A Disastrous Day Comes To Play!

It is just so bad. No fun can be had. A disaster has struck. Back up the truck. Bury us now. I can't even meow. I can barely type. Can't get into the hype. Hip to be square? Hey, that popped in at my lair.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


My day is done.
Can't have fun.
Ruined and over.
Call out to rover.

It's that bad.
Friends with rover is had.
Yep, world is done.
You better run.

Not a tornado.
Good guess though.
Even cheat rhymed a bit.
This is dire umm shit.

Not an earthquake.
Did you feel anything shake?
No? Then why ask?
Hand me that flask.

Not a meteor strike.
That can take a hike.
It would be so much better.
At least it would kill every ugly sweater.

Not a volcano going boom.
It is far worse doom.
Lava can't melt it away.
Oh the dismay.

Not a plague.
That is far more vague.
My OCD could even take it.
After this bit.

Not a alien attack.
Those probers aren't back.
They went to Mars.
So no need for your ass to hum a few bars.

Not a robot uprising.
It is far more surprising.
You can't even fathom it.
Your pants may even split.

I won't pay the bill.
Oh, this is such a large hill.
How can this be?
Pat didn't scoop my pee.

Such a disaster it is. What if I need to take another whiz? It will be eight hours or so. But I still may have to go. What if he doesn't scoop it? It will be a disaster if I have to shit. Oh look, here he comes. No disaster today chums. Do you use disaster when really it's not? Forget the definition or never see a disaster movie plot? I think you're safe from most disasters you claim. But hey, having no place to pee can suck all the same. Going to use disaster still in mass? It just had to be pointed out by my disastrous little rhyming ass. 

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Back to the top
      Of the crop

    2. Good Morning Hank
      back to number one
      no walking the plank

    3. Surprise, surprise!
      That's 23 mins late
      But still made it


    4. Sat all sleep
      Must be in deep

  2. Kept me guessing Pat. What a "Disaster?"


  3. We have to agree, that the litter box needs to be scooped often. Otherwise, what a mess. Have a great day Pat.

    1. A mess would be had
      Hope a great day is had at your pad

  4. But it's fun to claim something was a disaster!

  5. In my dreams I sometimes see a disaster
    making my heart beat faster and faster
    love can sometimes be a beautiful disaster
    after destruction, no happily ever after

    1. Can sure blow up in one's face
      After a loving embrace

  6. That sure is an overused word but that's humans for you!

    1. Yep, humans sure have such a way
      Overusing day by day

  7. You say alien three times in the dark to a bathroom mirror and the history channel guy pops up

  8. What a disaster
    I can’t use my power blaster.
    Kardashiass has a smaller ass
    Disaster! Her ass can’t hold Kanye’s glass.
    Girls cry disaster when can’t find their lip gloss
    Boys cry disaster when their teams suffers a loss.
    I’m sick of all their silly tears
    They need a kick and I need a few beers

    1. haha a kick and beer
      Could hit their rear
      Unless there they sit
      Their team lost, hiss and spit

  9. A Disastrous Day comes to Play
    Not tragic so glad that is to say
    Empty the litter
    It's not a bother
    Just so to pick the right day.


  10. If Orson doesn't think I'm keeping up with the cleanliness of the litter box, he steps outside it, and to the left of it, and does his "business" right there on the floor. Needless to say, that keeps me on my toes.

    And speaking of those who find disaster in everything, I learned a long time ago that some people have really ridiculous interpretations of the words "urgent" and "emergency."

    1. hahaha sure shows you
      If given the choice, we'd rather clean #2

      Yep, some sure do
      Nuts through and through

  11. Pees not scooped would make really a disastrous day!

  12. I don't expect any disasters today.
    I'm happy rain has come our way.
    It will help quench the fires
    Burning the pastures.
    So I say Yay, Yay.

    1. Getting rid of the fire
      Will sure make the dread expire

  13. I think the last time I used disaster like that my brothers dog shredded one of the feather pillows he had on his bed and feathers were everywhere. I told him it looked like a tornado hit his bedroom.

    1. haha at least just referencing it
      And not having a full on fit

  14. It is snowing today.
    I'm not going out to play.
    It's not a disaster, nor a pain,
    because we desperately need rain.
    I'll take precipitation in any form,
    because our snowpack is way below norm.
    A prolonged drought would be a disaster.
    I wish the snow would pile up faster.

    1. Droughts sure suck
      On them we'll pass the buck
      You can have all the snow with any luck
      We'll take rain for each duck
      For snow and my crappy work truck
      Makes me say things worse than fluck

  15. I've been trying to post a comment, through two different networks, for weeks on here and on another blog, and no go. Today, here I am!! So glad too, because today's post is so funny and my all time favorite!! Pets are so dramatic. :)

    1. Dramatic they can be
      I guess blogger had it in for thee

  16. Someone's disaster is someone else's glee
    all in good fun they would say, along with wee :)


  17. It's been a long time, but I have used the word disaster when it was inapplicable. Not scooping the cat poo though, really would be a disaster. I missed a day and our new cat refused to bury. Lesson learned. ;)

    1. haha showed you who's boss
      Didn't give the litter a toss

  18. Some disaster movies
    Are most absurd
    Worse than scooping up
    A smartass cat turd

    1. haha that some are
      Like sharks in a flying car

  19. I use disaster daily. As soon as I wake my daughter, I say, "Time to get up. And, your room is a disaster." Teens can be so nasty!

    1. haha that they can be
      I'll leave that to thee


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