one bit.
Stick to them you better,
Or I'll put you in deep shit.

Hey, that was wrong.
It shouldn't have been done.
You didn't play along.
You aren't going to have fun.

Oh hey, look.
It was on the rules.
You followed my book.
Even used the right tools.

My bad.
Forget it.
I'll fix it a tad.
No need to hiss and spit.

You did what?
How could you?
Don't be a nut.
Whoops, I screwed that up too.

Ever deal with a rule nut? One really, really, really in a rule rut? Then you find out their rules were wrong and they try to sing a different song? Sometimes they may even try and blame you, but pffft to that at our zoo. We'll let them have it if that were the case. Such people do you embrace? On them we try to take a pass but then Pat does have to feed my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. There are rules and exceptions to the rules...depends on circumstances...

    2. Depends indeed
      Like two taking seed

  2. A Right to Left kinda theft
    Try to avoid making a mess
    Rules to beware
    Makes one aware
    Too strictly adhered no less


  3. I thought rules were meant to be broken?

  4. Habits and rules are kind of the same
    They both are restrictive but yet kinda lame
    I have some habits that take up my time
    Rules I discard as they're not worth a dime

    1. Habits sure are there
      We can be aware
      And away we can follow
      Rules frogs can swallow

  5. My ex-MIL used to be a STICKLER for rules if we were playing games. She was harsh, but it just made us laugh. :)

    1. haha would do things just to get her going
      With a rule breaking showing

  6. Thank heavens that’s not the atmosphere
    At the place I work out here

  7. I believe in the Golden Rule, if nothing else. And the Law of Gravity seems to stick too.

    1. Could go to space
      Then the second wouldn't embrace

  8. Ok, I admit I am a rule follower.🤓

    1. Follow every one?
      Right, we believe that under our sun

  9. The last job I ever held (19 years ago) I worked for someone who had a lot of rules and was never wrong. Even when she was wrong. Drove me batty.

    1. haha yep, such people can do that
      When really they are full of scat

  10. My former boss used to say rules were made to be broken. I'm not sure that applied to her rules though. Heh heh.

    1. haha do as I say not as I do
      There at her zoo?

  11. orlin N cassie; de last place oh employ de FSG waz at... hada boss that had roolz for roolz.... inn cloodin how much oh an azz him could bee at any given minit ~~~~~~~~ be jezuz noe one liked him ~~~~~~~~

    1. Sure sounds like one to want to kick in the ass
      Sounds like he had his head up that mass

  12. Ironically, my 5 yr. old gr-son has strict rules when we were playing a game in the park, ones that only he could follow. I gave up and became a dragon, which really confused him.

    1. haha threw him for a loop
      Letting the dragon out of the coop

  13. I had a boss named Bob. That says it all.

  14. “Not sit on kitchen counter” rule is broken by our kitties every day!

    1. Broken and broken here too
      Rather blatantly at our zoo

  15. "Here we go.
    New job to do."

    I love rhymes like that.

    I was once an assistant manager, and was in a position where I had to exert my so-called authority over a subordinate. I explained that what he was doing was against the rules. He sort of sneered at me and said "Rules were made to be broken." I got in a bit of trouble from the higher-ups because my reply to him was "Yeah? Well... So's your arm."

    1. Eye rhymes are grand
      As they screw people up across the land

      lol you broke a rule too
      Oh so threatening at your zoo

  16. When I was teaching we had to have rules.
    Otherwise chaos would reign in the schools.
    The rules must be fair to all.
    Or the parents might give us a call.

  17. I have been around people like this.
    Some were nice and some I would diss.
    My mom would say, “this is wrong”
    Well, pardon my sarong!
    She would not admit
    Ughh, I was in quite a snit.

  18. I used to have a coworker that had to do everything by the book. She was not a joy to work around.

    1. They rarely ever are
      By the book at every sand bar

  19. Rules are made to be broken or so I thought.


  20. Most rules
    Are for fools
    That is all
    From my hall


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