OMFG I'm Dying....No Need For Crying!

This may come to a dead end. I may not have the time to spend. But I'm sure you can forgive me. I'm dying here after all at my sea. It is just soooo bad. Death may be had.

Sit and stare.
Come and see.
But better beware,
What comes to be.

For it's the day.
The day of death.
Come what may,
You take your last breath.

You just can't.
Nope, no you can't.
Look at me rant.
A cheating slant.

Your breath is gone.
You're still yapping.
That's such a con.
Those lips are flapping.

See that grave?
That thing in the ground.
That was no close shave.
It is a real dirt mound.

But I'm dying.
Literally I can't.
After such a spying.
Dying is what I chant.

It is so funny.
It is so bad.
It's right on the money.
A fun time was had.

I'm on a stair.
I'm on the ground.
My ass still in the chair,
But I made the sound.

Why? Because I'm dying.
Just dying over here.
I am not lying.
No need to peer.

It is my death.
Today is the day.
Literally I'm out of breath.
That cat video was a funny display.

Are you literally dead now? Did you literally believe my title meow? Hopefully not. As of yet our body hasn't turned to rot. But I'm literally dying writing this. Hmmm nope, still going, so that's a miss. Maybe I'm literally out to lunch. Nope, nothing in my mouth to crunch. OMFG I'm dying over you out to lunch human mass. Pssst, not really, as I rest my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Excellent post Pat, dying is not a word I like much and as one gets older so the word gets more loudly.
    I try not to use the word.
    Have a good day.


    1. Many shout it
      When they don't mean it even a little bit

  2. Makes you wonder when and why that expression came into play.

    1. Yeah, kinda dumb to use
      Wonder who lit such a fuse

  3. I think it's so silly that people use it in a good way. I laughed at your title because I can hear more than one person saying it.

    1. Saying it they surely do
      Silly through and through

  4. Well, we do know that common sense died long ago!

  5. yes, but at least you have eight more lives left

  6. Just last weekend I said
    After my longest ride of the year, I’m dead
    But here I am still
    Ready for another long ride thrill

    1. haha used it with ease
      But away you still breeze

  7. OMFG I'm Dying....No Need For Crying!
    Perhaps some sighing and remembering
    Dying is really an art
    Comes with a good start
    Share experiences, enhance some learning


  8. Ha - You’re killing me with this post
    Not literally just figuratively speaking...
    Why do we use that phrase?

    1. Yeah, dumb to use in every way
      Guess people need something to say

  9. I know a person who has been dying for 50 years.
    She loves to say this at every chance, with tears
    but she is still strong as an ox
    she does not need that pine box.
    Not yet although I wish she would go
    not the pine box, but to Timbuktu
    go fly away to that desert zoo.

    1. Could have her own giant litterbox
      No need for socks
      But she may die
      Sand could get in her eye

  10. It is truly weird
    how the word "dying" is heard
    and written and said
    by zombies, the living, and
    all but the dead.

    1. Yep, all but dead
      Sure had it running through their head

  11. If you're a real CAT, you get to do this 9 times! Practice makes purrfect they say.

  12. Your little afterword reminded me of how people misused the term "literally" to mean both "literally" and "figuratively," the dictionary publishers finally threw up their collective hands and said that "literally" could mean both!

    And I assume that "Toady is the day" contained a typo at the beginning? Ha.

    1. Yep, they misuse it by the ton
      Funny how the dictionary said hell with it and gave it a double run

      Whoops, typo was had
      Cat's paw did it at our pad

  13. Well, with its last breath/will the cat give the meow of death? :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. orlin N cassie; we hope ta cod yur dadz knot; who else iz gonna wait on ya 24/7/366 !!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Still above ground
      Even though close to it some days he can be found lol

  15. The phrase "I'm literally dying" is one of my pet peeves.

    1. haha yep, dumb as an be
      When said at any sea

  16. No I didn't believed are a cat remember, ha!

  17. Some folks are always "dying" for this or for that.
    But worrying about such things never occurs to a cat.

  18. Beverly is correct. Dying for a cup of coffee or a cigarete, well, that is quite meaningless.

  19. Do I get any points for being last?

  20. Well, I'm dying here. I never thought I hear you sound like a teenage girl on your blog. OMFG!!!

    1. lmao first time for everything
      Could be worse at our wing


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