Abandon It Where You Sit?

The abandoning way is sure here today. Or is it on display? It sure is a flip flop with what you humans stop. But the cat would expect nothing less of you. For many a human has a loose screw.

The pager is here.
It beeps when you aren't near.
Beep, beep, beep.
All the way into the trash heap.

Cigarettes are so cool.
Smoke them at school.
They cause cancer you say?
Bah, let's leave them on display.

Cable TV.
Great way to see.
Whoops, not any more.
Can easily find an encore.

GMO has come.
Eat it and then some.
Modifying it sure is a perk.
Keep selling it, Walmart clerk.

The outhouse.
Could hold a mouse.
Could freeze things too.
Hello indoor loo.

War is the best.
Proves a manly or womanly test.
They are so evil over there.
Let's keep at it with all unaware.

Women stay at home.
Not allowed to roam.
Those days are done.
Two incomes better than one.

Gas is a perk.
Have to get to work.
Keep the fossil fuel coming.
Oil drums are chumming.

Mailing a letter.
Do way is better.
We have to write and pay.
Whoops, email came out to play.

Smog is the best.
Passes every test.
Maybe just by a smidgen.
Oh look, a pigeon.

Don't you love how easy it is when they go out of date biz? Yet a lot of outdated or crap that is bad for you isn't abandoned at any zoo. All comes back to the dough. So no way such crap can go. That and many humans are dumb, believing what they see as they sit on their ever growing bum. I will now abandon this rhyme and pass gas. Hopefully that won't make me a global warming little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Been a while
      Since he was top of the pile

    2. Adam's number one?
      Who did he bribe um...
      I mean... such fun!

    3. Blue is jealous at his sea
      Too busy snoring, or not snoring now, with glee?

  2. Cigaretttes are still here,
    Should cause one fear.
    But they're still on display,
    About time they called it a day.

    My husband packed up smoking when my daughter was a baby. 25 yrs later he still got lung cancer.

    Good poem Pat.
    Happy Sunday.


    1. Cigarettes sure are dumb
      Many many smoke them with many a chum

  3. Some things are a perk
    Some less than desired
    But thank God for indoor plumbing
    Pooping shouldn't be that hard

    1. Nope, shouldn't be bad
      We are thankful for that too at our pad

  4. Things I've seen have come and gone
    Like poison green upon a lawn
    It's been said to follow the money
    Into a land of milk and honey
    Yeah right

    1. Thanks for the welcome back, Belva. Just saw it now.

    2. Follow and follow
      Can be bitter to swallow
      As all are hollow
      But follow follow

  5. Certain vices will never be abandoned.
    Quite a rush for first today.

  6. FB is the best, you know
    What... not outdated at your show?
    Nokia is king
    Beats any old ding-a-ling....
    Just so you know
    Gotta go!

    1. King of the kings
      Or maybe the dingalings
      You never know
      Or you do when in tow

  7. Maybe that could be a new dating site on the web, Outdated.com!

    1. You may have a million bucks there
      Many could flock to that lair

  8. Thing come and go and some linger. The tides continue to turn.

  9. Like the telephone book. Does anyone still use those?

  10. newspapers - I like old fashioned paper. Folks can go digital, but they don't have that tactile feel. Plus cutting out a cartoon to mail to someone. Yes, I mail too....admit it - a real card or letter in your hand is more enriching that a digital link. That's me!

    1. Yeah, real is more enriching than digital coming to be
      But then something else that clutters thee

  11. Lots of things that used to be around a lot are just gone now.

    1. Disappeared at many a sea
      Some in backyards for some reason under a tree

  12. Indoor loo is definitely nicer :-)

  13. Abandon It Where You Sit?
    Do it when you want it
    Abandon ship
    Give the skip
    Most now seem just stupid


  14. I had to laugh at the picture of a human with a loose screw.
    I figure that you were laughing as you pictured it too.

    1. haha it sure gets a smile
      As I turn that dial

  15. "GMO has come.
    Eat it and then some.
    Modifying it sure is a perk.
    Keep selling it, Walmart clerk."
    This line made me sad for some reason! - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    1. Probably because it's true
      Sadly as they peddle it to you

  16. I wish cigarettes would poof be gone. Makes my chest tighten up whenever I pass someone who is puffing away. I was even in my car with the windows rolled up the other day and the car next to me was smoking away and I was still able to smell it in my car. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty!

    1. Nasty times three indeed
      A few places I have seen enough butts to fill a car at their feed
      Just littered in their back yard
      Wish poofing them away wasn't so hard

  17. Gluten free is the thing
    That now has a ring.
    But gluten was always free.
    It never cost a fee.

    1. But the free does
      Up the price just because

  18. I hate cigarette smoke and all this crap and I hope it will be gone one day but I don’t think so

    1. Yep, never will
      People enjoy making themselves ill


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