Bring On The Pre For A Spree!

The cat is here to ask you a lot today. I will visit you all depending on what you say. Yeah, if you believe any of that you are new to the cat.

Name a time...
So goes the chime.
It's sure a load.
Time to hit the road.

Why hit a road?
For chicken or toad?
Do you kick or punch?
Hitting a road seems out to lunch.

Oh, where was I?
That is a question, guy.
You better be on your toes.
That's how the question goes.

Name a time...
Didn't we do this chime?
Back with more crap.
Take another lap.

What's your 3 best...
Is this some test?
Do I pull them from my ass?
Am I allowed to be crass?

Why did you apply?
Do you want me to lie?
Umm it's a job and money.
What? That answer not sunny?

Any questions from you?
Don't you have one or two?
Not even one?
Our preamble was well spun.

But there should be a few.
We left none for you?
Oh, can you go pee?
Why yes, whenever it comes to be.

We'll keep you on file.
We knew that all the while.
But shhhh don't tell the next one that.
Pretending is where it is at.

We've already decided.
Our time is just bided.
You can't do it.
We've prejudged you a bit.

Don't you love that? The interview scat. Ask you stupid questions ten by ten and most are meaningless and go around the bend. Yeah, like knowing how BS flies can mean you can do a job. Maybe if a car salesmen or in the mob. Ever see someone tossed aside who could clearly do the job on the slide? Ever see someone get it who had no clue but BS-ed right in the interview? I'll prejudge the process in mass. They can all pucker up to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Stupid Questions are always being asked,
    When one is attemping arduous tasks.
    But you answer them comewhat may.
    As you continue along life's way.

    Ask a silly question and you get a silly answer
    Is what I believe.


    1. That is how it goes
      As they line up in rows

  2. I've never understood why companies conduct interviews when they already have someone for the job. Waste of time and money.

    1. Have to avoid getting sued
      Labor laws and all that attitude

  3. yea - what type of tree are you? One that will get up and leave....

    1. Ain't no knocking on this wood
      Left your hood

  4. My Dad once asked someone what their weakness was and the reply was I'm always late for work. Oops!

    1. lol oops, that won't work for work
      Not for any from vet to clerk

  5. Job interviews quake the nerves, I say
    But to get a job, you must along play

    1. Get on the nerves they can do
      But yep, have to play along with each cue

  6. Yeah, interviews can indeed be a pain in the ass, but I'd much rather sit through one than be some faceless applicant putting in his application on a website. I think personality is just as important as qualifications. Well, sometimes.

    1. Personality can play a role
      But won't work if five minutes into a work day the worker wants to take a stroll

  7. My son had a bizarre phone interview where they asked him specific questions about what he would change on their website! Lol, he'd never even visited the site. It was like they wanted free advice!

    1. haha they wanted free advice indeed
      And maybe to see if he eyeballed their feed

  8. Sometimes you look at a coworker and ask "you were the best candidate? Who got turned down?"

    1. Pretty much the case
      Sure wish they'd do an about face

  9. Some people are really good at the BS while others can't talk themselves out of a paper bag.

    1. Yep, some sure can't talk
      And away they are made to walk

  10. I am not a fan of interview questions- but I have certainly answered my fair share of them.

    1. Yeah, they suck
      Some sure can make you go what the fluck

  11. Bring on the pre for a spree
    Answering questions being happy
    Stupid questions
    Perhaps irrelevent
    Take the cue play the game no worry


  12. It's been a lot of years since I had a job interview. It sounds like they've mutated quite a bit since then. No dumb questions back then that I can remember. There was one thing that bugged me. When I applied for (and got) a summer job after high school, I later found out I had to type twice as many words per minute as the black girls who were applying.

    1. That was nice of them to single them and you out
      Pffft some people are as brainless as trout

  13. Chicken or toad?
    A blue toad on the road?
    Say it ain't so
    At the kitty cat show

  14. Interviews make my brain collapse.
    And all my answers are good for laughs.

  15. I haven't been on an interview in almost 20 years, but I remember when I was a teen I applied at Babies R Us. They had like a 300 questions survey to fill out before even giving an interview, most of which were questions they already asked, only worded differently. I get that it was to see if they could trip you up and if you'd give a different answer than before, but that friggin questionnaire really turned me off of the job (which I got, but never took)

    1. Had one of those that was as stupid as can be
      Even had me pick out which idiom didn't match at their sea


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