All Caught Up Fills Your Cup!

Now you're all ready to go. We have to get on with the show. You can't even stop to read. You must now do the deed. What deed is that? Sure beats the cat.

Here it is.
You're a whiz.
This is great.
All first rate.

Sign and date.
It's your fate.
It's meant for you.
Through and through.

Just sign here.
All is clear.
Forget the rest.
This is the best.

You're getting a deal.
It's a steal.
Don't take your time.
That is a crime.

The next is in line.
All isn't fine.
You can't hold them up.
Don't create a hiccup.

We have to get it done.
We're under the gun.
What gun is that?
Don't think about such scat.

Sign and date.
It's your fate.
No fine print.
That's window tint.

You banged it out.
Or hammered about.
Either or.
Can come ashore.

You'll look grand
Shake my hand.
Get some germs.
Maybe even worms.

Forget all of that.
It's some kind of stat.
But it has no meaning.
Next! Time for your screening.

Don't you love getting pushed through quick? You can be on your way some slick. You may get screwed in the process. You  may end up in a mess. But you got done fast and that purchase, loan, whatever became a thing of the past. Do you get caught up in the lights? May want to avoid it if you want to sleep nights. That is just my ten cents in sass. But that's always the way of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Yes it's good to be pushed along quickly, not very often......but it happens.


  2. We get your ten cents instead of two? Is that due to inflation?

    1. Yep, and ten is even too
      Nice for the ocd at our zoo

  3. Hurrying through something that takes years of your life to repay just doesn't make a lot of sense. I have been tempted though, so I get it.

    1. Yep, have to watch that
      Or for years upon years you'll fall flat

  4. Humans sure can be a pushy bunch but I hardly ever hurry!

  5. Taxes are done
    Wasn’t much fun
    Wish it would go faster
    I hate the master

  6. don't worry about that fine print

    1. Yeah, not bother with it
      It won't cause a fit

  7. All Caught Up Fills Your Cup!
    Much to stomach all messed up
    Don't get duped
    Or get subdued
    Know the details not just luck


  8. Even with standard forms, such as permission to bill my medical insurance forms, and the like, I usually take the time to read the whole thing just to tick off the receptionist who expected me to sign something without reading it.

    1. haha if they are a real pushy person I'll do it too
      And smile the whole time they give me their stink eyed view

  9. orlin N cassie; last deel we signed.. waz with crankee ass cat chow; N they bee on de level !!! :) ☺☺♥♥ happee easturr guyz ~~~

    1. On the level is grand
      Few of those across the land

  10. When sales people start pushing I balk.

  11. My eyes glaze over when this happens.

  12. I don't like when people get pushy.

  13. When someone insists on buying it now I get suspicious.
    And when I say no, they sometimes get vicious.
    So I just smile and say not now thank you.
    And if they don't like it that's okay too.

    1. That sure is the way
      They don't like it, what the hey

  14. Had someone from my daughter's college call wanting a donation to the Parent's Fund. Well, I'm a parent and I've never heard of it, so I need to do more research before sending any money in. He was so insistent, wanting $250 to start, then dropping it to $75 before we got off the phone. No, I was not giving money to a program I've never heard about (Turned out it is real, but still. If you want money, let me look into it first to make sure it's legit!)

    1. Those pushy ones can bite me
      I wouldn't give even if it turns out to be real at our sea


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