All In View Are After You!

Did you see that? It was a cat. It may have been me. It may have been we. How are you to know? You see the wind blow? Now mother nature is after you. What are you to do?

That shadow is alive.
How will you survive?
It's watching you.
It is very true.

That rock knows as well.
That curtain raises hell.
That guy walking by...
I know he is a bad guy.

That hat on your head...
That sheet over the bed...
That flag flying in the air...
Those strands of ass hair...

They see me.
They are up a tree.
They are there too.
Wherever there is a view.

They are after me.
After me and my tree.
I can't live like this.
Did you hear that hiss?

They are after my money.
It so isn't funny.
They are after my job.
Me they want to rob.

They are after my house.
I see you...mouse.
You aren't getting me.
You or that fuzzy bee.

They want in.
They think it sin.
They watch everything I do.
It is very very very true.

She is against me.
Along with anyone you'd call he.
Heck, even everyone you'd call she.
I can't live free.

Everyone is out to get me.
I'm telling the truth to thee.
Wait, you are out to get me too.
It's a conspiracy that's true.

Pfffft is all the cat can say. A nut like this actually came our way. She thought everyone and everything were out to get her. The lines sure did blur. Or maybe that was her brain as it went on the nonsense train. Ever have to deal with a conspiracy nut who's all about me? Were they right saying they were being targeted by thee? That would probably be a no that came to pass. How such dumb people survive the day sure beats my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer. 


  1. It takes all sorts to make a world, as for someone who always thinks "Me" I have come across a few in my time.
    Message came across loud and clear Pat.

    Enjoy your week-end.


  2. A little paranoid maybe...? Watched too many X-Files episodes.

    1. Could be
      Even though some of those are sucky

  3. Oh, I'll bet they really were out to get her, and rightly so too!

  4. Squeak up, are you a man or mouse
    Or maybe just a lowly louse
    They're out to get you that's for sure
    Lock the indows bolt the door

    1. The indows, you say?
      Bah, speaking in away

  5. I had a client who wore a tin foil hat because it protected him from the aliens and the government. He probably suffered from Lewy Body dementia. As for this gal and others who think this way....they need a doctor. Oh boy....I still can’t get past ass hair...I am quite visual.

    1. haha they need to go somewhere
      Not a fan of the visual hair?

  6. oh yeah, my previous boss was extremely paranoid. Who was going to steal his boring secrets? Yawn

    1. Well you never know
      Aliens may want to give them a go

  7. I don't think I have come across someone like that... We have a weird neighbor who was knocking on our door weird hours of the evening when we first moved in (I never answered, thank you peephole). Worse, he was coming out of his apartment EVERY single time we did and it freaked me out/gave me a bit of paranoia. I bought W240 for my door so he wouldn't hear my door open anymore. He still does sometimes though. I don't know how he lives here, I don't think he works ever. He's ALWAYS home and does make me a bit paranoid. I don't think he's out to GET us, but he gives me the creeepos. Enough so that I won't even park my car next to his in the parking lot, lolol I wish I was kidding. :)

    1. lol damn, sounds like a strange duck
      Maybe he has eyes for you and is trying his luck
      Or maybe he really has eyes
      You know, with heads in the fridge and some flies

    2. I know the type, Rosey.

      Hello Cat!

    3. many out there
      With many more to spare

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops - Destroyer lyrics by The Kinks

      And there's a true blue inside of me
      That keeps stoppin' me, touchin' ya, watchin' ya, lovin' ya

      Paranoia, the destroyer
      Paranoia, the destroyer

    2. Destroyer it would be
      As eyes sure can flee

  9. So, I see you've met my mom, Pat?

    1. haha damn, that was her I saw?
      What's one flaw

  10. All in view are after you
    Paranoid there are a few
    Just let them be
    But you can see
    They'll give way when due


  11. I knew someone like that a while back but she had dementia so it was understandable.

    1. Yeah, cant help that
      Sure some nasty arse strat

  12. Better after than before
    like when in line at the store.

  13. Some people live their lives in fear.
    They often imagine voices they hear.
    To me, I believe they're really sick.
    To them, knowing what's real is a trick.

  14. Luckily we have not had those experiences. but to those who have, that would be totally awful.

  15. They're coming after all the #1s

  16. My husband's old neighbor was like that. Swore everyone was out to get him because he was the (self-appointed) Mayor of the Neighborhood. A real dingbat for sure.

    Oh, and same guy noticed the neighbor across the street having a wedding in their yard, so he loudly blasted that song "It's a nice day for a white wedding" through the whole thing. There's all kinds walking among us and it's scary lol

    1. haha sounds like you have quite the neighborhood
      Someone should have smacked the second guy upside the head with a large stick of wood

  17. I love shadows. Can't live our lives in fears. :)

  18. Conspiracy theories abound
    they make the world go round!

  19. Conspiracy nuts
    Must have big butts
    Sitting at their PCs
    And gathering fleas


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