A Silent Post Gets A Toast!

Did you hear about the cat who didn't say a word? Nah, me either as that is absurd. But silence must come due. Humans made up the word so it has to be true.

That is some song.
It can do no wrong.
Like supercalifragilisticexpalidious it is long.

Humans made those.
Don't curl you nose.
You know you did.
So silence can't be hid.

Thinking at your sea?
What is in the head of me?
Sure not silent up there.
You may get lost and swear.

Silence was broken.
Whoops, need a new token.
It can be broken if never there.
Ramble on at your lair.

No buts at your hut.
There is a buzzing sound.
See? Silence isn't found.

Let's say it is.
Some spacely biz.
That could be the way.
A clean room display.

But you still need to be quiet.
That may make some riot.
But I guess it can be done.
Some humans can give a shut the hell up run.

Oh, you don't like that?
Remaining silent where you're at?
That means nothing, right?
Whoops, wrong again at your site.

Silence is something.
So something did spring.
Hey, you made the word.
Don't flip me the bird.

Silence and bird flipping.
Would that be double dipping?
Both can mean the same.
Damn, what a confusing silence game.

The cat sure went off there. Did I create silence to spare? Are you going to give me the cold shoulder? Don't sit there and let your brain smolder? Hhmmm cold and hot? That's another trot. I'll now stop with the silent sass from my not so silent little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. A Silent Post Gets A Toast!
    Itself a boost or a boast
    Long words
    Of wizards
    Silent ones to cause chaos!


  2. If you break the silence you get a fine
    You'll be sorry as you pine
    Silence can be heavy, don't drop it on it's head
    Or you may get arrested by a grim looking fed

    1. And then you'll go into the pokey
      Where you may get poked by a umm blokey

  3. Silence is golden
    especially to the beholden.
    At my job we have one that yaks and yaks.
    Makes working with numbers a difficult task.
    Her volume is set at ten.
    No way to ever find my zen.
    I'd like to tell her to pack her bags,
    but instead, I ignore all her nags.
    I'm hoping she'll eventually get it
    and move along or shut down her $*!&
    Maybe I can send her your way
    and she can blab over here all day!


    1. We'll pelt her with shit
      Every little bit
      Then watch her whine
      Works for the feline
      Know one like that
      Flappy sooooooooooooo annoyed Pat

  4. A quiet cat sure won't happen here either!

  5. I enjoy quiet and then there's always an electronic hum by something. Or someone taps a foot or a pencil or coughs or....silence is hopeless

    1. That is when it hits
      Interrupting the silence bits

  6. Not doing something won't make me number 1

  7. Silence can be golden or boring, depending on your mood.

  8. Sometimes a little silence is just so peaceful.

  9. Silence is golden....often, very often:)

    1. Does it have a shine?
      Would it make me a rich feline?

  10. Silence would be nice with all the loud fighting neighbors. Sometimes silence is called for.

    1. haha but then what would you blog about?
      Need a neighbor shout

  11. I think only the deaf can experience true silence. In the quietest room, most of us can hear that subtle, never-ending whine of the blood circulating in our heads.

    1. And the lights buzzing and cars driving by and this and that
      Yeah, deaf would be the only true way at any blog mat

  12. orlin N cassie...now that ya menshunz it.....sum thin iz all wayz makin a noize even if it doez knot speak.....like rite now.... R gutz iz tellin uz itz time for chow ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. Always there in some form
      Chowing down should be the norm

  13. In our home, Niko is very chatty. Goro doesn’t talk a lot but makes lots of noise with all the running and playing :-)

    1. Noise is the fun way
      Chat or go this way and that at one's bay

  14. My morning walk each day
    Along the nature-filled greenway
    Has a quiet not found
    In the workplace sound
    Makes me hookey want to play
    As I look forward to retirement day

    1. Hopefully it comes soon
      There at your sand dune

  15. Most of the time my kitties are fairly quiet.
    Until Patches attacks Tiger then there's a riot.

  16. How silent is winter as I wait eagerly for spring !

  17. I love silence. I sit in it all day until the family comes home and takes it away.

  18. Mine was nearly silent as I have only just read this wonderful verse,


  19. Silence is bliss but with 4 cats, a dog and my ADHD hubby, I only find this early in the morning

  20. I love silence
    Very hard to find
    In this city especially
    Makes me lose my mind


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