Look At That View.......Boo!

The TV is on. We all know it a con. They con you out of this and that. They stand there and chew the fat. Sometimes they literally do. McDonalds still isn't healthy for you. Sorry to burst that bubble. Time to go into a new pile of rubble.

There's my show.
It's the best.
Love the foe.
It passes the test.

It shows the truth.
The truth in fiction.
Ask someone named Ruth,
Its the truest depiction.

Even the news.
It is all true.
How can you lose,
When none lie to you.

Shooting in this place.
That is soo bad.
Travel I'll never embrace,
To such a pad.

Forget the 50 good things done.
We focus on the bad.
You can't go there for fun.
As no fun will be had.

This show's based there.
Based on real life too.
500 episodes makes one beware,
So many criminals there to view.

You'll get shot or beaten.
You may get robbed.
Travel plans will never sweeten,
As you can get mobbed.

That place has nothing at all.
They said so on TV.
The writing is on the wall.
The actors treated it like pee.

That place is super dangerous to go.
Disease and such runs wild.
What disease? I don't know.
But the TV show said it wasn't mild.

The TV says it is a scary place.
So be very very afraid.
There you just don't want to go.
Believe it all when plans are made.

Ever not go somewhere because of a fictional show? I hope the answer is more or less no. Ever realize the news is only showing the bad? Not much of the good at any pad. Not that some are good but not all places are a scary hood. They love to make you think twice though as all the bad crap they show, even when it is fiction in tow. Most of the time you'll be safe with a traveling trespass, but I'll still stay home and relax my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. At the start of the week
      For the win at your creek
      Must be getting used to that vacation early
      Or getting squirrely

    2. Or just slept in a bit due to Daylight Savings Time...

    3. Ninja attacks are scary to those wanting to be #1

    4. That they may be
      Yeah, stupid daylight savings needs to flee

  2. Good morning Alex!
    Number #1
    is fun!

  3. The news isn't these days, reruns all day long!

  4. I know half the news is made up, so no stretch the fiction stuff is just that - fiction.

  5. I do like watching the news to stay informed, but with the all-day and all-night news shows, it does get to be repetitive. I read more than watch TV so don't see much of the other stuff that you mention.

    1. Yeah, just watch and it comes
      Books so far have kept away the bums

  6. I would not go to a place if there are ninja attacks!

  7. If it's on the internet you know it's really REAl
    Buy everything they advertise, it's a great big steal
    You're lucky you got in before the hoarders hoard
    You deserve a smack with a very heavy board

    1. A big one to the head
      But you'll be happy when you drop dead

  8. A trip to New Zealand I hope to take one day
    Because LotR made want to travel that way...

    1. See hobbits everywhere
      Be sure not to stare

  9. Every place has its dangers. It's best if you can speak to someone in the know.

    1. The know is the best
      Beats the loonies and the rest

  10. Look at that view..Boo
    A Con job they can do
    Fake location
    Con vacation
    Big time ads given to view


  11. I've never not gone somewhere because of a fictional show, but I blush to admit I've wanted to go to Seattle ever since I saw/read Twilight. Grin.

    1. lol ewwwww just came from us
      At least we didn't cuss

  12. Well, I don't travel a lot anyway, but with all the negative publicity about the drug wars in Mexico that appears on the news as well as on fictional programs, I might carefully consider which parts of Mexico I'd visit.

    1. Stay on a resort
      Avoid any backroads or port

  13. McDonald's isn't healthy? Oh c'mon, they have salad. lol

    1. I suppose it works
      Unless spit on by germy clerks

  14. News causes blues
    No TV for me.
    Still, I see
    plenty of misery.
    But Alex is now your #1
    I'm happy that the Ninja won.

    1. Ninja for the win
      Misery everywhere sure is taken for a spin

  15. There was a time with I was crippled social from the TV holding my hostage.. but damn, those were some good shows! - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    1. Can be good to break away
      And see the dawning of a new day

  16. orlin N cassie

    we haz knot had tee vee hooked up in five yeerz N frank lee we due knot miss it.....knot ta menshunz therz enuff stoooopid a tee in de nayborhood ta last uz a million ~~~ ~~ ♥♥☺☺

    1. Stupid sure abounds everywhere
      We don't miss it at our lair

  17. All the things you mention are the reasons I watch very little TV.
    I have a handful of programs I enjoy seeing, but the rest are not for me.

    1. Most are just repeat crap
      That can take a dirt nap

  18. I think every place has ups and downs. Look at Chicago. The news would have you believe that you are going to immediately get shot if you go there. We are there all the time and are fine. Just stay out of the ghetto areas and ignore the beggers and you're good to go.

    1. Yeah, one just has to have common sense
      And not go hopping the ghetto fence

  19. Meh, to the haters
    Travel is fine
    Just be smart about it
    And don't cross the line

    1. Watch that line
      Or on you cannibals may dine

  20. The commercials I hate.
    Of that I will state.
    All about planning your funeral,
    And the illnesses one can get I reveal.


  21. They are all there to seek you crap
    Nothing is real..it makes me want to nap.
    Forget all this negativity
    I’d rather be in sleepy serenity


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