A Run Of The Mill Go And Fill!

 Time for trash.
A trash type bash.
A bash with trash?
Don't have to splish and splash.

Or splash and splish.
What a dish.
Chucked it goes.
There she blows.

Or maybe he.
Dish a he or she?
Beats little old me.
On with my spree.

That is junk.
Goes kerplunk.
That is used.
No longer perused.

Tossed and gone.
Not a con.
Off it goes.
Suffer no woes.

Taken by the truck.
And what the fluck.
Never a single thought.
No added type plot.

Just sat by the lawn,
Forgotten and gone.
Simple as can be.
Unless a hoarder are thee.

Then ignore me.
No help for thee.
You'll be buried by your stuff.
Death by trash would be rough.

Trash day.
Here is play.
Why is that?
Followed the cat?

Insecure and trash.
Both can give a bad rash.
But both can be tossed.
And nothing is lost.

Well unless you leave money in something you trash then it may be lost in the trash mash. But otherwise trash pays you no mind. It is tossed out by all of mankind. All but hoarders that is. Pffft to their nutso biz. So if you can toss trash without thinking why not give insecurity the same sinking? Let them sink into the landfill like broken glass. I'm sure you get what was said by my ever so secure little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Insecurity and trash
    Can yield a bad rash
    Better to toss
    Than forget who is boss

    1. Toss in the sea
      But don't get caught
      For a fine may come to thee
      And they cost a lot

  2. Of course one man's trash is another's treasure... Not mine though, it's all trash to me.

    1. Yep, germy, nasty trash
      Probably give a bad rash

  3. Sometimes our trash goes kerplunk in the middle of the night...yes, Simon!

    1. Has to have a look
      Just to see at your nook

  4. Some things I have trouble discarding
    If it can be recycled without guarding

  5. Funny that you would write about this today as I struggle to figure out how to get my mom to reduce 5 racks of clothes down to two racks for her move from Florida to Michigan. Not a painless process for her.

    1. Can be hard to do
      As the collection sure grew

  6. Yup trash is trash except to some who have different tastes. We do love to get in the trash around here. Such fun. You all have a great day.

  7. I can't watch an episode of Hoarders without freaking out.
    I'm a throw it away, not a let it stay, kind of person!

  8. and if that trash sits around too long, it starts to stink

    1. And brings bugs and rats
      I suppose it would feed cats

  9. I love your attitude on dealing with insecurity. You are the most emotionally healthy writer I know:)

    1. I have emotional health
      Damn it, where's the wealth?
      Blew that?
      Bad cat

  10. I don't have a problem getting rid of trash, but some "stuff" is hard to part with. (And yes, there is definitely a difference between trash and stuff!) It's hard to bid "adieu" to those old treasures with nothing but sentimental value, and it's equally difficult to cut a mess of our words when editing our work. But insecurity? It's in the DNA, but it's best to ignore it, and maybe it'll go away.

    1. Ignore and thrive
      Can't let it survive
      Some things may make you think twice
      As they have their own price

  11. I was pretty much a hoarder, hated to throw stuff away.
    But all that changed when the bug men came to spray one day.
    A great comparison to our insecurities.
    I'm getting better about them, and that's all about me.

    1. That sure is the way
      Glad you liked the comparison at play

  12. I did spring cleaning the other day
    I was amazed by all I threw away.
    Too many taco sauces in the drawer.
    What were they in there for?
    Old toothbrushes used for cleaning were stored.
    But we didn't need all four.
    I love the feeling of tossing things out.
    Makes me want to give a shout!


    1. We enjoy it too
      But pretty much bare at our zoo
      That cat has more than Pat
      No lying either at our mat lol

  13. I would love to trash-free. I try, but Amazon packaging alone fills the bin--thankfully, a lot is recyclable.

    1. Yeah, those suckers take up a lot
      Good they can be recycled and don't rot

  14. Insecurity = trash

    I like it!

  15. Having a good clear out is good for the mind and body! Let's bin the insecurity!

  16. Bash the trash
    And don't stash

  17. Insecurity and trash-- I suppose it's not wise to wallow in either one.

  18. A Run Of The Mill Go And Fill!
    Better not to let trash stay still
    Out with it
    A simple feat
    One always in control and at will


  19. Recycle more than we trash, but I'm good at not collecting. Except for books.

  20. Yep, I agree: Insecurity and trash can be tossed. And nothing is lost.

    Thanks for the smile.

  21. Out with the trash
    is the way to go.
    Drive insecurity out with a lash,
    and get in the writing flow.

    1. Let the words flow out
      Then do your table twist and shout

  22. Nobody was going to wait 3/4ths of a day to let me be #1? Well how rude...

  23. I think I’ll be avoiding bashes with trash. Trash and insecurity? No one has time for that!

  24. Good one, wish I had the courage to comment in rhyme.. maybe some other time? (HA!! See what I did there?!) - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  25. Insecurities should definitely go straight to the trash. On the other hand, we recycle most things or donate to charity, so we could probably go a month or more before our trash bin needs to go to the curb.

    1. So there they may linger
      Walk by and give them the finger

  26. We just had a trash problem the last few weeks and this just reminded me of that. LOL Trash, trash, trash. Solved that problem though.

    1. Good that it was solved indeed
      Having heaps of trash sucks for every feed

  27. Insecurities should be trashed.
    People should not worry about being bashed.
    The real trash though, is quite the fiasco here.
    our new cat has a busy rear.
    We live in a condo so we can't scoop and toss,
    we're headed to the trash compactor daily, just like a boss

    1. haha wants to go and go and go
      Cashew jars work to reuse just so you know

  28. We moved my mom 4 times in a row
    she had tons of stuff, gave us much woe.
    The last move, I looked in every bag.
    Lo & behold, we moved trash..that made me gag.

    1. Blah to that
      Would sure be something to gag at

  29. I love the idea of tossing away insecurities...Sometimes the insecurities return as recycled goods though.


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