Get Bent Not What I Meant!

Ever say something that got taken the wrong way? That can sure happen any old day. Or hearing something the wrong way or reading more into it at play. So many ways to get bent with a not what I meant.

Get bent.
Pitch a tent.
What I meant,
You toothless gent.

Actually said worse.
More like a curse.
No reading more into it.
On the surface every bit.

Can you read more into saying?
That may get a replaying.
Reading more into words from a yap.
Do you write it down after such a lap?

You ran a lap?
Damn there, chap.
Why do that?
Not what was meant from the cat.

Meant and meaning,
Needs a screening.
Maybe subtitles for the common sense impaired.
That means few would be spared.

You said what?
How could you say such smut?
My mind was in the gutter?
Don't talk to me about such clutter.

What a twist.
Could it be missed?
Beats little old me.
Confused are thee.

You can't mean that.
Another added stat.
For I meant what was said.
The toothless gent should go drown at club med.

Just for a little while.
Murder isn't our style.
So was that meant?
Damn, so confusing as meant gets sent.

That's not what I meant.
But away you just went.
Ass up over nothing at all.
Maybe give your shrink a call.

Some sure find things that aren't there. Do you go a looking at your lair? Do you try to clarify before running away? Some things can be taken many a way that people say. Cry babies are the first to show. They think an offending you did go. When really the only one offending anyone are their own idiot minds. Unless one said pound sand up certain behinds. Then that can be taken as meant. Do words get you bent? Maybe one should think with each pass. Or at least clarify some things that come from all including my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      Sentiments aglow!


    2. Back to a streak
      Here at our creek

    3. Two in a row
      look at Hank go...:)

    4. May be three
      Unless Suza goes after thee

    5. Thank you True
      #1 missing you!


    6. A miss for true
      Guess she'll need to try on cue

  2. I'm always saying something that is taken the wrong way, very easily done. Great Verse.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. That it can be
      When not understood at another's sea

  3. Getting bent out of shape
    Waste of time
    Have a margarita
    With a squeeze of lime

    1. I'll leave that to you
      No need for me to hit the loo lol

  4. Old trick trying to confuse
    Or is it only to amuse
    Say what you mean and get it right
    Inflate the ego as high as a kite

    1. So go with vanity?
      Add in a touch of insanity

  5. The wrong way is taken by many but believed by few...I hope!

  6. Don't read between the lines, folks. I promise I didn't write anything there.

    1. Especially if it is just one line
      No between can then align

  7. ah yes I think you say more than you write and you teasing us :) :)
    but is ok :)

  8. Get bent not what I meant
    Not to say the way I dreamt
    Got on a flight
    Showing no fright
    Could take it without any

    1. ...Could take it without any rants...

    2. That one could
      As they would
      Added to the mix
      With a rants fix

  9. believe me, I've put my foot in my mouth plenty of times. Not a dainty ballet slipper - more like swallowing a hiking boot. It happens.

    1. haha and it can be tough to chew
      Plus hiking boots touch everything and are eww

  10. I used to be pretty blunt with my words and people would sometimes take it the wrong way. I got better though.

    1. Well blunt gets it out
      Some just can't take what one does spout

  11. I don't say things that can be misconstrued very often, but sometimes the listener himself/herself gets confused due to his own limitations... especially if I use a word that he doesn't understand. (I once told someone that I didn't mean to "disparage" something, and I got a blank stare in response.)

    I once told a woman that she reminded me of Jean Stapleton, the actress that played Edith Bunker on TV's All in the Family. I made a point of differentiating between Jean Stapleton, the actress, and the character of Edith, but the woman nevertheless thought I was comparing her to Edith, and became really offended. Her reply was "Well, you look like Meathead!" (Rob Reiner's character on the show, a/k/a Mike Stivic, of course.)

    1. Some people can't even string the meaning of words together
      Words with more than 5 letters they can't weather

      lol well at least Archie wasn't her go to
      Or Jethro Bodine at your zoo

  12. Be flexible and you'll never get bent out of shape...haha...ok humor me today :)

    1. Flexibility is key
      Especially when you have to sneak in a pee
      Blame the day job for that
      The world is our litterbox where we are at

  13. Isn't that the truth. Especially when it's texting or email where you can't see a person's expression or hear their voice.

  14. I hate it when people take something the wrong way. Happens often, and once someone understands something one way it is VERY hard for them to change their opinon!

    1. Yep, they'll stick to it
      Even when they are full of umm shit

  15. Women usually know what men mean when they see their tent has been pitched.

  16. Some people take things too literally but sometimes it's hard to tell how to take it.

    1. That it can be
      Especially with some people at their sea

  17. Some sure find things that aren't there
    Walking on eggshells because they care
    The Oscars are a case in point
    Everyone's afraid to say anything at that joint
    People might be offended and hear what's not said
    Who knows, careers might end up um dead.

    1. That they may
      So they don't say
      For the nutball PC
      Would blast thee

  18. My mom said to my sister in law, who just asked about an old acquaintance, "He got big. He's big, bigger than you!" What she meant to say was that a kid shouldn't be bigger than an adult, but it came out like my mom called my sister in law fat (she's hefty though). Both were mortified lol

    1. lol that sorta went the wrong road
      Sounds like the acquaintance is quite the load


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