Get Flush And Feel The Rush!

Time is running out. We have to get this about. We can't not get it in. That would be a sin. What is the cat to do. The seconds are ticking by with your view. That is ever so bad. Some may get mad.

Oh shush.
I'm in a rush.
Can't you see?
I'm running by thee.

My mouth is flapping.
I increased my yapping.
Even if you can't understand,
I have things in hand.

Look at that ticking.
Now I'm cherry picking.
Where the cherries are I don't know.
Shush, no time for such a flow.

We have to get done.
Until now it was fun.
But that can't last.
I need to talk fast.

This you need to know.
Time is ticking low.
I have to rush more.
No time for an encore.

Shush, with the questions.
I need no suggestions.
I have to get it through.
I can't leave any thing out for you.

It is almost time.
Time for a new rhyme.
But this one has to get through.
How will that be true?

Seconds remain.
My hand is in pain.
My throat tickles too.
Shut up, you!

I'm getting there.
Seconds to spare.
There. It's done.
Wasn't that info dump fun?

Now get going.
I have another showing.
I'm in a rush.
Move your tush.

Ever go to something where they super rushed at the end? Can be many a thing you attend. From seminars to movies to this or that. Rushing away they do as they try and get in every stat. Instead of leaving you with a pleasant thought all you can remember is their rushing spot. Notice the cat rushing at the end? I stuck in an eye rhyme trend. That is just an example of how things can screw up in mass. It was meant to be done by my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I don't like being rushed
    Although I'm not much for slow
    Leisurely and balanced
    That's how I like to roll

  2. They don't super rush at my work. They just miss deadlines. And then still mess it up.

    1. haha that must annoy indeed
      Especially if it keeps taking seed

  3. I'm always rushing at the end, especially when it's cold
    I forgot to start the car, if I may be so bold
    Iced windows are like driving in an igloo it seems
    Why didn't I start early so I can use my high test beams

    1. Or why not get a remote starter for it?
      Then you can stay warm and forget about that cold shit lol

  4. Yes indeed, too bad they don't rush the middle too!

  5. I've read books like that - they build and build, so good and then wham, the author had to slam out the ending and it falls flat.

    1. Yeah, think we've all read those
      From highs to lows

  6. Get flush and feel the Rush
    Fast, you'll lose your touch
    When goaded
    And Outmoded
    Better last rather than fast


    1. Last can be better indeed
      As fast gets sloppy when taking seed

  7. Rushed is crushed. Or a big pile of doo in the end.

  8. I have news for you
    Mr. Pat
    I got not one, but two
    adorable little cats!!

    1. Two are grand
      And look at big long name back in blog land

  9. When I was young I was always in a hurry.
    Now that I'm older, I take my time and never worry.

    1. No worries being had
      Sure works for ones pad

  10. Some things, you just shouldn't rush...

  11. This pisses me off. I've been at too many meetings/seminars where they allowed so many questions at the beginning, that then formation I was waiting to hear was rushed or not even gotten to.

    1. Hit a nerve for you at our sea
      Yep, time runs out and away many flee

  12. I have to rush at work all the time!
    I flush toilet in the rush so I can go back to work in a flash!

    1. Hopefully you don't clog it
      Or forget some tp stuck a bit lol

  13. I hate it when I'm reading a book and I am almost to the end and there are still a million unanswered questions. You only have like 5 pages left and you know they are going to rush at wrapping those questions up in the last few pages. Pissed me off every time.

    1. Or not even answer any of them by the end
      They have to set up the sequel upon sequel trend

  14. This sounds like my hubby
    He’ll never be chubby.
    He is always in a rush
    ADHD man, he is still my crush.

    1. Around and around
      At least no chub is found


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