Time To Pimp The Skimp!

The cat is here to make lots of dough. I will do it for you, you know. It is just the best way to be. I will allow it to come to thee. Or at least me with my skimping spree.

Maker of this,
Maker of that.
It may cause bliss,
It may fall flat.

But either way,
I'll make a buck.
Going into this foray,
Of making a truck.

I'll use second hand.
Those parts still work.
I'll make an extra grand.
Isn't that a perk?

You'll never know.
Maybe just one or two.
But eat that crow.
I got rich off you.

I'm in luck.
If you believe that.
Pass the buck,
Use the scat.

Those extra parts.
They aren't needed.
So it will tip a few carts.
Let it be deeded.

A buck less to you.
I'm saving a ton.
None of it you knew,
As I did it to everyone.

I'm employing you.
So don't speak up.
Pretend to have no clue,
As I fill your cup.

My riches are mounting.
I've got so much.
Let's skimp on accounting.
Who needs taxes and such.

You'll never know.
Neither will they.
Reap what I sow?
Bah, just go away.

Are you a skimper at your sea? Anyone ever tried to skimp something on thee? They sure are out there far and wide. In skimping such rich arses take pride. I guess I could skimp on rhyming at my sea. But nah, that wouldn't work for me. So I'll stick to each pass and not be a skimpy little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. It's good to make use of an item that you think have seen better days.
    Loved the verse Pat.


  2. If you skimp on rhyming
    It will ruin your timing
    If readers skimp your blog
    You might face a large dog
    And that would be that
    No more Orlin the Cat

    1. Damn, how mean
      A large dog isn't serene
      I'll pelt it with scat
      Can't stop the cat

  3. Builders seem to skimp more than anyone. And then we live in their crappily-built houses. Not safe.

  4. No skimping for me
    But I’ve been skimped a time or 3

  5. Skimping always has a way of never working out quite like we planned!

  6. Food manufacturers keep skimping on product volume so that we are paying for air.

    1. And paying more
      As you go to the grocery store

  7. back in the day
    skimp away
    the lesson of quality I learn
    save and wait and buy, one discerns

  8. Time To Pimp The Skimp!
    Not to hive off the cream
    Respect the host
    Try not to boast
    Maintain a workable dream


    1. Workable in the end
      Sure won't send one around the bend

  9. I used to be a skimper. Not anymore. I'd rather pay a little more and get quality that will last longer.

    1. Yeah, end up paying more anyway
      When they break and you have to have another at your bay

  10. orlin N cassie.....we total lee agreez with Alex....de food servizz gurl can putz a nail in de wall with out even usin a hammerz......faaaaaaaaaaaaaa......gotten sew we iz fraid ta sneez for feer a bein like de three little pigz storee ~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥


    1. haha wouldn't want that
      Can't have a house that's kinda flat

  11. Skimping is not a good thing. Health is much more important. You have a great evening Pat.

  12. I know I skimp on things, I end up paying more!

  13. I have skimped before buying cheapo detergent. Bad idea. I have skimped before on paint...terrible idea. I'm sure there are other things I've skimped on, one of them had to have worked out, but I can't remember, lol, so maybe not. ;)

    1. lol proved the cat right
      Can't remember a working out one at your site

  14. Sometimes skimping works out. I've found a lot of good items at various "dollar stores" in my area. But every so often, you encounter a case where you do indeed "get what you pay for." For instance, I would never buy a manual can opener for $1.00. They tend to rust immediately if you even get them near water.

    1. I love dollar stores. For certain items they can be just the ticket.

    2. Dollar stores are great for some things and well worth the skimp.

    3. Dollar stores have a bunch of stuff
      But most aren't a dollar, though work well enough

    4. There are two types of dollar stores around here. One everything is actually a dollar and it goes by the name Dollar Tree. Dollar General and Dollar Family have discounted prices all items are not a dollar. I guess you need to watch the name as it is deceiving.

    5. Heh. You left the exact comment I would have left, True, which makes sense since we both live in roughly the same area. Dollar Tree is the only true dollar store around here, as you said. In fact, there are three within a ten-minute drive from my apartment. I probably go to one or another of them three or four times a week!

    6. Not any of them around here
      All are fake dollar stores that are near

  15. I won't skimp on some food items, I buy the brand names that I enjoy.

    1. Food for the win
      Don't want something bad to do you in

  16. No skimping for me either Pat!

  17. I guess it all depends on what you skimp on.
    Skimp on sugar and sweets and and potato chips.
    But that's no fun, so forget the skimping.
    Enjoy life.

    1. haha skimp on that stuff
      And for some life may be rough

  18. Some people skimp- I usually try to give it my best. :)

  19. Some things are fine to skimp on. I'm a whiz at grabbing great deals at the $1 store. But there are some things that you just need to bite the bullet and pay more for, of you fall into that old "you get what you pay for" trap.

    1. Yep, that trap sure is there
      Buyer has to beware


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