I Figure I'll Post At My Coast!

So I guess I'll post, whoops wrong one to boast. Guessing isn't the way. Figuring rules this day. Are you figuring things out yet? You will soon I bet.

Figuring out a post.
From coast to coast.
Stole a line.
But that is fine.

Figure I'll hear about it.
Maybe in a bit.
I figure it is like that.
I figure I'm right on the stat.

I figure this will run.
I figure it will be done.
I figure it may not be.
I figure I'm confusing thee.

One out of four may be right.
I figure those odds aren't a fright.
I figure it is okay.
I figure we'll be on our way.

You're still here?
My figuring isn't clear.
I figure I need to tweak it.
I figure there won't be a fit.

I figure I'll fit that in.
When will it take a spin?
I figure about next month some time.
I figure I'll never be a mime.

I figure you're on to me.
I figure you climbed that tree.
Not the one out your door.
I figure you knew that at your shore.

I figure and not guess.
I figure I better confess.
I figure that is wise.
I figure I tell no lies.

Guess I better retract.
Bah, pretend it is a fact.
I figure it will work.
Figuring is such a perk.

I guess I'm done.
Another rhyme spun.
I figure it's true.
Now I am off at my zoo.

Do you figure things a lot? Does your figuring ever create an actual plot? Did you figure out my rhyme? Are you still stuck on a tree climb? Go tree climbing if you like. Can climb on a hike. I figure that probably won't come to pass, but if so you can tell how it goes to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. I figure, in time
    All will become clear
    Even the Cat's rhymes
    From his everlovin' rear

    1. haha good luck with it
      The cat's rear could be full of umm shit

  2. Figuring takes lots of time
    Scratch your head and write a rhyme
    figure if your horse will win
    I guess figuring ain't no sin

    1. Then you win and say fluck it
      Have a heart attack and kick the bucket

  3. I'm figuring what life is all about.

    I always enjoy your post Pat, a good start to the day.


  4. I figure all the time
    it's a bad habit of mine
    makes me wait to get things done
    rather than grab the reins and run
    but I'm working on being brave
    and riding the taking risks wave!


    1. Ride and see
      What comes to be
      Even with one eye
      Have to risk a low for a high

  5. Here is a post post bravo for you Pat!

  6. I figure my figure needs exercise. Or just re-calculate the calibrations.

  7. "It's like 10,000 spoons, when all you need is a knife...

    And who would have thought, it figuuuuures..."

  8. I grew up with a southern mama
    Everything was figured like drama
    So figure is no big deal to me
    I figure that’s how it ought to be

  9. I figure you are teasing us... again but really I love all yours post Pat ! xo

  10. I can't say that you are confusing me
    Since I was already confused, you see.
    I think a lot here and about,
    But I can't say that I figure anything out.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Figure it in
      Maybe then you'll win
      Out gets stuck
      What the fluck

  11. My wife has a nice figure.
    Oh wait, that's something completely different!

    1. haha figured that out
      As you gave a different figure a shout

  12. Figuring out what to post and not to post takes more figuring.

  13. I'm still figuring how to respond:)

    1. Figure out how long
      Figure you'll tell Donkey Kong?

  14. My brain is too tired to figure out anything,
    I guess i’ll see what tomorrow brings...

  15. I'm already confused enough without you trying to make me figure out riddles. lol

  16. When people say they "figure" something, maybe it's just a... err... figure of speech.

    1. Would that speech be written and gone over
      Or do you figure they just wing it and sound like rover

  17. orlin N cassie... long ago we figured out if we dizz de food servizz gurl bout her figure we could figure on knot gettin dinner ☺☺♥♥♣♣

    1. haha have to just hide
      Or smile really wide

  18. I figure I'll post at my coast
    With a thought to offer a toast
    Just a thought
    Not to be bought
    Just a consideration for the host


  19. You stole a line?/I stole a mine/Containing words and phrases/ That turned out to be cold, hard-looking faces. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  20. Words like this make English a hard language to learn.

    1. Sure doesn't make it easy
      As they aren't pleasy

  21. At this rate,
    I suggest you figure skate.

  22. I'm almost 40 and still haven't got things figured out. At this point, I'm just going to smile and nod and pretend I know more than I do.

    1. haha nod away and pretend
      I figure that is a fine trend

  23. I steal a line for my posts EVERY DAMN TIME haha - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  24. It figures I lost my figure when menopause hit. I need to figure out calories and food to figure out how much to eat...blecchhh never mind, I figure that if I eat food that is good for me and walk, this is best....it figures I would do this and not count crap.

    1. I figure you are on the right track
      As you walk around front to back

  25. Who in the world wants to figure things out. It takes too much effort on my part. But usually I can figure out your rhymes. Anyway, You have a fantastic day Pat.


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