What Is This? An Extra Lot That You Can't Miss!

Wouldn't this make 25 posts in one day? Bah, this airs on the next day at my bay. So 24 and 2. See? Math we can do. We just wanted to give you an extra chance. Thanks to the random number generator some never got a glance. And this one is big. So big the winning bidder will dance a jig. Now away we shall go with the final lot in tow.

A thoroughly used scooper.
It has taken out many a pooper.
It is here just for you.
It can hang on the wall too.

It has a nice shade of blue.
It is strong and you can chew.
A win times two.
The best of today's lot in view.

Get your bidding ready.
Oh, here they come steady.
Wow, they are really pouring in.
I don't know who will win.

And we have a winning bid.
Just let me check my grid.
I mean my number generator thingy.
Shh, I didn't really fake it with that majiggy.

At a huge bid of $1,783,982.33 for the win.
Wow, who has that much dough to take for a spin?
Alex J. Cavanaugh returns for more.
Damn, he must sell many a book at his shore. 

And now we are really through. Did you see your name come due? Blame the random number generator, not me. That didn't want your name there for all to see. Silver Fox and Theresa it liked though. Geez, I'll never again have to work for dough. Be sure to send the $$$ to the right address. You may or may not receive anything, like ever, I will confess. But, hey, at least our...err...umm...Pat's gift of a giant golden litter box will come to pass. It would just be so much cozier to use for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Thanks for a great time,
    How do you think of so many rthmes?
    I have finally finished commenting to thee.
    The time here? why it's just turned three (am)

  2. That pooper scooper has done so much goodness in the world than most people do. I mean c'mon that is legendary.

    1. haha that is true
      Helped so much at every zoo

  3. congrats to Alex. Quite a scoop

  4. The check is in the mail, but you may never actually see it either. You know how the post likes to steal packages.


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