With Lot Twenty One You Can Have Fun!

Are you confused? That makes me amused. For 24 posts in one day is back. A day early at our shack. Why is that? Why we are running an auction so we can get a birthday gift for Pat. (Psssst. The giant golden litter box we will buy is for us, but we can't mention that or Pat will fuss.) So let's see what things we can find. I'm sure many will bid as they are all one of a kind.

You get a switch.
One may have a glitch.
The other you can't flick.
Hey, you get to pick.

Isn't that the best?
Must give you such zest.
Pick the best and go.
You only get one though.

Get your bidding ready.
Oh, here they come steady.
Wow, they are really pouring in.
I don't know who will win.

And we have a winning bid.
Just let me check my grid.
I mean my number generator thingy.
Shh, I didn't really fake it with that majiggy.

$7629.71 gets the win.
That switch must have gin.
Silver Fox got another lot.
Could he have rigged this random number generator robot?

And now auction twenty one has come due. There are plenty more to get through. The cat will be rich after this and the winners will have such bliss. Just knowing these things were graced by the cat. They will sell them on eBay and make their own wallet fat. Join us for the next auction that comes to pass. You never know what will show from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. With Lot Twenty One You Can Have Fun!
      Late in the day but still nice to be #1
      Got lots of switching
      Gets one to be twitching
      To be in the fray still and not to be done!


    2. Haha the Silver Fox has three
      In the place to be...

    3. Congrats, and good evening True
      Been seeing lots of #1 from you


    4. A switching about
      With the #1 that's out

  2. With a gold litterbox, what's a fat cat to do?

  3. Excellent number twenty one.


  4. I think Silver Fox got ripped off. Those are so outdated. We all know Alexa is where the party is at where it comes to home lighting!

    1. Sure, Alexa wins the day
      until Skynet comes to play


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