The Dumb Parade With No Shade!

They just keep coming. The dumb love their humming. But that is not all they bring. They have to tag along something. What would that be? I challenge for it to be figured out by me.

Challenged we've gone.
No need for that con.
But the dumb brought it back.
Brains they lack.

That is a given.
Beats me how they're livin.
Probably off you.
Maybe me too.

But they can say.
Say to get you to play.
Why do they say?
Because they are they.

You should become they.
That is the way.
Makes them warm and tingly.
They want you to umm mingly.

So don't be a chicken.
The dumb are just pickin.
They don't mean it.
So come and be a hit.

I challenge you too.
Challenge you through and through.
So you have to accept.
Can't prove to be inept.

I put the challenge out there.
So now you are aware.
It is out there for all to see.
Don't you want to do it like me?

I challenge you to walk.
I challenge you to talk.
I challenge you to steal.
I challenge you to skip a meal.

I challenge you to get fat.
I challenge you to go in the road and lie flat.
I challenge you to join my group.
I challenge you to miss the ball in the hoop.

I want you to be like me.
But hey, I'm challenging thee.
So take up my moron ways.
It will get plenty of Youtube replays.

Don't you love idiots who use challenge as a way to make you dumb? Many seem to fall for it as they talk out their bum. Again, what is so challenging about most of that shit? The definition needs to be learned by many a dimwit. But I'll play along after completing my sass. I challenge you, oh so hard, get ready, to leave a comment for my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.


  1. Replies
    1. That's 2 in a row
      It kind of flow!


    2. Challenged to top
      Unless Suza or blue or true leaves him a flop

  2. I think challenges are great fun,
    For the brainy or the dumb.
    One has to have an aim in life.
    To overcome tears and strife.

    Happy Sunday Pat.

  3. The Dumb Parade With No Shade!
    Challenging hoping to be great
    They look to be dumb
    Looking for crumbs
    Not bothered & leave it to fate


  4. I think enough people have taken the challenge to get fat.

  5. There are many times for first place in the idiot challenges these days!

  6. My daughter fell for the cinnamon challenge years ago. She was a kid still at home, and my answer for her, "Can I do it?" was a big fat, 'No!' :)

    1. Rosey
      What's the cinnamon challenge?

    2. Good way to be
      That can kill people at their sea

      Type cinnamon challenge in Youtube and click
      You'll see plenty of stupid people some slick

  7. Fall for a challenge, don't be dumb
    Know your limits, Rum-A-Tum-Tum
    Fall on your face, that's your loss
    For trying to pretend that you're the boss

    1. When really you're a lackey
      And you just ended up tacky
      So run away
      Live to see another day

  8. Challenge you to leave a comment. Ha. Didn't see that one coming.

    1. Wasn't it ohhhhhhhhhhh so hard?
      Like mowing, raking, shoveling and whatever else the yard

  9. Yeah, like challenging each other to swallow laundry detergent. It's more than dumb parade, it's a fricking riot.

  10. In Texas, the key to a dumb challenge is to say, "here, hold my beer". Insert eye roll now.

    1. So challenging as can be
      That beer holding spree

  11. We all saw how that Tide Pod challenge turned out. Seems people fall for stupid shit every day.

  12. Eat a spoon of Cinnamon
    Mmmmm, C'est si Bon.
    How about a Tide pod?
    throwing up is good for the bod.

  13. Challenges... meh
    Don't inspire me
    But people are daft
    As many can see

    1. That they are
      Don't even need the ones at a bar


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