A Joyful Post So Pop Some Toast!

Hmm my joy just died with your toast ride. I'd curl up my nose like smelling a bad rose. Hey, that you knew. If you didn't you must be new at our zoo. Now on with it. A joyful fit.

The A Mathematical Z At My Sea!


The joys of life.
The joys that come.
For some no strife.
For others there's some.

Depending on factors.
Depending on view.
Forget the damn actors.
All comes back to who.

Some gets hate.
Some gets love.
The who is the fate,
When push comes to shove.

Choices for joy.
Choices to life.
From car to toy,
Different from husband to wife.

City or town.
Underwear or not.
Magician or clown.
Each have their own plot.

No hurt in calling.
Nothing to harm.
But dominoes start falling,
Raise that alarm.

It is so bad.
So bad they wear none.
Can't have that being had.
Would offend a nun.

My joy is great.
Yours isn't so.
So get rid of that trait,
Or you'll be a foe.

Fixing you is my way.
That brings me joy.
Just seeing your happy display,
After buying my ploy.

The joys of life.
The opinions of others.
Free that strife.
After all, a pillow smothers.

You humans sure are strange to the cat. Have to stick your nose into everybody's business where you are at. Just because you don't find joy in something doesn't mean another doesn't at their wing. Are you a joy stomper? Do you flap that chomper? Do you care if others don't find joy in what you do? Pffft to those types at our zoo. The cat gives stuff hate in mass. But if you enjoy it, won't be getting any flack, mostly, from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. It's good when there's joy in your life,
    Not so when there's tears and strife.
    But hey! the sun is shinning from up above.
    So let joy into your heart and give some love.

    Happy weekend Pat.

  2. Lots of Negative Nellies out there!

  3. We do love the joy of being totally spoiled!

  4. We should only worry about our own joy.
    Underwear totally optional.

    1. That we should
      Sure chucked in our hood lol

  5. Joy is something I try to spread
    Even today, it's what I said

  6. I believe in live and let live. Spread joy but don't impose

    1. Impose many try to do
      Flush them down the loo

  7. My second fiancee was like that. No matter what happened, she could find a negative side to it. Someone could win a million dollars, and she'd say "Well, you're going to have to pay a big chunk back for taxes, and everybody's going to be bugging you to borrow money, or finance their stupid business ideas, or..."

    1. haha that must have been annoying as can be
      Guess the fiancee to wife never came from she

  8. A Joyful Post So Pop Some Toast!
    Joy to be spread not them to roast
    Joy to be shared
    Not make her mad
    Happiness all very apparent for both


  9. Your personal felines are kats that light my heart with sparkly stars of joy.
    Your mathematical patterns not as much; my predictions have largely failed. LOL But at least I've caught up at your house, quick as a mouse.

    1. haha stars of joy in that way
      Can work any old day
      Maybe the lack of pattern is a pattern at our sea
      Or we just enjoy confusing thee

  10. I just wrote a post but it did not take! When a person shows no joy they need to go away and enjoy their unhappiness with someone else.

  11. Just let no one steal away your joy
    no matter what it is in
    we do need to feel that emotion
    and to do so is not a sin


    1. The we need to indeed
      At each and every feed

  12. Live and let live I say. If it ain't hurting anyone, anyway.

  13. Popping toast
    Does bring me joy
    So does chocolate
    And the odd fun toy

    1. haha oh, mind went to the gutter
      As the toy goes aflutter


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