An Entitled Free For Thee!

Here we are. A free rhyme near and far. It is free from me to you. Hmm but not the cable company at your zoo. Or would that be internet provider? I'll let you figure out that slider.

This rhyme is free.
Free as can be.
Errr umm not.
We spun that plot.

You pay for online.
You pay for it to align.
One way or another,
Even leeching off your mother.

But oh no.
It's a free show.
Let's think like that.
Then we can chew fat.

$1000 on that car.
Bah, that won't go far.
We should have it for free.
We have a big family you see.

You really want $10 for that?
I'll offer a fee that is flat.
You'll really love this fee.
What is it? Free!

Life is hard.
Need a mower for the yard.
I see you have a spare.
Give me it for free to show you care.

I'm free to ask.
Not a hurtful task.
Been there too.
Try again at your zoo.

You are soooo mean.
This is a free screen.
Why can't all be that way?
I may throw in a bale of hay.

That isn't worth $400 bucks.
I will use it for my ducks.
You should give it for free.
Don't you want to pity me?

Self entitled a bit?
Bah, who needs that shit.
Life is just really really hard on me.
Can't you accept my offer of free?

Ever deal with a free nut? They sure are in a self entitled rut. Many have money that they don't want to spend. Yet free they offer and expect you to bend. Those who really need things find a way, usually, at the end of the day. Those free nuts can suck on gas. That is all they are entitled to from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. Three brings glee?
      My, kinky?

    2. Lol, cat get of the gutter
      After I posted I knew where you’d go
      but, no 1 or 2 for me, I was too slow

    3. The mind lingers there
      You got 3 with two to spare

  2. Few things in life are free
    Unless you get on bended knee
    And for that there's a price to pay
    Won't tell you that, come what may

    "Can't you 'accept' my offer of free?" :-)

    1. The price is high
      So damn that for this rhyming guy

      Good catch too
      I was umm testing you

  3. An Entitled Free for Thee
    A free nut who has money
    Pull a fast one
    Up against fun
    Did not reckon one so easy


    1. A fast one can sure be tried
      Have to avoid being taken for a ride

  4. I like free things.
    Great to read Pat.


  5. Like all the friends who want your book for free?

  6. It sure seems that everyone wants something for nothing!

  7. I don't accept things for free
    It usually backfires "big" on me

  8. I've been with folks who press for "free" stuff. Over mooching is more like it. I stopped hanging with them.

  9. Sometimes craft fair shoppers berate me
    For charging what I think a reasonable fee
    They want Walmart prices cheap as can be
    But they want quality that doesn’t come free

    1. Yep, the best for pennies or free
      Pffft to them at any sea

  10. Sign here and get your Bay card
    A free gift is yours, come on, it’s not hard.
    Just sign here and your free watch is here.
    Use your card and never fear.
    Only 28.8% in interest
    Shhhh, don’t share that on Pinterest

    1. But if you are smart
      And pay off what you buy at Walmart
      That won't matter
      Your wallet will get fatter
      You forgot to pay it all?
      Whoops, enjoy the 28.8% at your hall

  11. I do like to get things for free- but I also don't mind paying for things I want. :)

  12. Is the free followed by loaders:)

  13. Buy now and save
    that's all the rave
    Spend more, more more
    You'll get rich at your shore.
    Why do I have a hunch
    there's really no free lunch
    Or dinner, or breakfast, or anything to munch?

    1. Unless in the dumpster
      Could make one a grumpster
      But there it could be free
      Just the leftovers, the rats, and thee

  14. 35 and 5 shipping


    40 and free shipping

  15. I have a hunch there's no such thing as a free lunch!
    That's Purrfect

  16. Hey, I love a freebie as much as the next person but when someone thinks to ask for something for free just because they think you have too much of it then it's time to say buh bye.

    1. Yep, kick them out the door
      And let them go do their own chore

  17. Yeah, my son was offered 'free rent' till May 1st on an apartment today. However, the price is jacked up from what they advertised online for monthly rent. Dumb,

    1. The little tricks they try
      Many out there that they fly

  18. Speaking of cable bills, mine just went way up. I wonder if my bundle package expired. -_- #dangit

    1. haha probably did indeed
      They love when such hikes take seed

  19. My neighbor complains that her grown daughters come over and do their laundry, use up all the soap, eat up all the food, steal the Netflix password, and never offer any money. I'd say they sound like quite the freeloaders.

    1. That they surely do
      Have to change the locks at her zoo


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