Haven't Seen Thee Until Today's Spree!

The cat hasn't seen you for a while. That is a lie and kinda my style. But I have to make fun of the human mass as many sure do have their head up their ass.

Hey, is that you?
It has to be true.
How are you doing?
You just caught my viewing.

It's been forever.
You still are quite clever.
Why am I here?
That wasn't clear?

You I just saw.
It's some random law.
Murphy's or something like that.
Let's not chew that fat.

So how are you?
What has come due?
Oh, you want to know about me?
Much has come at my sea.

I've done that and this.
Some things I miss.
Others not so much.
I wish we had kept in touch.

Then you'd know.
Know about my low.
I went way down.
That's why I'm in town.

I'm glad though.
Now we're in the know.
We can chat once more.
So where is your shore?

Say, can I stay with you?
Only be a day or two.
A week at most.
After a month I'll head to the coast.

I can't really pay.
But maybe one day.
Can I borrow some money?
I'll be nice to your honey.

What was that?
No is where it's at?
How can you be so mean?
I promise I won't even clean.

Don't you love those? Those who whine about their woes. Those who only come around when they want something from you. Yeah, those can go fall in dog poo. Ever see them coming? Heard their whiny drumming? The cat will simply let them suck on the gas that comes out my ever so little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I apologise if I whine about my woes,
    Sometimes I have problems from head to toes.
    I try to remain quiet most of the time,
    Reading and commenting on your rhymes.

    Good one this Pat.

    1. It's the all about me
      Woe whiners that come to be

  2. Some people just like to share their misery.

    1. That they do
      And no sharing wants to come through

  3. Woe whining sure is a way of life for so many humans, it's got to be tiring!

  4. I know people like that, they only call when they want something.

  5. hence the need for caller ID or a peephole on your door.
    GO AWAY! ha

    1. haha watch the peep
      Could get reversed by a creep

  6. Haven't Seen Thee Until Today's Spree!
    There are reasons why you make a plea
    Why you're whining
    You're Complaining!
    'Woes' a passport to getting easy money


  7. 'Can I stay with you?' Been there, done that and found out that 'No good deed goes unpunished.'

    1. They sure leave you punished indeed
      Why we avoid them at our feed

  8. I think we all know those who only come around when they want a "loan" or a ride or some other kind of favor.

    And while people who constantly moan and groan about their lives can indeed be annoying, what's even worse is the type who has to "top" your misfortunes with their own.

    YOU: Everyone on my father's side of the family was on a plane, flying to a family reunion, and the plane crashed! They were all killed!

    HIM (or HER): Wow, that's awful. Oh, by the way... Everyone on my father's side of the family was on a plane, flying to a family reunion, and the plane crashed into a plane carrying everyone on my mother's side of the family, who were flying to a different family reunion. They were all killed!

    1. haha yep, those people are sure even worse
      They would even claim they had a bigger curse
      Some voodoo shit
      When really they are full of it

  9. I have people who only come around or contact me when they want sympathy.

  10. orlin N casie....we haz sayin we haz lived bye for like 927 catz yeerz.....peepulz iz nice when they want sum thin; we haz lotz oh other sayin bout peepulz ...but it will take up seer ee iz snooze time listin em all!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. That one sure is true
      That's when they are nice to you

  11. Showing up, wanting to be #1...darn

  12. I try to stay away from those types.

  13. Some people I think are just miserable all the time.
    They don't know how to be happy.
    And they want everyone else to be miserable too.
    So I just smile and tune them out.
    They'll soon get quiet, ha ha, I doubt.

    1. haha they'll move on to another one
      Tuning them out sure is fun

  14. Hmmm, my kid you just described
    Apron string-cutting has been prescribed

    1. Cut and go
      Hopefully will learn at their show

  15. I just heard about our year class reunion for this summer. Yeah, no. I don't need to catch up on the "look at me's" the "complainers" and the "fakes". Funny thing is, they are charging $55 just for a ticket (no meal included). You couldn't PAY ME $55 to come to that bullshit event.

    1. lmao funny if they did pay people to go
      Those events sure are a whole other kind of low


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