Okay Goes Astray!

The cat finds you humans mix things up a lot. That has to be one weird plot. Or maybe you just get dumber with age? Like when a B movie keeps setting the stage? But hey, that's okay. Let's be on our merry way.

Stubbed your toe.
The pain will go.
May hurt for a bit.
You may say shit.

But away it goes.
Back to normal toes.
No more toe woes.
You'll be okay knows.

Then it flips.
Maybe it trips.
Who knows after the toe.
But it hits a new low.

You stole some dough.
So many people know.
Maybe no one knows.
That's okay still flows.

You murder some dude.
He gave attitude.
Or maybe not.
That's still an okay plot.

You scam old folks.
Or maybe young blokes.
Either or and still scammed.
That's okay still gets jammed.

Paid your dues.
Win or lose.
Win you did not.
But you got a pot.

Either or we go.
To know or not know.
Would that be try?
Do or do not can fly.

For that's okay.
Okay some say.
Even through the screaming.
Okay keeps on a streaming.

Okay for you.
Okay for two.
That makes it okay.
Now let's hit replay.

Do you justify things that aren't okay? Do you give okay a run at your bay? Okay sure went by the wayside. Maybe it went for a hell of a ride. There are different levels of okay I suppose. But not really any fully okay blows. Even that okay toe may come back to bite you. Arthritis later on could come due. But that is okay, we'll worry about it another day. Okay, I am done with my sass, so off I go with my A OK little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. You are up early as can be
      Each day at your sea

  2. Okay Goes Astray!
    In with even play
    If ok it's not
    Need not shout
    Nor bother to say


  3. Okay's a word of overuse, I use that word a lot
    It's one word the pups know well, it's the best we got
    I do confuse, they scratch their heads, they think I'm a dolt
    I say, "Don't do that, Okay?' no wonder they don't bolt

    1. Look and laugh in their own way
      They are going to do it no matter what you say

  4. I suppose it's okay because humans just can't help themselves!

  5. probably okay is overused and overrated - and saying okay doesn't really mean it's okay i guess.. we should rather talk less - the cat's way..

    1. The cat's way works
      Stick up your tail and walk away from jerks

  6. Dumber with age? I don't know about that. I mean I did just turn 48 and I don't feel any dumber than I did 2 months ago. lol

    1. lol stagnant is the way
      As we age each day?

  7. To me, the over-use of the word "okay" is similar to when people say "It's all good," and you know how I hate that expression!

    1. Yeah, but what if it is all good in the hood
      Are you okay with it's all good

  8. ok, o.k., okay... but is it true you say?
    Tomorrow it may not be, but today it's okay for me. :)

  9. you never see ohkay, I wonder why

    1. Guess they haven't got to that yet
      One day, safe bet

  10. I am not okay...ok...
    off to get some sleep...

  11. I feel more ok today thanks,

  12. Well I DID stub my toe
    Three nights in a row
    Same bloody one
    Not okay when I was done

    1. Damn, that would suck
      That toe needs to pass the buck

  13. Maybe we should just be like Jim Carey- Alrighty then ;)

  14. Take responsibility for things you do, the good and the bad. When one can’t, Then I don’t take these people to well because they can’t be trusted

    1. Yep, stay away from those
      As they'd only cause woes


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