The Shame In Your Name!

It sure seems shaming gets around. From fat to this and that it is found. Basically you humans take any word at all and add shame to the end at your hall.

It's time to explore.
A shaming type chore.
Damn, I just failed.
Someone just wailed.

I chore shamed.
It's been named.
Those who do chores,
Showed me the doors.

Whoops, I just got blamed.
I went and door shamed.
Those doors are upset.
They may squash this pet.

I squash shamed?
Is that tamed?
Is that real?
Damn this shaming ordeal.

A shame for a dam?
Go choke on ham.
I said damn.
Learn to spell, ma'am.

The shame of it all,
Bounces like a ball.
One I'll kick,
Aiming for your umm wick.

Maybe I'll throw.
Can't arm shame, you know.
Arms and legs as one.
That must be spun.

Shame on me?
Shame grows like a tree?
I should fear shame?
Shame on my name?

Shame from who?
Little old you?
Lassie and Timmy in a well?
That popped in, what the hell.

Fear the shame.
The shame on your name.
Or the shame of shaming.
Pound sand gets my claiming.

Do you fear shame? Shame on your name? The only one who can shame you is you. So give it a whoopdi friggin doo. Do what you do to get through each day and damn what other idiots try and say. As for the other shaming which everything gets a naming, again that all comes back to you. So take such shaming and flush it down the loo. I shamed shaming today with this pass. Damn, I should be an ashamed little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. The shame in your name
    Not assigning the blame
    Good to follow
    One should know
    To counter all the pain


  2. Nothing to be ashamed of around here. We are all good kitties. Pat, you have a wonderful week end.

    1. Best way to be
      Hope a grand one is had at your sea

  3. The whole shaming thing is out of control!

    1. Spiraling this way and that
      Pffft to all that scat

  4. I plan on remaining shameless here!

  5. When I was a kid, everybody -- kids and adults --= felt perfectly okay with making fun of everyone else. No one used the word "shaming" quite ;like they do today. I wonder how many people grew up with complexes because of that. On the other hand, there are those who think we've gone too far in the other direction, and now everyone is afraid of offending anyone. Everything's designed to make us feel safe and pampered. Now no one gets a chance to develop a thick skin, do they?

    1. There are super mean things to say that may result in complexes and such
      But many didn't cross the line as much
      Mainly because they had to do it to your face
      No internet to hid in Mommy's basement and embrace
      So they shut the hell up more
      Now though, there are sooooooooo many lazy pimp pots at each shore

  6. Even when not shamed, I can blush easily.
    That's a shame

    1. haha turning red at your sea
      For all to see

  7. It happens. People can be cruel with the things that come out of their mouths at times.

    1. That some can be
      Some just dumb and some not thinking as they let it fly free

  8. Oh my! I’m really very moved by your rhyming :-) Great job shaming the shaming!

  9. shaming or throwing shade
    others seem to do
    thank goodness there's a door
    that we can walk right through

    1. And if there is not
      Hope out the window or hit them with a pot

  10. I don't fear shame
    Shame is the game
    Yes, it's lame
    No fear all the same
    And Marie's the name
    Of my latest flame

  11. Shame of me ... Im really the last Cat/Pat!

  12. Chore shamed? Sounds like the next social justice crusade topic.. -

    1. The cat could get rich
      Just have to give it a pitch

  13. I am proud of my name,
    Although to some I bring shame.
    I ncan hold my head high,
    As I look to the sky.


  14. Shaming is not cool, but a little ribbing never hurt anyone as long as it's not done with a mean spirit. My husband and I have wicked banter, and if you didn't know us, you'd think we were just two of the biggest jerks talking to each other the way we do.

    1. haha that kind of banter is fun
      Can't go wrong with the kind that doesn't hurt anyone


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